Top 10 Best Football Back Plate for 2022

To keep yourself fully prepared for any football game, it is advisable to ensure that you invest in the right protective gear designed to cover and protect your body parts. Protective gears, like the best football back plate, is extremely important if you want to be protected from the violent contact of your body with that of other players.

It is mainly because this specific protective gear contributes a lot in absorbing impact. With the ability of the football back plate to offer protection, it is indeed one of the most indispensable items in a football player’s arsenal. It guarantees that you are fully protected while boosting your performance on the field.

What is beneficial about this back plate is that you can easily attach it to most shoulder pads on the market today. It is also designed in such a way that it can protect your kidneys, lower back, and spine from potential injuries. It is mainly because it minimizes the impact that you might receive from the hits at the back.

The back plate is also designed in such a way that it fits younger players, teens, and adults. It is beneficial because it is lightweight and not bulky. You will not have a hard time taking it off, too. If you prefer to get a customized football back plate then rest assured that such type is also available in the market.

To guide you in deciding on the right football back plate for your specific requirements, here are short reviews of the ones that received great feedback from the public.

Best Football Back Plate Reviews 2019

1. Battle Football Back Plate

One of the football back plates that I think should be included in any review of the best protective gear designed for the game of football is the Battle football back plate. What I immediately noticed about this product is that it is manufactured in such a way that it can deal with all the action on the football field.

I figured out that it is mainly because of its high-impact foam interior, which is truly effective in providing additional protection all throughout the game. Another remarkable benefit provided by this football back plate is its ability to secure itself in the right place even during an intense game because of its sturdy attachment straps.

I also noticed how impressive this back plate is upon seeing that it boasts of a sleek and curved design. Such a design offers a big advantage as it ensures that the energy and impact taken from hard hits can be efficiently and evenly dispersed. With such a benefit, I can safely say that it can completely protect its wearer.

It is also made to be totally comfortable. It will never weigh you down nor limit your movements once you decide to wear it all throughout the game. This specific football back plate also has a universal fit, making it compatible with players of all ages. It is also effective in absorbing impact while offering maximum protection to your back.

However, be prepared to face a bit of difficulty when attaching it, especially if it is not compatible with your shoulder pad.
  • Universal fit, making it fit football players of all ages
  • High-impact foam interior for maximum protection
  • Sleek and curved design, ensuring the efficient dispersion of hard hits
  • Totally comfortable to wear
  • Absorbs impact and offers maximum back protection
  • Slightly difficult to attach

2. Schutt Sports Neon Football Back Plate

If you are like me who wishes to prioritize both strength and quality in a football back plate then I highly suggest the Schutt Sports Neon Football Back Plate for you. I like the ruggedness of this back plate as it means it can withstand tough and harsh impact and pressure.

I am sure that its superb durability and strength can also be provided by its raised corrugated plate design. One impressive benefit I can assure users is that it has the ability to disperse high energy hits that usually happen when playing the game. The heavy padded structure of the back plate also offers the utmost comfort.

Such a structure also promotes proper air circulation as it features 5-mm vent holes. With these features, it is truly effective in letting you stay cool all throughout the game. It is also lightweight as it only weighs around 16 ounces.

Another positive thing I am sure you will love about this back plate is the fact that you can easily attach and remove it. It also features the design and built required to ensure that it fits the majority of varsity players. The versatility and flexibility of this back plate are also noticeable as it perfectly fits almost all shoulder pads.

A bonus is the fact that it has all the screws required for you to attach it to your shoulder pad.

One possible drawback of this Schutt football back plate is that you can’t see it being available in numerous sizes.
  • Highly rugged design, allowing it to withstand impact and pressure
  • Features a raised corrugated design to make it stronger
  • Disperses high energy hits well
  • Comfortable with its heavy padded structure
  • Comes with vent holes
  • Not available in numerous sizes

3. Schutt Sports Air Maxx Football Back Plate

With the aid of the Schutt Sports Air Maxx Football Back Plate, I am sure that you can retain your focus when playing football. It is because you no longer have to worry and think about getting hit or injured from behind when you are wearing it. I find it ideal for varsity use because it is totally rugged and sturdy.

I am happy with the way it looks, too. It looks great, especially once worn on the field. In addition, it has a corrugated design, which maximizes the level of protection it offers to its wearers. Combine that with its block padding that is known to be super-absorbent and you will surely feel safe and secure on the field.

It is also lightweight at 12 ounces only, so rest assured that it is easy and comfortable enough to wear. One more benefit that this football back plate offers is that it makes use of a highly effective system designed to manage and disperse air properly. With such system, I am sure that you can stay cool all throughout the game.

