The 12 Best Fantasy Football Trophies 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

If you have ever played in a fantasy football league, you will know how much fun it could be to compete with your friends. However, if there is no prestigious award, the league might quickly dwindle down and become boring. Adding one of the best fantasy football trophies can be a great way to encourage and motivate the player to do better.

Since fantasy football can take up a lot of time, it only those willing to put in the extra time and effort that actually win these competitions. With so much research going on and player performances that need to be tracked, many casual players lose some interest, especially when the reward is not something they desire.

While many people consider adding a financial reward, the addition of a trophy can liven things up. The trophy can be carried through many years, with each player holding it until the next season when they need to defend it. In this article, we will look at a few of the top trophies that are available for you to choose from for your fantasy league.

Best Fantasy Football Trophies Reviews 2019

While having all of these trophies is not necessary, adding one or two of them to your league can help encourage the players. If everyone can chip in a couple of bucks, the trophy will also have more prestige to it. Before we look at a few of the important features one needs to consider, let’s look at 13 of the most prestigious fantasy football league trophies:

1. Fantasy Football Championship Trophy

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The first trophy that I would recommend is one that looks great as an ornament in your home. The Fantasy Football Championship Trophy is designed specifically for those guys that enjoy having some fun and want to add decent competition. It is made mostly from plastic and features a handheld size for easier handling.

What makes this trophy so prestigious is the fact that it can be used for almost any football league. The customization features are definitely worth checking out and you can have the name of your league engraved on it via laser when you order it. This will make it feel more custom and each player will want to win it if they are competitive.

Additionally, you can also add winner nametags on the trophy. If someone has won the league, they can have their name etched on the trophy for everyone to remember. The trophy holds around 4 names and we generally allow the final winner of the trophy to keep it. This gives you 5 full years of fantasy football to play.

One of the downsides is the fact that it has been constructed solely from plastic. We all know that when we don’t look after plastic, it tends to wear out and this is the same with this trophy. Instead of constantly showing it off, you should be a better off putting it in your trophy cabinet to keep it safe for the next year.

Even though it can be a little expensive, that is not something that you should really worry about too much. The price is great for improving the prestige of the trophy, especially when everyone chips in a couple of bucks. I would certainly recommend it as one of my favorite trophies for fantasy football leagues.

  • Large 12-inch size
  • Customizable league names
  • Allows you to add up to 4 winners
  • Decent prestige level
  • Looks great
  • Can be a little overpriced
  • Plastic is not extremely durable

2. Decade Awards Football Runner Trophy

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The Decade Awards Football Runner Trophy is one of the best looking trophies that you could buy for your fantasy league. Not only does the trophy have a unique look of a running back, but it definitely works as a secondary trophy to your league. This can be awarded to someone that does the best in rushing yards.

The trophy has been constructed from poly resin and this is a form of composite plastic that still offers you some decent durability. Upon ordering the trophy, you can choose 1 of the 2 sizes that are available and the trophy tends to work best when you buy it in the larger size that is around 9.5-inches tall when on the table.

Fantasy league owners can have the league name and the specific designation of the trophy engraved on the plate. This is done by the manufacturer and you will not be charged extra to have it done. This engraved plate can also be removed if you want to have a specific name added to the trophy each time someone wins it.

Lastly, this is an extremely affordable option currently available on the market today. It might not have the same prestige as many of the more expensive options, but for a smaller fantasy league, it might be the perfect addition. If you want to have a few subcategories in your fantasy league, this can be the ideal trophy to serve as the reward.

  • It is small and easy to carry
  • Custom league names can be engraved
  • Really affordable
  • The materials are long-lasting
  • It is not as prestigious as many others

3. Decade Awards Fantasy Football Silver Tower Trophy

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The winner of any fantasy football league will definitely want something that is prestigious and shows that you care about the league. It is a good thing that I found the Decade Awards Fantasy Football Silver Tower Trophy, as it symbolizes everything that you might want when you are looking for stylish fantasy football trophy.

The trophy has been designed from cast resin and this makes it a little more durable than many of the others. While it might be large at 14.5-inches, the addition of this weight can actually make it feel like a real and authentic achievement. Once you win it for the first time, you will be motivated to get it back if you should lose it.

Much like the others, customization is an important feature that makes these trophies work. The front plate can be customized and engraved with the image and the name of your league. Additionally, the size of the sides might allow you to also add some of the names of previous winners, and the fact that it looks like the Super Bowl trophy adds more prestige.

