The 7 Best Fantasy Football Magazines To Buy 2022

Many of us have a decent idea or sense of what is going on in the football world. However, things tend to change at a moment’s notice and while we are busy with everyday life, many experts are constantly looking for these changes. The best fantasy football magazines generally give you a clear indication of what is going on and which changes to expect.

The fantasy football magazine and draft guides are generally drawn up by some of the experts in the field. They can help beginners to see what changes are being made and serve as a great opportunity to get the jump on the rest of the competition. In this article, we will be focusing on some of the top fantasy football magazines available today.

Best Fantasy Football Magazines Reviews 2019

There are many reasons to pick up a fantasy football magazine that we will be discussing a little later in the article. However, the number of fantasy football magazines have definitely skyrocketed over the last couple of years. To help you find the best one for your pool and give you a little advantage over the rest, we have narrowed it down to seven:

1. Fantasy Football Consistency Guide 2019

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The 2019 Fantasy Football Consistency Guide is not your standard everyday fantasy football magazine. The author Bob Lung has been playing a lot of fantasy football for the better part of the last 3 decades and this has made him one of the popular figures that also appears on podcasts and many media radio stations.

In this guide, you will be focusing on the consistency of players in your league. Bob has developed a strategy to focus more on the consistency of the players and find out whether or not you need to keep someone. Over the years, many of his predictions have been fairly accurate and he has changed the landscape of fantasy football.

With all of the great compliments and accuracy, many people have seen a massive improvement in their performance. The magazine has also won the award for the “Best Fantasy Football Publication” in 2018. You will find that it is really easy to use, but you will need some sort of grasp on the game and not all beginners might understand it.

The online version of the book can be picked up for free, but having the hard copy is definitely a great thing to have for the season. If you want to improve your fantasy football game, the best possible method would be to try out this magazine. We would definitely give it a thumbs up for the 2019 season ahead.

  • Well received among experts
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Focuses on consistency
  • Affordable
  • No cons to mention

2. Draft Engine Fantasy Football 2019 

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The Draft Engine Fantasy Football 2019 Magazine is one of the easiest ways you can stay ahead of the pack with the draft. While we have been focusing much of our efforts on the draft analysis and reading some of the many predictions, now you can have the accurate draft predictions that will help you with your game.

Since we as normal fans don’t always understand all the things to look for in new players, the experts that publish this magazine have years of experience looking at players in a completely different way than we do. They generally spend months on end scouting players much like you professional scouts would do to draw up a player analysis.

One of the great features that people can look for is the matchups that have been incorporated. This uses some of the current stats of players to help you see how they match up and how they are likely to fall in the draft. Fortunately, anyone can use this information and you can certainly place yourself ahead of the pack with the draft.

Finding issues with this guide is not easy and most of the stats and rankings seem to be fairly accurate. They also have a proven history of great predictions that you can use to your advantage. It might be a little expensive for a draft guide, but you won’t need to worry about any potential mistakes that set you back in your league.

  • Great for draft predictions
  • Fairly accurate
  • Uses a matchup system to compare players
  • Proven history
  • Expensive

3. Fantasy Football Index 2019

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If you are looking for something that enables you to keep track of all the draft information, while also giving you a few tips on picking players and the teams that they might go to, the Fantasy Football Index 2019 is one of the top guides. It will give you all of the information in one easy to use guide with a cheat sheet added.

The magazine is composed of 20 fantasy football experts that all have developed their own method of picking the best and making great choices. One of the benefits to this is the fact that you have more than one opinion that enables you to see who has picked one thing and why they have made that decision.

If you have been using the Fantasy Index Website to help you with your game, this magazine is one of the best complements to this. Inside, you will find a couple of hidden passwords that can unlock some exclusive information. Instead of making it a guessing game, this guide will make sure that you have a complete grasp on what is happening.