Another reason why I find this back plate favorable is that it is suitable for the majority of shoulder and competitor pads. The single size of this product also works appropriately well for the majority of players. You have the freedom to choose from its multiple colors.

One possible flaw of this football back plate from Schutt, though, is that it is too large for those with small built or smaller players.
  • Totally sturdy and rugged, making it ideal for varsity use
  • The maximum level of protection offered by its corrugated design
  • Features a super-absorbent block padding
  • Lightweight, promoting ease and comfort when wearing
  • Available in multiple colors
  • A bit large for those with smaller built

4. Schutt Sports Varsity Football Back Plate

If you are aiming to make a statement then I can assure you that you can attain that objective with the Schutt Sports Varsity Football Back Plate. I think that the primary reason behind this is that it makes use of an appealing bright color. Aside from making a statement, I also find it effective in boosting your visibility on the field.

I am greatly satisfied with the back plate because of the quality materials used in it. It offers protection, especially in those exposed blindside areas. It is also made in such a way that you will feel utmost comfort each time you wear it. I figured out that it is because of the inner cushioning used in it, which is convenient even for long use.

It comes in a wide range of bright colors, including red, orange, green, and yellow. The corrugated exterior is also a big advantage as it offers an assurance that it is capable of taking more hits and impact. I also greatly appreciate the good ventilation offered by this back plate.

Such ventilation is crucial for most players, especially those who play the game for a long time while also wanting to stay dry and cool all throughout the match. It is also capable of offering an impressive protection from different from all its sides.

However, it also has a downside and that is the fact that you can’t see it being available in multiple sizes.
  • Available in several appealing bright colors
  • Provides an excellent visibility on the field
  • Offers protection, especially on blindside areas
  • Comfortable with its interior cushioning and good ventilation
  • Can handle hits and impact
  • Does not come in multiple sizes

5. Schutt Sports Youth Back Plate

Another football back plate designed to offer utmost protection while you are in the field is the Sports Youth Back Plate from Schutt. It is actually a youth back plate but I can assure you that it is truly capable of providing a high level of protection when paired up with a high-quality rib protector.

I greatly appreciate the fact that this back plate makes use of high-density EVA foam for its construction. It is because this material is comfortable enough because of the adequate ventilation it offers, ensuring that the players stay cool without the risk of sweating too much all throughout the game.

I also find this a favorable option because it is equipped with straps and fabric that are not only comfortable but also provide maximum protection when you are playing the game. It also has a raised and corrugated back, which is actually a big advantage as it provides the ultimate protection you need, especially for your exposed areas.

Furthermore, it can fit all shoulder pads designed for the youth. It also comes in a bright color, allowing it to deliver a high level of visibility capable of making a statement. Attachments for low and high attachment can also be found so you can pick one, which meets your specific preference.

The problem is that since it is mainly designed as a youth football back plate, it might not be that suitable for users who are on the varsity level and up.
  • Raised and corrugated back for ultimate protection
  • Fits all youth shoulder pads
  • Offers visibility with its bright colors
  • Breathable with its well-ventilated EVA foam construction
  • Comes with comfy straps and fabric
  • Not that suitable for varsity level players

6. Schutt 79922100 Sports Youth Football Back Plate 

You can also take advantage of this offered product from Schutt if what you are planning to invest in is a football back plate designed for the youth. I find it effective in giving the user’s back the protection it needs. It is made to be protective so I am sure that it can handle hits, impact, and pressure while on the field.

Another positive benefit of this back plate is that it is known for attaching to all youth shoulder pads, especially the ones offered by Schutt. Such showcases the versatility of this protective gear. I also noticed its effectiveness in offering unmatched protection to various football players.

I think it is because it is totally cool and breathable to wear considering the fact that it makes use of well-ventilated high-density EVA foam, as well as highly breathable fabric, for its overall construction. It fits well while also being noted for being easy to attach and install.

I am pretty sure that you will also feel glad upon knowing that all the screws and hardware required for its proper installation and attachment are already included in the package.

However, some users complained that the screws that come with the package are prone to coming off once the back plate is attached. Despite that issues, the football back plate seems to be working just fine and based on its intended function.
  • Keeps your back protected from hits, pressure, and impact
  • Compatible with all youth shoulder pads
  • Makes use of breathable fabric and EVA foam
  • Easy to install and attach
  • Comes with all the screws and hardware for proper installation
  • The included screws are prone to coming off

7. Douglas Custom Pro CP Series Football Back Plate

If you are searching for a Douglas back plate, then I am sure that the Custom Pro CP Series football back plate from the renowned Douglas brand can give you the satisfaction you need. I fell in love with this back plate because of its efficiency in providing a professional level of protection for the user’s lower back.

