The 10 Best Football Chin Straps of 2022

As a football player, you need as much protection as necessary considering the fact that football is a contact sport. In this case, it is necessary to invest in the best football chin strap aside from football gloves and helmets. Such strap works in giving your chin the protection it also needs.

Note that football is a game, which requires players to deal with speed and force. That’s the reason why they need a lot of protection. One of the protective equipment that you should never neglect is the chin strap.

One major function of the chin strap is to secure your football helmet to your head. Aside from that, though, this specific protective equipment also plays a major role in terms of giving football players, like you, a high level of protection.

It is actually because it offers an opportunity for players to have an additional layer of protection from all the impact that the football field has. Most of the football chin straps introduced to the public nowadays are also constructed with the help of the latest technology and the most advanced protective materials.

With that, it is truly possible for them to offer comfort as well as an additional layer of defense. By investing in a high-quality chin strap, you can wear protective football equipment designed to keep your jaw area and chin fully protected against injuries.

This item needs to be attached to the helmet all the time, making it protective of the chin and head and preventing fracture in the area as much as possible. Aside from offering adequate protection, the use of the chin strap also guarantees the proper and safe fit of your helmet.

If you are presently searching for independent and great reviews for high-quality football chin straps then the following section can be of help as it can give you insights on how you can gear up for the next football season with 10 of the best chin straps in the market.

Best Football Chin Strap Reviews 2019

1. Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon Football Chin Strap

The first product that I would like to suggest to those looking for a chin strap is the Ultra Carbon Football Chin Strap offered by Shock Doctor. One major advantage I realized in this product right away is that it is designed sturdily in such a way that it is capable of enduring even the highest form of impact.

Any Shock Doctor chin strap review, which talks about this product, also proves its ability to improve a football player’s confidence once he is on the field. I think it is mainly because of the triple-grip snap technology used in the product. Such technology works in securing the placement, keeping you as safe as possible.

I also noticed how protective and comfortable this football chin strap is upon seeing that it comes equipped with a washable and removable X-Static anti-microbial liner. The material used in making the liner is dual-density memory foam, which conforms to your chin well.

The liner is also washable, thereby allowing you to keep it clean and eliminate bacteria that cause odor from it within just a few minutes to an hour. The fact that it is completely adjustable is also a bonus as it means you can make all the necessary adjustments for your comfort.

Furthermore, you have an assurance that it can retain the chin cup in place with the aid of its no-slip snaps that grip well. 

However, note that this is one of the options for the best chin strap for youth football so it might not be compatible with adult helmets.
  • Sturdy and strong, making it truly impact-resistant
  • Features a comfortable and washable memory foam liner
  • Fully adjustable
  • Keeps the chin cup in place
  • Guaranteed to be protective
  • Might not suit adult helmets

2. Schutt SC-4 Hard Cup Chin Strap

I also find the Schutt SC-4 Hard Cup chin strap as one of the most impressively designed football chin straps in the market today because it features a new design cradling your chin using a deep cup. With the aid of this deep and hard cup, you know that the strap and your chin will remain secure in its place.

One of the main benefits highlighted by this product is that it promotes a comfy and soft fit, promoting ease in fitting and wearing it during the entire game. It is also designed in such a way that it can fully absorb energy taken from impact with the help of its EVA foam interior cushion.

The exterior of the chin strap, on the other hand, makes use of a high-impact ABS plastic material, making it as protective as possible, especially when dealing with excessive impact and hits. Such material is also strong enough that it can withstand a collision.

Another thing that I really like about this chin strap is that it maximizes airflow and cooling with the help of the ventilation ports featured into its hard cup. It is a comfortable chin strap, which also looks very sturdy. 

The deep cup tends to cause chafing in some users, though but this usually happens only during the first few uses.
  • Guarantees a comfortable and soft fit
  • Absorbs energy from an impact, thanks to its interior cushion
  • Can withstand impact, hits, and collision
  • Maximum airflow and cooling provided
  • Highly durable
  • The deep cup might cause chafing during the first few uses.