The guide is definitely one of the most affordable options on the market today and with all the information, you can definitely assume that you are in for a real treat. It will help you with your favorite teams as well, by making predictions on the different schedules of each team and how they are likely to fair in the game.

  • A lot of information for a cheap price
  • Help is given by 20 fantasy experts
  • Includes a cheat sheet
  • Includes hidden passwords for the Fantasy Index Site
  • A lot of opinions take time to digest

4. Rotowire Fantasy Football Magazine 2019

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One of the largest selection of players and information on each of these players is definitely found inside the contents of the Rotowire Fantasy Football Magazine 2019. It has been expanding the borders and the limits of their players for many years now and it is still considered one of the top fantasy football magazines out there.

One of the major features that you will find in this magazine is a clear and comprehensive strategy. The strategy involves you picking the top players and it also helps guide you when you are doing the draft. Many mock drafts have been added, while also giving you some information on many of the sleepers that you can look out for.

I also like the fact that they tend to review the past year by looking at some of the footage and the players that have broken out. In the 2019 edition, you might find some great information on Baker Mayfield, one of the top players that came out of the 2018 draft, with some insights on what made him great.

Since the Rotowire Magazine is widely regarded as the number one pick for many people, it should not come as any surprise that it is also kind of expensive. However, the price is definitely worth it with all the valuable information. If you need some tips on your draft or you simply want to improve your fantasy league, I would recommend it.

  • Reputable history
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Includes deeper insights on players
  • Will give you a 2018 recap
  • It is a little expensive

5. Sports Illustrated Fantasy Football 2019

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Sports Illustrated has been a great magazine that we have turned to often for sporting information and results. However, the Sports Illustrated Fantasy Football 2019 Magazine has been dedicated to the avid football fans and it will definitely make you one of the smartest players. It has all the information you will need for your season.

One of the top features is that you have the help of an NFL insider that will breakdown all of the skill players. This makes it easier when you go through the 32 teams and it should help beginners understand who the best players are. It has a mock draft as well, but recently, it has proven to be pretty accurate for them.

Another great feature we look at is the quality of the players of the previous season. Not only does it break down the skill players, but many of the past players in drafts are also ranked. Since last year was the season of many switches, you can see how this has influenced the game and what it might mean for your game going forward.

The book is fairly priced and you won’t really get a much better deal than this when you are building up your fantasy football game and teams. Since Sports Illustrated is one of the leading magazine companies, you can be sure that they will post accurate information. I recommend getting this book as soon as possible.

  • Extremely reputable brand
  • Reasonably priced
  • In-depth player details
  • Includes the input of an NFL insider
  • No cons

6. Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide 2019

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Have you ever wanted to have a decent football almanac that not only gives you most of the important dates for life, but also some of the important dates for life. The 2019 Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide is one of the top options that will give you all of this information, whilst ensuring that you are ready for the league.

Not only does it have a comprehensive draft guide with all the details, but there are also many updates spread out through the offseason that will keep you in the look of everything that is about to happen. This can potentially protect you from selecting a player on the injury reserve and select the top players for each position.

The magazine can also be seen as an agency and most of the experts spend months scouting some of the top players. This has helped many newcomers or those with little time on their hands to jump right into the draft. Instead of making errors and selecting bad players, you will only be having the best information to use.

One might think that you would need to spend a couple of bucks for all of this accurate information, but that is not the case. The 2019 Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide is one of the easiest to understand and it also features the information that every player will need in order to make their selection for a fair price.

  • Includes an almanac with all football dates
  • It is updated in the offseason
  • Works like a scouting agency
  • Affordable
  • It has a lack of consistency

7. Athlon Sports Fantasy Football 2019

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One of my favorite magazines is definitely the Athlon Sports Fantasy Football 2019 Magazine. Not only does it come with player reports on up to 400 players, but most of these reports are extremely accurate, especially since we are heading into the draft. Additionally, it also has player comparisons that are worth looking at. 