It can durably and reliably protect with its ability to prevent users from experiencing painful hits caused by harsh impact, strong pressure, and possible blindsides. It protects not only the lower back but also the spines and the kidneys from punishing and hard hits.

Another reason why I am amazed at this football back plate is that it has built-in grommets. Such grommets are proven to be advantages as they let players raise or lower the back plate, giving them the freedom to obtain a really comfortable and convenient position based on what they prefer.

This back plate is also available in various colors, allowing you to find one that perfectly matches your team or that which allows you to stand out while you are on the football field. Furthermore, it has a sturdy and durable padding together with a hard shell, offering comfort and sturdiness at the same time.

As for the downsides, one flaw I noticed is that it is a bit time-consuming to wash and clean up.
  • Offers professional level protection for your lower back
  • Can deal with the harsh impact, possible blindsides, and strong pressure
  • Gives you the freedom to raise or lower the plate with the grommets
  • Different colors provided
  • Sturdy and comfortable padding
  • Requires more time to clean up and wash

8. ADAMS USA Youth Football Back Plate

ADAMS USA is a reputable brand in the sports gear industry, and one popular product that constantly receives good reviews from this brand is its youth football back plate. Considering the fact that it is offered by a highly reputable brand, I am one hundred percent sure of its excellent quality and performance.

One advantage of this football back plate is that it is appropriate for and compatible with all shoulder pads from the same brand that are currently in your football gear collection. I am satisfied with the overall weight of this back plate, too. Weighing at only around 5 ounces, I am happy to announce that it is totally lightweight.

The lightness of this product ensures that it does not add too much pressure on your shoulders and backside, therefore, it will never limit your movements nor slow you down while you are on the field. This version is small so expect it to suit youth football players.

Another reason that I think this specific product takes pride in is its fiber pad, which can effortlessly attach to the shoulder pad’s straps. Apart from being easy to attach, the presence of the fiber pad also provides a proper cushion for the back plate.

It also suits your lateral movements while you are in the field so rest assured that it will not negatively affect your sports performance. One more advantage is that it lets you make adjustments based on what perfectly fits you even after you attached it to your shoulder pad.

However, remember that it is not that appropriate for possible users who have larger physical built.
  • Lightweight at 3.5 ounces
  • Does not put too much pressure on your shoulders and back
  • Suits youth football players well
  • Easy to attach and well-cushioned
  • Adjustable even after it you have attached it to your shoulder pad
  • Not that appropriate for use by those with a larger physique

9. Gear Pro-Tec Z-Cool Varsity Football Back Plate

Another product that I want to recommend for those who are on a hunt for the high quality football back plate is the Gear Pro-Tec Z-Cool Varsity. One thing that instantly amazed me about this football back plate is its Z-COOL moisture transfer system as it works efficiently in promoting good air circulation and ventilation.

Apart from that, I also noticed the effectiveness of the system in wicking away sweat, thereby ensuring that you stay dry and cool during your game. It also makes use of a 3-D flow system, which continues to amaze me with its ability to boost the comfort level of the plate when worn by evaporating sweat.

I am also happy with the reinforced vented plastic used in the interiors of the back plate. It is because such material is beneficial in making it more lightweight and comfortable while keeping you protected for a long time.

I am pretty sure that you will also love the built-in attachments designed to let you lower or raise the back plate based on your torso’s height. Moreover, it has the tendency of offering users with the ultimate solution as far as comfort is concerned since it comes with adjustable straps.

However, one drawback that you might encounter with this football back plate is that it is designed in such a way that it only fits shoulder pads from Pro-Tec. It does not seem to fit other brands that well.
  • Good air circulation and ventilation provided
  • Can wick away sweat and moisture
  • Evaporates sweat with the aid of its 3-D flow system
  • Uses reinforced vented plastic for its interiors
  • Comes with adjustable straps so you can stay comfortable
  • Does not seem to fit other shoulder pad brands except for those from Gear Pro-Tec

10. Gear Pro-Tec RAZOR Football Back Plate

No products found.

I will end up the list of products I would like to review and recommend to potential users with the RAZOR football back plate from Gear Pro-Tec. Coming from a reputable brand, I am one hundred percent sure that this back plate will never fail to satisfy its users with its quality and overall performance.

For instance, I noticed that it does a pretty good job when it comes to protecting my lower back. It can absorb hits, impact, and pressure that well so the specific parts of the body it protects are definitely safe from possible injuries. It should be noted that this plate is small in size so it works well for those who require narrow protection.

It also maximizes its ability to offer protection by ensuring that it makes use of HEX foam material for its side panels. Such material also works along with SAS TEC foam, which is helpful in protecting your spine. The exterior of this back plate is also known to be corrugated, making it really strong.