3. Riddell SpeedFlex Ratchet Chin Strap

I can also say that the Riddell SpeedFlex Ratchet Chin Strap serves as a great product in the football chin strap industry. It is mainly designed to be compatible with Riddell SpeedFlex helmets. One of the most remarkable benefits I noticed in this Riddell chin strap is that it makes use of the ratchet-loc system.

The system is actually a big advantage as it lets players make easy adjustments on the chin strap prior to and after the game. It is built exclusively for SpeedFlex helmets and boasts of a soft padding on its interiors while also having a hard plastic material on its outer shell.

With the mentioned materials, you have an assurance that the interiors of the chin strap are truly comfortable while the exterior is designed to be tough and strong to withstand impact, collision, and other forms of potential damage.

What’s good about this product is that it also lets you choose from its various sizes – the hard cup, which is composed of the medium and large sizes and the TCP composed of small to medium sizes and large to extra-large sizes.

I am also satisfied with the fact that this chin strap provides a convenient combination of excellent protection and padding. 

However, since it is exclusive for Riddell SpeedFlex helmets, it might not work for you if you own another brand and model of a football helmet.
  • Uses the easy to adjust ratchet-loc system
  • Comfortable interiors, thanks to its soft padding
  • Can withstand impact and collision
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Offers enough protection and comfort
  • Works only for Riddell SpeedFlex helmets

4. Under Armour Armourfuse Chin Strap

If you are planning to invest in an Under Armour Chinstrap, then the Armourfuse Chin strap for men offered by the brand is what I can suggest. What I like about it is that it is constructed from a strong and durable nylon material. It can, therefore, protect you from injury because of the strength of its nylon shell.

I also love the fact that this strap is long enough as it improves its versatility, making it suit various sizes of helmets. The built-in removable foam pad on the interior also has gel inserts, thereby offering protection from the field while ensuring that you can easily wash it and keep it as clean and hygienic as possible.

There is also a guarantee that it provides the perfect fit for low and high helmets considering the fact that it has a strap adapter. It is made to disperse impact, too, thanks to the armour fuse TPU overmold integrated into it.

Another reason why I really like this product is that it comes in multiple colors, giving me the chance to pick one, which is compatible with my helmet. The strap is also adjustable, which is the main reason why it works for helmets designed for the youth and adults.

However, it lacks air holes that are supposed to be essential for proper ventilation.
  • Strong nylon material, providing protection from injuries
  • Highly versatile as it is compatible with various helmets
  • Comfortable and removable interiors
  • Works for low and high helmets
  • Available in many colors
  • Lacks air holes for ventilation

5. Green Gridiron Riddell Chin Strap

Another great option for the best NFL chin strap is the Green Gridiron Riddell Chin Strap. It is a good choice for you if you have Riddell helmets, like the Riddell Revolution Speed, Revolution, Edge Youth, VSR4, Attack, Attack-I, and Speed Classic.

It works as a mid or high hook-up football chin strap, which works comfortably provided you size it correctly. It is suitable for all ages and sizes. It also works for you regardless of your position in football.

What I like about the chin strap is that it comes in multiple sizes. It also lets you choose from a soft cup, TCP, and soft cup depending on the level of comfort and protection you wish to receive. It also has four sturdy silver buckles designed to help the strap stay secure in its place.

It is also a sturdy chin strap, which can last for several seasons without any issue. Buying it will also let you enjoy a Green Gridiron exclusive as you will get a hold of a chrome American flag decal for free.

One problem, though, is that its compatibility is limited to just Riddell helmets. You can’t expect it to work well on other helmet models from other brands.
  • Works well for a variety of Riddell helmets
  • Comfortable mid or high hook-up options
  • Suits all ages, sizes, and football positions
  • Sturdy and durable, improving its ability to last a few seasons
  • Comes with silver buckles
  • Limited compatibility as it is exclusively designed for Riddell helmets

6. Schutt Sports Fit Tech Chin Strap

Another impressive product in the football chin strap industry is the Sports Fit Tech strap offered by Schutt. I am impressed with the advanced and ergonomic design used in this product as I noticed how effective it is in following your chin’s natural contour. The result is a perfect and amazing fit.

Available at a really inexpensive price, I am sure you will never regret purchasing this strap. It is well-constructed while being capable of fitting comfortably to your chin. The comfort offered by the strap can also be attributed to the non-abrasive padding built into it.