As with some of the other magazines, it looks at the quality of the players of the previous season. It will also break down the skill players, but many of the past players in drafts are also ranked. Looking at some of the players from the previous season can give us a lot of information on who to go for and who has succeeded so far.

Player comparison matchups also have been incorporated. This uses some of the stats of youth players to help see how they compare. Having this information is really helpful when you need to predict a mock draft. The mock draft has become really important in helping you improve on your fantasy league each season.

With over 3,200 stats and many secrets being revealed by some of the experts, you won’t need to look too far if you want to have a comprehensive list or understanding of what is about to transpire. The Athlon Sports Fantasy Football 2019 Magazine is also affordable and easy to find by any fantasy football player.

  • Over 3,200 player stats
  • Looks at over 400 players
  • Complete mock draft
  • Hidden secrets from experts
  • Really affordable
  • No cons

A Few Things To Keep In Mind Before Selecting A Fantasy Football Magazine:

Unfortunately, not all fantasy football magazines have been designed as equal. There are a couple of great features that will set them apart from one another. If you are still not sure which one might work the best for your game, I hope that this small guide can help you in making the best possible decision for your magazine:


Not many of us like the word history, but in the world of football, it is always important. Generally, history likes to repeat itself and this is how many teams and players are able to create a dynasty of wins. The history of a magazine is something you can quickly find some information on and it will help you with your choice.

Some of the top magazines tend to be really accurate with their advice and the experts that have given the advice. If you want to be apart of this, you will need to ensure that you find a reputable brand to help you. I have done a lot of research to ensure that all of the abovementioned brands have a reliable expert source.

What Is Inside The Magazine:

Understanding what content is inside the magazine can be a massive help to players, especially those that have been a part of the fantasy league for many years. Not all magazines have the same content or focus on the same things. If you are a beginner, here are a couple of important things to look for:

  • Mock Draft: The mock draft is one of the first things that you will see. It is basically a bunch of experts that will predict where players will be drafted in the draft.
  • Player Stats: Finding the current player stats is pretty easy, but for a college player, it is not so easy. However, these guides will provide you with accurate information on the players and their stats.
  • Team Profiles: One feature that many people also forget about is the importance of team profiles. Having things like a depth chart can make a massive difference and ensure that you don’t lose track of current players.
  • Season Recaps: If you had a bad fantasy year, the season recap is not something you would like. However, it does give you some insight into many of your mistakes and how to avoid them the next time.
  • Insider Information: One of the hardest things to come by is some insider information, but if you have it, you can find that it does make life much easier. Many of these insiders use their information to accurately predict the early rounds of the draft.
  • Updates: Generally, these magazines are either tied to a site or to an APP. Either way, they will make your life easier when you use both. However, you should look at injuries and many of the other updates that might come out during the offseason.
  • Cheat Sheet: The last thing that should also be a staple in your magazine is the coveted cheat sheet. Each magazine will have its own, but this can make a difference when it comes to picking players.

A comprehensive fantasy football magazine is definitely something that you need to look for. Some of them might be a little expensive, but the more information you have, the easier it can be to get the job done. Much like life, the same applies and power is often determined by the amount of knowledge the someone has.


Since many of these magazines will have some of the same content or close to the same content, you need to look for uniqueness. Since there are so many to choose from, you would not only want one that looks unique but additional things that others do not have. If they do some in-depth look at specific players, this can be one of those features.

Another one will be the insider information that is generally added. All of this will give you a new experience and make your draft a little different. We have found one that includes an almanac as well. Now, you won’t have any excuse to miss any of the important days that is happening in the world of football.


One of the crucial elements of any fantasy football magazine is the addition of experts. Not all of them have expert opinions included, but if you can find a credible expert, it will definitely give you even more information to work with. Someone like Bob Lung has been apart of the fantasy football game for many years.

Since these experts can be a little expensive to add, you need to look for reputable brands. Since the top brands can afford to pay them, you can use this to your advantage to get all the right information. However, if you choose the same magazine as most people, you might also end up with a score that is pretty similar and you should hope none of them are in your league.