You are also guaranteed of the durability of the back plate, which can offer you protection and serve its function for quite a long time. Another reason why it is a good buy is that it is easy to attach to different kinds of shoulder pads with the help of the T-nuts and attachments included in your purchase.

However, since this football back plate is designed to be small, it might not work appropriately for bigger football players.
  • Excellent quality and performance guaranteed by the brand
  • Built to keep users safe
  • Protects both the back and the spine
  • Added strength guaranteed because of its corrugated exterior
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Might not suit the needs of bigger football players

What to Look For When Buying a Football Back Plate

In your search for the ideal back plate designed for your specific requirements, it is necessary for you to be in control. You can gain such control if you ensure that you gather as much information as you can about how to make your choice. Among the factors that should guide you during the selection process are listed below.

Size and function

Before you make your final decision, find out which among the back plates introduced to you specifically fits the size and function that is suitable for the purpose you intend it to perform.

Remember that it comes in different sizes and functions. Some are ideal for teenagers while others are perfect for adults. You can also find a youth football back plate as well as those that fit the needs of kids who are into football.

With the different variations of the back plate as far as size and function are concerned, figure out where you will be using it. That way, picking one that is really appropriate for the intended purpose is possible.


Spend time assessing the weight of the back plate before buying, too. Ensure that it is lightweight that even kids can handle it with ease. It should not also weigh you down while wearing it on the field.

Go for a back place, which is not too heavy to the point that it causes you to have a hard time making movements during the game. It should never limit your movements once you get into the field to play.

Strength and durability

Another vital factor that should play a role in your decision is how strong and durable your chosen back plate is. Note that you need a really sturdy one – that which can prevent possible injuries because of physical impact.

Avoid going for a back plate, which is too flimsy as it might only result in it breaking off and losing its function even if it just encountered a single collision. Choose one, which already gained reviews for its durability since it will be exposed to body contact.


Just like any other protective gear, your chosen football back plate should also be comfortable enough. It should let you move with ease. If possible, go for that with vent holes as these can make you feel cool while you are on the field due to the proper ventilation it provides.

Aside from the already mentioned factors, it is also highly advisable that you bring with you a proof, such as a certification or an authorization letter, which serves as a confirmation that the back plate you are planning to use is approved for use by the football league where you belong.

Note that failure to do so might only cause your disqualification so you have to be extra cautious.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a football back plate do?

The ultimate goal of a football back plate is to give you protection while you are playing football considering the fact that it is one of the protective gears that you have to invest in. It specifically saves your back from potential injuries. You can fit it over your lower backside once you attach it to a shoulder pad.

Once fitted, it can be a big help in protecting your lower back as well as your spine and kidneys as it lessens the impact and pressure that those areas obtain in case of a collision.

Why do football players wear back plates?

Football players need to wear back plates as a means of protection. Remember that whether you are a beginner or a professional player in the field of football, you need to have some sort of protection for the different parts of your body. Remember that football is a contact sport.

In case of collision with other players, you will be at risk of injuries. The back plates, when worn, can serve as the ultimate solution for protecting yourself, especially your lower back, spine, and kidneys, in case of impact and strong pressure on the mentioned areas.

How to choose the right size of football back plate?

Selecting the perfect size of football back plate is possible by checking the length and width of your back. You should then check the sizing chart of the manufacturer or brand where you intend to buy the football back plate.

Make sure that your chosen size feels comfortable based on your personal build. The right size is actually that, which is snug yet not restricting. Also, ensure that it is compatible with your football shoulder pad as this is where you will be attaching it.

Does the football back plate come with screws and nuts?

In most cases, highly reputable brands and providers of football back plate can provide you with all the screws and nuts that are essential in attaching this gear to your shoulder pad. One reputable brand, which provides all the hardware for the attachment, is Schutt.

How to put on a football back plate?

As mentioned earlier, you can wear the back plate by attaching it to the shoulder pad. To do that, the first thing that you have to do is to look for the two metal holes that you can find at the shoulder pads’ back. You should then align the holes found at the back plate to the ones found in the shoulder pads.

Ensure that the holes are well-aligned up or down to the point that the back plate already covers the lower part of your back. Get the screws and insert them through the lined-up holes on the shoulder pads and back plate. The screws should be tightly locked in to secure them.

Do the same steps involved in screwing or inserting the bolts or screws just in case you notice that there is an imperfect fit or in case slipping takes place. Note that you need to install it properly and ensure that it fits correctly to prevent it from becoming a hindrance once you play the game.


If you are a football player, your protection should be on top of your priorities. Fortunately, you can gain such protection with the aid of the best football back plate. What’s good about it is that it is not that hard to use.

You can even find light and compact ones that you can easily remove. It is even possible for you to find a football back plate, which is customizable enough that you can make it fit your specific requirements as far as size and weight are concerned.

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