Having not yet won it in a fantasy league, the trophy is one of those that I would dearly like to hold. When you are looking for a complete set of trophies to add as a collection, a large one like this does make a lot of sense. It might be a little heavy at 3-pounds, but keep in mind that real trophies are also quite heavy.

On the downside, you will also need a few of your friends to chip in if you do want to buy it. The engravings might be free, but this trophy can be a little expensive. As we have mentioned with the first trophy, the higher the price tag is when you buy it, the more prestige you have when you eventually win the trophy.

  • Durable cast resin construction
  • Looks like the Super Bowl trophy
  • Fully customizable
  • Large at around 14.5-inches
  • It is a little expensive

4. TrophySmack Customizable Fantasy Football Trophy 

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In the world of finding the best trophies, we always look at the size of the unit. The bigger the trophy, the more value it holds when we go to buy it. This is certainly the case when you are looking at the TrophySmack Customizable Fantasy Football Trophy. It stands a massive 26-inches off the ground and will certainly draw some attention from friends.

The trophy allows you numerous spots for engravings with the manufacturer stating that it can be used for up to 19-years. This makes it one of the evergreen trophies that you and your friends can use until you are old. Each year, the prestige of the trophy should increase with an extra name being added as the previous winner.

Made from anodized metals, the trophy is not just one of the standard ones you find. The metal is slightly heavier than most, at around 14-pounds, but it will last you forever. Since anodized metal has been used, you can place it virtually anywhere and the trophy will not be subject to any decay when left with moisture.

The final feature that has made it stand out is the availability of numerous colors. We all like the standard colors, but this one has a few for you to choose from. If you want to, you can completely customize the trophy and this will set it apart. It could even bolster the prestige of your fantasy league and attract new members.

Unfortunately, it is also an expensive trophy. The engravings are not free and each year, you need to do these engravings on your own budget. If each person simply clubs in, the trophy will not be that expensive and increase the prestige. I would only recommend the TrophySmack Customizable Fantasy Football Trophy for serious fantasy leagues.

  • Durable anodized metal construction
  • Looks prestigious 
  • Usable for 19-years
  • Available in numerous colors
  • It is really expensive

5. TrophySmack Customizable 15″ Fantasy Football Trophy

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Another durable and stylish trophy that will definitely make your life a little easier is the Customizable 15″ Fantasy Football Trophy. This is made from the same brand as the previous trophy, but it is slightly smaller. However, 15-inches still seems like a lot of trophies to have when you eventually win the fantasy football league.

The trophy has been constructed from durable materials and since the manufacturer allows you to engrave the names of the last 16 winners, it should last you around 16 years of constantly traveling before the last person holds onto it. The trophy does not decay when exposed to moisture and it slightly smaller than the previous option.

All of the first laser engravings that you decide to make will be free, reducing a lot of the added costs that someone needs to go through when they buy it. The trophy is available in 2 different colors, with the silver one looking the best. Since it has a flat bottom and can firmly stand on your counter, you won’t have to worry about it falling off.

Compared to the previous trophy, this one is actually priced rather fairly. The price can be divided between some of the league members and this will ensure that it is more prestigious. I would definitely like to win this type of trophy and you can also add the custom league name to ensure that your trophy stands out.

  • Large 15-inch size
  • Durable construction
  • Looks like a real NFL trophy
  • Reasonably priced
  • You can add up to 16 names
  • No real cons that I could find

6. Fantasy Football Armchair Champion Trophy

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Occasionally when we play a fantasy football league, the players will get to win the bigger trophies and keep them for a year. However, you still want to remind them that they have won the trophy and this is where smaller trophies that they can keep coming into play. The Fantasy Football Armchair Champion Trophy is a great example.

The trophy has been designed from plastic, but it still looks great when you have not won a trophy in a couple of years. The bronze design gives it an added touch of class and represents something memorable that the person can think back of. Due to the smaller size of only 6.5-inches, one can easily store it anywhere.

The trophy does not have a lot of places that you can use for engraving and the sides of the front should be your best bet. Since you can only use it to engrave a couple of letters, you can still get some great value for your money. The trophy is more affordable than most of the larger trophies and will be the perfect long-term option that winners can keep.

  • Allows you to engrave one name
  • Can be given away as final trophies
  • Small and still memorable design
  • Easy on the budget
  • A little too small for large fantasy leagues with a lot of prestige

7. Decade Awards Football Bobblehead Trophy

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Much like the previous trophy, the Decade Awards Football Bobblehead Trophy is a unique trophy that serves many purposes. You can either give it away as a permanent trophy that the player can keep when they win the league with the prestigious major trophy, or it can be used as a secondary trophy for someone that has been the best in a specific category.