Last but certainly not least, you also need to give the price of the magazine a close consideration. Since it can be fairly expensive to buy many of them, I also like to stick to a couple of the commercial brands that can help bring the price down a little. It is not worth it to pay absurd prices for something you will only use for a year.

Fantasy Football Tips:

The tips and advice you will find in some of these magazines are waves and bounds better than ours. However, I have been playing the game myself and this has ensured that I do build up a couple of great tips that could help some beginners. None of these tips are spoilers for the magazines but only based on personal opinions.

Your Instinct Could Help You:

One thing we all have in life is instinct and certain times you might find that your instinct is helping you. Many people also refer to this as beginner’s luck, but once you become better, you will move away from instinct and focus more on the facts. However, you might find that occasionally, your instinct could help you make better decisions.

The News And Media Outlets Are Also Important:

One mistake that we see often is that people get lost in the magazines and they think that nothing else will be better. However, magazines can be published months ahead of time and things do change. Sometimes, you will need to follow the media and some of the information on ESPN to give you a more accurate account of what is happening.

Be Ready To Make Instant Changes:

Nowadays, we can play fantasy football on our mobile devices, but this was not always the case in the past. Since you have your mobile device on hand, you need to make sure that you are ready to make some changes. Some of the top players in these leagues are constantly on the lookout for information and they make some changes on the go.

Consider Asking Experts:

When it comes to fantasy football, not only will you find experts in the media. Many people have been playing for many years and they have not been noticed as experts. As a beginner, you might want to capitalize on this and ask some of them for advice. It can change your entire game and the way that you think about fantasy football.

Multiple Magazines Means More Tips:

Since each magazine tries to outsmart the other, it might be beneficial to consider buying more than one. Often times, you might find that some of the tips and advice will coincide with one another. However, you might even get newer advice from a different magazine. This could help you combine the two inputs and get a much better output.

Magazines Can Help You If You Get Them On Time:

While most of these magazines are released in June, you should try to get them as soon as possible. Since you will definitely be second-guessing some of the decisions, you can follow up with some research of your own. Additionally, you will find updates later on in the offseason that will account for injuries and other things that might have happened.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Now that you have most of the information, it is no secret that there are still many unanswered questions about fantasy football. While we will not be going into the specifics of the 2019/2021 season, I have tried to find some of the common questions. Here are a couple of answers that might help you out with fantasy football:

Are The Magazines Always Right?

Much like the tabloid magazines, fantasy football magazines are only guidelines to help you with the fantasy football league. They are by no means 100% accurate and are solely based on many of the opinions of the experts or the writers. As mentioned, you are much better off combining them with other forms of information for the best results.

How Does A Fantasy Football Magazine Make Predictions?

This is a question that many people have been pondering, especially since none of these predictions are based on clear evidence. Most of the predictions have been made based on personal opinion, but there are some that have some inside information. Since inside information can be really hard to come by, you should look for this.

Which Fantasy Football Magazine Is The Best?

Another fair question that has many answers at the moment. The best fantasy football magazine will be based on personal opinion. Many people have had some great results with the guidance of one, whilst others have had similar results with another. The best way to find out is to take some time and experiment. Fortunately, these magazines are not too expensive.

Can I Share The Tips In My Magazine?

There are no rules that will bar you from sharing the tips and they can make a massive difference to your game. However, you should only share the tips with people that are not actively competing in your fantasy football league. If you want to win a coveted fantasy football trophy, you might be better off keeping the tips to yourself.


In the world of fantasy football, we can often get lost. We place ourselves into the minds of the real GM’s and it is a great way to escape the rush of everyday life. The best fantasy football magazines can help you win a league and they can make your life much easier when you are playing. Many people have seen their rating improve.

I would recommend all of these magazines and for some people, you might even consider buying as many as possible. No one wants to be the one that wins the coveted fantasy football toilet trophy.

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