It is also supportive enough. The presence of the non-abrasive padding is also a good thing for those who are worried about dealing with skin irritation. It can prevent skin irritation as well as acne, provided you keep it clean, making it one of the best football chin strap for acne options.

I am also happy to say that it has hardened metal buckles that are not only highly durable but are also capable of resisting rust. The strap is also known to feel good against your skin.

One problem, though, is that it is not as protective as the other football chin straps in the market. Still, it seems to be capable of performing its job well so it is definitely an excellent product to invest in.
  • Ergonomically designed, thereby providing a perfect fit
  • Inexpensive without losing the sturdiness of its construction
  • Comfy and supportive non-abrasive padding
  • Highly durable and rust-resistant metal buckles
  • Does not irritate the skin
  • Not as protective as other football chin straps

7. ADAMS USA 100-4D 4-Point High Hook-up Chin Strap

I also highly suggest investing in the 4-point high hook-up chin strap offered by ADAMS USA. One of the remarkable benefits of this chin strap is that it is constructed from rugged and sturdy polycarbonate material. Such material is not only sturdy but is also strong enough to withstand and handle high-impact velocities.

With that in mind, I can safely say that it provides maximum protection during intense training or games. I also find it safe in the sense that it minimizes the risk of you slipping during your game or when training because of the vinyl padding used as a lining for its cup. Such padding also works in offering more comfort.

I am also happy with the adjustable nature of the chin strap. It is because such adjustability makes it possible for me to fit it on a wide range of sizes for helmets. I can also assure you that you will never have problems cleaning it up. You will also feel glad to know that the nylon material used for the straps is hardwearing.

It also boasts of its high-impact plastic buckles that can also withstand even the harshest forms of impact.

However, I noticed that the cup of this strap lacks depth, making it unsuitable for those with wide chins.
  • Made of rugged and hardwearing polycarbonate and nylon
  • Offers maximum protection during each game
  • Lowers risk of slipping
  • Offers comfort, thanks to its vinyl padding
  • Adjustable for proper size and fit
  • Lacks more depth for the cup

​​​​8. Under Armour Gameday Armour Chin Strap

Another bestselling chin strap from Under Armour is the Gameday Armour chin strap so I also highly suggest checking out this particular product. I consider it as one of the top 10 football chin strap products currently available because of its ability to safeguard users from injuries and accidents.

I am pleased to say that it has a durable flex shell, which sports different colors for its finish. Some of the colors available for the finish are red, navy, royal blue, and white, so choosing one, which perfectly suits the color of your team is possible.

Such a strong and sturdy Armour flex shell also works in maximizing the strap’s ability to offer protection. I am sure that it can also offer you comfort with its high level of breathability. It is truly breathable because of the perforations integrated into the strap.

Another major benefit of the strap is that it lets you fit it too low or high hook-up – thanks to its built-in strap adapter. Additional comfort can also be guaranteed with its EVA pad liner, which is also very easy to clean.

The strap is also easy to adjust while also being durable enough that it can handle regular use. It is a great choice, especially if what you are looking for is a secure, high-quality, and protective chin strap. 

It is only available in a single size, though.
  • Safeguards users from injuries
  • Different colors for the finish
  • Strong and sturdy while also being protective
  • Offers enough perforations for breathability
  • Easy to adjust
  • Comes only at a single size

9. Under Armour Chin Pad

I also highly suggest investing in the chin pad for men offered by Under Armour. I love its overall construction considering the fact that it is made out of a stretch and soft neoprene material. Such material is effective in making the chin pad as mobile and comfortable as possible.

This football chin pad is also noted for being able to provide additional protection and comfort by ensuring that it easily slides over the strap. It promotes a good fit, too as it stays close to your skin without causing uncomfortable squeezing. I like the inclusion of the HeatGear fabric lining into this chin pad as it works in wicking away sweat.

With such benefit, I am sure that you will stay dry and cool all throughout your game. It provides a significant level of protection to both your jaw and chin once you are in the field. It is also popular for its breathability as well as the strength only unique to the Under Armour brand.

One more benefit of this product is that it fits both adults and youth. It also takes pride in the cool UA logo embroidered on it. 