The trophy looks a little different than most of the top ones we have come to know. The design has a large bobblehead player on the top, but the basics of the trophy making still remain. This one is constructed from polyresin that will keep the plastic protected, while still giving it a little bit more durability.

It is made to look like a silver trophy and you can also customize the engravings on it. All of this is done for free with laser technology and the winner will receive the complete unit. At 5.5-inches, it is slightly smaller than the previous one, but excels in terms of durability and should look great with your other trophies in a cabinet.

As for the price, it is made to accommodate the budget of any fantasy leagues. You can even go out and buy this trophy for yourself if you want to show off. However, the trophy might be a little small to qualify as the prestigious main trophy. I would recommend it as one of the top secondary trophies to choose from.

  • Small and compact
  • Durable polyresin construction
  • Includes name engravings
  • Affordable
  • Too small for big leagues

8. Decade Awards Fantasy Football Champion Silver Tower Trophy

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Decade is one of the top brands when it comes to great trophies and we can easily see this when we consider the Decade Awards Fantasy Football Champion Silver Tower Trophy. This is also a silver-colored trophy that features a unique design. However, the polyresin construction makes it look like a durable Super Bowl alternative.

At around 12-inches tall, the trophy stands out as a powerful option that will definitely draw some of the crowd and allow many of your members to have the motivation to win the league. Not only does it have a decent size, but the length enables you to add some of the side plates that you want to engrave. Also, the main plate can be customized.

One of the downsides is that you might need special engraving plates if you want to add all of the winners to the sides. It might also damage the look of the trophy, which means that it might not be as unique anymore. The upside is that it will look like you have won some form of the Super Bowl when you have it.

Compared to many of the top options of large trophies, this one is one of the more affordable options. The price should definitely give you some great value for your money and ensure that you don’t break the budget of the league. I would recommend this as a trophy that you award to the clear winner of the league in the end.

  • Durable polyresin construction
  • Large 12-inch size
  • Allows multiple engravings to be added
  • Looks prestigious
  • Mostly for low-budget leagues

9. Decade Awards Football Monster Trophy

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I personally have grown bored with the standard trophies that they shove down our throats with every league. Yes, the goal might be to represent the league, but sometimes they look the same. However, the Decade Awards Football Monster Trophy is slightly different and looks a little more like an individual trophy than a league trophy.

It might not be the best-looking trophy, but when you are playing for some of the minor achievements like best rushing yards or even the best defensive team, this trophy can symbolize a couple of these things. It is only 6.75-inches tall, which should still be more than enough when you are giving away a minor trophy.

Another great use of this trophy is for weekly awards. It can quickly turn into one of those trophies that each person wins every week when they have the best performance. I don’t think the small size allows it to be really considered as one of the main trophies for your league. The lack of size and prestige might count against it.

Overall, it is still an extremely unique trophy that could be making rounds in your league. Once the trophy has been used a couple of times, I am sure that the overall prestige and what it represents will eventually come to the forefront. For this affordable price, you can easily buy a whole box of them at once.

  • Perfect weekly trophy
  • It looks like something else
  • Still features a durable construction
  • Really affordable
  • Does not have the same prestige as the top options

10. Decade Awards Fantasy Football Silver Goal Post Trophy

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Continuing with the brand of Decade, the Decade Awards Fantasy Football Silver Goal Post Trophy is one of the top trophies when it comes to uniqueness. This is a silver-colored trophy that features a unique design. This design is the ultimate look for those of us who are big supporters of the kickers in the game of football.

At 7-inches tall, the trophy might not feature much when it comes to size and you won’t be seeing this as the main trophy at the end of the ceremony. However, I like to break up the fantasy football league into minor categories. This allows each person to potentially walk out with a trophy by the end of the season.

The unfortunate fact is that the design does not allow for multiple engravings and you will still need to keep your own yearly records if it is used for kickers. The trophy is ideal for motivating your friends to support the special team’s units. As with the others, you can add your own special engravings when you want to have it stand out.

Much like the other smaller or minor trophies, this will not be the trophy that will be handed out at the end. For this reason, it is also one of the less expensive trophies to have in your fantasy football league. If it were my league, I would not skip over it and still add it for the best kickers of the seasons to help everyone win something.

  • Cheap price
  • Looks unique
  • Ideal for the kickers in the league
  • You can customize the engravings
  • It is only a small and minor trophy

11. Decade Awards Football Flame Series Trophy

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Probably the best looking minor trophy on this list is the Decade Awards Football Flame Series Trophy. You might have noticed that most trophies of the Decade Awards brand have been designed with a silver or black look. However, the Decade Awards Football Flame Series Trophy is gold and features an extremely unique design.

