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At Football By Football, we're not just enthusiasts; we're the heart of football. Founded by former players, coaches, and die-hard fans, we're a passionate community dedicated to sharing our expertise and love for the game with fellow fans and players.

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We offer a unique football experience with insider insights, expert analysis, player perspectives, community engagement, and exclusive content from those who live and breathe the game. Welcome to our passionate football community.

Bob Lawson

Team Lead

Stargazer, & Rock n' Roller I Pranaya Poudel, am a content writer and editor for playersbio.com. Coffee lover and kind of a loner. Favorite Teams: Milwaukee Bucks (NBA), Kansas City Chiefs (NFL) Favorite Players: Giannis Antetokounmpo, James Harden & Patrick Mahomes FYI I believe in Alien!!!

Sanjib Sah

SEO Team Lead

Meet Sanjib Sah, our SEO lead at Football By Football. With a passion for optimizing the digital playing field, Sanjib brings our team a wealth of experience and expertise. An actual football aficionado, Sanjib's love for the sport is matched only by his dedication to enhancing our online presence. His strategic SEO insights ensure football enthusiasts worldwide can easily find and engage with our content.

Aditya Rana

Content Editor

Aditya is a student currently pursuing his Bachelors degree in Business Studies. He is a writing enthusiast who enjoys creating unique contents, especially about the sports industry.