However, a couple of users say that the padding is a bit insufficient.
  • Promotes comfort and mobility, thanks to its neoprene construction
  • Offers additional protection for your jaw and chin
  • Good and comfy fit
  • Highly breathable
  • Fits adults and youth
  • Some find the padding a bit lacking

10. Adidas Football Chin Strap Pad

Lastly, there is this highly reliable football chin strap pad offered by Adidas. Constructed out of neoprene and polyester materials, I can safely say that this product is one of the most comfortable chin strap pads available today.

Both materials are soft on your skin, promoting the utmost comfort. I love the fact that it is easy to fit on the plastic chin cups of my helmet. It is, therefore, a good addition to your overall football gears if you notice that the chin cup of your helmet is causing a bit of discomfort.

I am also sure that it will stay in place with the aid of the elastic binding integrated into the pad’s ends. The Adidas logo is also embroidered on this strap pad, making it look cool. It performs its function really well. It is also easy to fit in any football uniform because it comes in white.

The problem is that this color also makes it prone to acquiring dirt fast so there is a need to clean it more often than the others.
  • Neoprene and polyester are soft on the skin
  • Easy to fit in your helmet’s chin cup
  • Stays in place, thanks to the elastic binding
  • Looks cool with the embroidered Adidas logo
  • Fits football uniforms easily
  • Prone to accumulating dirt

What to Look For When Buying a Football Chin Strap

Looking for the best chin strap designed for a football helmet may seem simple. However, a lot of people are unaware that it actually comes in several styles. The whole selection process also requires the consideration of several things and factors. When shopping, figure out what specific chin strap suits you with the aid of these factors:


Among the many things you have to look into and factor in are the materials used in the overall makeup of the straps. Note that your goal is to find a chin strap capable of providing a comfortable and secure fit for football players.

In this case, the best material often used for the strap is nylon, which is rugged and sturdy enough that it can handle all the action. Just ensure that the material also helps in providing the level of comfort and fit that you require.

It is also a must to check the materials used for the shells and padding of the chin strap. If you are prone to irritation then consider getting a strap with shells made of an impact-resistant polycarbonate or medical-grade foam material.

You can also pick those with a removable padding made of a hypoallergenic foam. This material makes it possible for you to wash the gear while also getting rid of any dirt or sweat that accumulated in the crevices.

Hook-up styles

During your search, you will also realize that there are various ways for you to attach the chin strap. This will be dependent on the style of the helmet. You can find chin strap models that you can easily hook up or attach to your helmet.

However, remember that certain manufacturers offer specific straps that fit specific helmets. The majority of these products, though, can be hooked up using two common styles – the low and the high.

The low hook-up configuration requires you to hook up the top two chin straps on the helmet’s cheeks. The two straps on the bottom, on the other hand, can be connected to the two snap buttons that you can find under the two earholes.

You may also choose a chin strap, which you can attach to the helmet using the high hook-up configuration. In this case, you will need to connect to a snap button found in your football helmet. You can find this button right on top of the facemask.

Regardless of the required hook-up configuration, ensure that you spend time securing the strap before your practice or game. The strap should also be easy to remove for your convenience.


The good thing about chin straps is that they are adjustable. With that, you can easily make adjustments to them based on your exact preferences. However, you still have to pick the right size when you are shopping for the best strap. Note that some of them are available in youth or adult sizes.

Others, on the other hand, are available in a one-size-fits-all design but rest assured that they are adjustable. To find the correct size, you have to check your helmet. If you are not so sure about whether your football helmet comes at an adult or youth size then you can always check the back part or inner part of it to check the actual size.

Your goal is to find a chin strap, which you can outfit effortlessly to the helmet. It is also advisable to look for a size, which perfectly fits the level of your play. That’s necessary whether you are playing in youth or high school league or adult football.


Another crucial factor that you should consider is whether or not the chin strap is sturdy enough. You need to look for one made of hard and sturdy material capable of defending your chin. The strap should be strong and durable enough in the sense that it can prevent players from injuring their jaw during the game.

Make it a point to look for a chin strap, which serves its purpose while also having a hard cup designed to provide additional protection. It should also have a bit of padding composed of gel or foam on its interior to make it comfy.