The trophy is constructed from poly resin and stands around 7.5-inches tall. It comes with a solid base that also offers you some space for many of your engravings. When looking at the symbolism, the trophy definitely works as a weekly trophy or for a minor trophy at the end. Something like the best young player in the league.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to engrave much on it. It will probably only be for the category without the names of the players added. However, the design still makes it a functional option for the serious players. If you are like me and you want to collect all the trophies, you might want to consider winning this one.

While many of the other minor trophies can be more pricey, this one does not command the same expensive price. If you are looking for a cheap option to help you get more trophies in the league, I would recommend the Decade Awards Football Flame Series Trophy. It simply looks like one of the best minor options.

  • Design is entirely different
  • Made to look like a gold trophy
  • Really affordable
  • Decent durability
  • Does not have a lot of engraving spots

12. Decade Awards Fantasy Football Toilet Bowl Trophy

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Have you ever lost your fantasy football league and everyone keeps on poking some fun at you, especially when you end up at the bottom of the pool? The Decade Awards Fantasy Football Toilet Bowl Trophy is one of the most ingenious ideas you can add to the league to ensure that everyone steps up their game and even the losers get a price.

It is one of the Decade Awards top trophies for the losers and with the toilet bowl design, you can be sure that we all want to avoid it. The one that gets it will inevitably be the grunt and we all make some fun of the guy. At only 5-inches tall, it is rightfully one of the smallest trophies on the market today and will serve the loser well.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to engrave much on it. It will probably only be for the category without the names added. However, the designs still make it a functional option for the serious players. I might like collecting all of the trophies, but this is definitely one that I could try to avoid at all costs to prevent any mockery.

We have added this to bottom of the list as the final trophy that you see for a reason. Not only will it give you a good chuckle, but you can let your imagination do the rest if you find yourself winning it or one of your close friends. This I certainly a decent trophy to spice up the league and let’s hope that neither of us has to ever win it.

  • Gives players the motivation to perform
  • Can be some great fun in the group
  • Allows the loser to win something as well
  • Really affordable
  • No real cons, just laughs

What You Need To Look For In A Fantasy Football Trophy:

Before you start your fantasy football league, you might want to get the trophy. However, there is a massive variety of different trophies that you can choose from and we have only covered 13. To help you get the best value for your money, here are a couple of important things that you could consider before buying the best fantasy football trophies:

Trophy Type:

As I have already mentioned, not all of these trophies are the same as the competition, with some of them being made for different purposes. One of the key things that you will need to consider before buying your trophy is the type of trophies that you will want to have. You can even have numerous trophies if need be. Here are a couple of common types:

  • Champion Trophy: The champion trophy is generally considered the crown jewel of your league. This is the most prestigious trophy that you will have and it should be reflected. Champion trophies are generally much large than the others and also a little more expensive.
  • Major Trophies: This might often be confused with the champions trophy, but when you are a serious player, you want to have some categories. These categories can be for the best defense or offense, with some even going as deep to consider yardage of rushing or passing attacks. These trophies are a little smaller, but also won annually.
  • Weekly Trophies: Much like the NFL gives weekly awards to the best performing players of that week, you can choose to have a couple of these trophies in your arsenal as well. Not only will they encourage players weekly, but also keep the league fresh, especially when the same player is constantly winning.
  • Loser Trophy: It is no secret that we all want to win something and having a trophy given to the loser is still a trophy. It might not be something that they want, but it could encourage them for the following season. A loser trophy can be anything from a wooden spoon to a toilet like we have mentioned in the review section.

If you are starting the league for the first time, you might not need to immediately add all of these trophies. However, you can slowly integrate them as the league grows to keep players coming back every season. It might be a little costly, but we don’t often put a price on having a lot of fun among friends.


Since we want the trophies to last for a couple of seasons, durability also becomes a crucial factor to consider. If the trophy is not durable, it might fall apart and the paint will come off. Yes, durability is not that easy to find in fantasy football trophies, but when you only want to buy one and let it build up some prestige, you need to consider this.

In my personal experience, metal trophies tend to last the longest. They can be a little heavier than their plastic counterparts can, but when anodized metals have been used, it can also prevent rust buildup. No matter where you are, the trophy will not be exposed to the elements and it can last you over multiple seasons.


Since you want people to use the same trophy and buying a new one every season is a little expensive, you can consider having the same trophy with plates to be added for engravings. Not only does this save you a couple of bucks when you only need to add a new metal plate with an engraving at the end of the season, but it also makes them more prestigious.

The size of the trophy directly correlates to the amount of space you will have for these engravings. A larger trophy will have more space available on the sides and this will allow you to add more engravings. Some of the top trophies that I have seen can be engraved up to 19 times. This means that you can potentially use it for 19 years.


With the design factor, we also tie into the different trophy types. We might not have described the designs in the type section, but I will now describe some of the designs that I feel will work for each category. If you are new to fantasy football and you want to start your own league, here are a couple of designs to keep in mind:

  • Super Bowl Design: The Super Bowl design is one of the most common trophy designs you will find. You can find a large or small option, but I will focus on the larger options. The larger options are generally made from metal and they are designated to the winner of the overall league. These are the trophies with all the nameplates on the sides.
  • Single Player: Some of the smaller trophies will have only one player on the top of the stand. These trophies are extremely versatile and they can be given out weekly. However, they also serve as a great trophy for the best rushing or even passing team in the league. It all depends on the style of the design.
  • Beast: One of my favorite trophy designs that have become quite popular is the beats trophy. The beats trophy is not a standard trophy as many people would expect and since it is rare, I prefer using it for the best defensive winner at the end of the season.
  • Toilet: The worst trophy that anyone can win is the coveted toilet. It is not as spectacular as I am making it sound, but this trophy is for the losers of the pool. It can either be awarded weekly, or you can wait to the end of the season to embarrass the loser of the pool.

These are not the only designs that you will find, but it is some of the most common. Occasionally, the Champion trophy might even have a large design, but not feature a football at the top. This will depend on the fantasy league you are playing in and what you decide to choose as a group. However, I would like to reiterate that I do love multiple trophies.


The one thing that I consider imperative when selecting the best fantasy football trophies is to consider looking at the price. When you start out, you might want to keep the price low, but the more expensive the trophy is, the more invested your players will be. A more expensive trophy does also give it a little more prestige and importance.

Another great way to add prestige to the trophy is to consider having it around for a long time. It is no secret that the older something is, the more valuable it becomes in most cases. For me, a fantasy football trophy is the same. The more people who have held it before me, tells me that the trophy is a little more valuable, which translates to prestige.

5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Selecting Fantasy Football Trophies:

By now, you should already have your mindset on one of the trophies or perhaps even consider starting a new and more prestigious fantasy league. For many people, it can be hard to get started, but if you have the league set up and you want to add the trophies, here are a couple of tips. I have also used these tips for my own league.

Start Building The Prestige Of The Champions Trophy:

Since this will be the main focal point of your league, you need to focus on the main trophy first. If this trophy has some prestige, it could easily elevate the rest of the trophies that you consider adding. As mentioned, you might want to upgrade to a more expensive trophy. Also adding the names of past winners can make a difference.

One of the final things to do is to look for a trophy that is durable and looks great. Yes, it might be more expensive, but your league will have a new level of prestige.

Promote The League:

If you want people to join the league, they need to know about the existence of it. One way to do this is to promote the league effectively. Adding a social media page and sharing it with your friends can bring a lot of free publicity. Just make sure that you attract the right crowd and have players that will actively be playing.

If your league has been active for a couple of years, you can also add the history of the league. Having one important figure that constantly wins while doing good in other fantasy leagues can be great publicity. We all have a competitive spirit and we definitely want to try to win the best player or have good competition.

Expand The Trophy Set:

I have placed a lot of emphasis on having multiple trophies for your league, but believe me, it does work. Keeping players invested and having them spread the word can definitely see that you have more league members the following season. If you only want a league with your friends, you can still keep them excited with new trophies.

Keep The Rules Clear:

Since you will be running something big, you need to have some rules. Society functions purely based on rules and regulations. You should clearly state all of the rules to all of your members. This allows them to understand what they need to do. You can even add a rule that will kick off a few players if they have been inactive for too long.

You should keep in mind that your rules must keep the league fun. Once your rules start taking some of the fun out of the game, many players might not be interested anymore.

Add A Cash Prize:

Nothing can do the talking for you as well as good old cash. Adding money to the trophy is a good way to have people play your league. You don’t always need to have money, but with your trophy, you can add a variety of different prizes. Some of the top companies in the world also promote their brands by sponsoring these types of leagues. This builds brand awareness and they offer to give the winner the prize.

Final Thoughts:

Now that you have all the information, you should be ready to start your own fantasy football league. Whether this is with friends or random people, you can make it one of the best leagues out there. The best fantasy football trophies will only add some extra spice and encourage your players to keep on playing.

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