You also have the chance to improve the sturdiness of the chin strap and increase its level of protection by making an adjustment on its fit based on what is ideal for you. Note that adjusting it too loose or too tight might only increase the possibility of you getting hurt or injured on the football field.


Another vital consideration is the breathability of the football chin strap. Note that the best product in this category is not only that, which comes with a comfortable padding but also one, which is breathable. You need a highly breathable chin strap to prevent the build-up of sweat that might only result in acne.

Note that in an active sport like football, you will always sweat out. That said, it is advisable to wear protective gears with enough ventilation. This is helpful in preventing sweat build-up causing acne. In this case, look for a protective chin strap, which is both secure and comfortable.

It should come with a hard plastic cup in the exact area where your chin should be. The cup should have air holes designed to maintain the dryness of your chin. The interior should also be soft so this will stay dry and ensure your safety even during impact.

Frequently Asked Questions



Does a football chin strap come with metal snaps?

In most cases, the football chin strap comes with metal snaps as they are used in snapping or attaching it to your football helmet. Just make sure that the metal on the snaps are not exposed as this can be a safety hazard. The best metal for the snaps is that coated with black plastic as it is guaranteed to be safe to use.

Does the chin strap come with the attachments?

Depending on your chosen chin strap design, it will come with attachments designed to help you connect it to the football helmet. Some models come with a short T-nut, which you can use in snapping in a buckle of a chin strap.

Note that a conventional football chin strap also often come with one web secured to the helmet’s ear protector. It also extends in front of, beneath, and across your chin. Other models come with safety attachments, such as an impact-resistant and rigid anchor insert, which is mounted to offer more protection.

How can I choose the right size?

In most cases, the perfect size of the chin strap for you can be determined by the actual size of your helmet. It is mainly because the strap should have a similar size to that of your helmet. For instance, if your helmet comes at an adult medium size, then a chin strap ranging from small to medium designed for adults is perfect for you.

If the size of the helmet you are wearing is adult large, then the best strap is that range from large to extra-large. If the one who will be wearing is a small kid, who weighs lower than 80 lbs., then go for an extra-small strap. Your goal should be to ensure that the chin strap fits the size of your football helmet perfectly.

Can I put a Speedflex chin strap on a speed helmet?

Yes, you can. What is good about attaching this Speedflex chin strap to your speed helmet is that it comes with a ratchet-style attachment designed for seasoned players, which works in increasing the ability of both the chin strap and the helmet to offer protection from impact.

Coming in the form of a hard cup often made of polycarbonate material as well as containing a padding usually constructed from a textured hypoallergenic foam, you can expect the Speedflex to be capable of protecting you against impact while also preventing slippage once attached to your speed helmet.

Can I use a football chin strap for lacrosse?

Yes, there are actually football chin straps on the market that also work for other sports, like lacrosse. You just have to ensure that you are getting the correct size and fit. Look for the right fit to prevent the strap from slipping or getting too tight or too loose that it is already causing an inconvenience.

How can I attach a chin strap to a football helmet?

To attach the chin strap, buckle the topmost part of it on the two sides of your football helmet. It should be in the right spots over each ear hole. Ensure that the strap is fully inside the face mask of the helmet. Once done, pull the football helmet into your head then put the cup of the chin strap below your chin.

The bottom straps should then be buckled next to the two sides of your helmet. It should be in the right spots behind or below your ear holes. Check the fit of the strap. Your goal is to ensure that the cup is at the center of your chin. It should also firmly press against your skin.

If you need to make adjustments, just pull the chin strap through the clasp as a means of tightening it. To loosen, take out some length of the strap from the buckle.

How to prevent acne from wearing a football chin strap?

Acne is a common condition affecting football players who wear their chin straps and helmets regularly. It is usually caused by clogged pores when using protective gear. To prevent or treat this problem, ensure that you wash your face using a medicated salicylic acid facial cleanser right after each game or practice.

This cleansing solution works in unclogging the debris and sweat from your pores. You may also use prescription medications, like topical antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, or oral antibiotics for treating acne. Keeping your football helmet and chin strap clean all the time is also one solution to preventing acne.