Top 10 Best Football Cleats for Linemen of 2022

The best football cleats for linemen can make your life on the football field easier and more exciting. Every fan and player of football is aware of how this challenging yet fun this sport is. It is a sport where you need the right gears and equipment as these things can play a significant role in how well you play.

The best lineman cleats, for instance, are crucial on every game and practice because aside from giving you comfort, these gears also work in providing you with additional traction on the pitch. Furthermore, you need this cleat in accelerating more rapidly from a standing beginning.

If you hold the lineman position in your team then a pair of great cleats or shoes is a must. Note that your position requires you to push your entire weight forward as a means of attaining a momentum within just several seconds. With that, it is indeed necessary to have plenty of traction.

Apart from that, you will be needing a more stable platform and better ankle protection. Wearing the wrong pair of cleats that cause you to slip on the ground might only trigger your weak performance, leading to your and your team’s failure.

You can prevent that from happening in the first place by ensuring that you invest in the best cleats for linemen. In this article, you will be able to collect as much information as you can about the high-rated and great-performing cleats in the market today that work well for linemen like you.

Apart from the short reviews, you will also have access to our buying guide and some FAQs that will surely guide you in narrowing down your choices and pick one that is worthwhile to invest in and wear in the field.

Best Football Cleats for Linemen Reviews 2019

1. Nike Lunarbeast Pro TD Cleat

Nike Mens Lunarbeast Pro TD Football Cleats 11 White/Black

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One of the most preferred football cleats for a lineman is the Lunarbeast Pro TD offered by the trusted Nike brand. I noticed how effective it is for linemen because apart from being created with top-notch quality in mind, it also utilizes the NIKESKIN material inside the cleat.

This refers to the skin material developed and patented by Nike. The goal of this material is to improve the ability of the cleat to protect wearers from a tough impact. Primarily manufactured using high-quality and durable synthetic material while appearing in a black and white color, this cleat is definitely tough and good-looking.

I am completely pleased with the mid-foot stability guaranteed by this cleat, too, which I can attribute to the built-in hook-and-loop strap that is wide enough for your convenience. It is also one of those cleats designed to provide as much support and coverage to your ankles.

It is because it is constructed with a mid-height collar designed to hug your ankle naturally. A more responsive cushioning is what you can expect from its Phylon wedge, which is around three-fourths in length. I am happy with its overall durability, too. In fact, it lasts for more than a couple of seasons.

Furthermore, it has the ability to stand up or withstand even when used in games with rainy weather. I can vouch for its good ankle support and its ability to shed water well. It also has a good grip whether you use it on natural grass or turf.

One flaw I found out in this football cleat is that its sizing is somewhat off because it runs slightly narrower or smaller than what is normal.
  • Offers protection from hard and tough impact, thanks to the use of the patented NIKESKIN
  • Tough and good-looking
  • Designed to offer mid-foot stability
  • Can be used even during the rainy seasons
  • Assures wearers of a good grip on natural grass or turf
  • Sizing is quite off

2. Nike Lunarbeast Elite Cleat

Nike Mens Lunarbeast Elite Ground Quake Football Cleat (11 D(M) US, Black/Grey/Anthracite)

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Another lineman cleat that you ought to research about and check out is the Nike Lunarbeast Elite. Offered by Nike, I am pretty sure that it can give you the quality and durability you want from a football cleat. It is specifically manufactured for the lineman position.

It is created with the combination of an extended collar and strap, which is, in my opinion, is a very clever thing to do because it aids in locking it down on your feet. With that, it works in giving you the amount of support required when you wrestle other players in the field.

Another good feature that is engineered and built into this cleat is the unique Flywire material used in its exteriors. I find it useful in boosting your stability, especially when you are running. Note that your stability matters a lot if you are a lineman, so you will definitely enjoy this benefit.

I can’t also deny how durable this cleat is. In fact, it is capable of standing the test of time and the harsh weather in the specific fields you decide to wear it on. I am also glad that this Nike cleat does not disregard the user’s comfort. In fact, it makes use of the Lunerlon material for its midsole, which is known for providing incredible cushioning.

Just like the first Nike product mentioned here, this one also utilizes the NIKESKIN technology, which aims to give users sturdy and lightweight support. I noticed that it works really perfectly for linemen as well as for linebackers and defensive ends. It protects and supports your ankle.

Moreover, it is capable of handling grasses well. It is a great and versatile shoe since you can also use it for softball and paintball.

One issue, though, is that some struggled to put it on, especially during the first time they used it.
  • Ideal for linemen, linebackers, and defensive ends
  • Locks down on your feet
  • Comfortable with the aid of its cushioning
  • Provides sturdy and lightweight support, especially to your ankle
  • Versatile
  • Putting it on is sometimes a struggle, especially during the beginning.

3. Under Armour Hammer Mid Rm Football Cleat

Under Armour Men's Breathe Trainer Football Shoe

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Under Armour lineman cleats, specifically its Hammer Mid Rm model, should also be on top of your options. The Hammer Mid Rm football cleat is footwear primarily made using synthetic material. What I like about it is its unique and distinctive look. I am also pleased to say that it can provide very robust support to wearers.

One amazing benefit of this cleat is that it naturally fits the wearer’s feet. It is because of its die-cut EVA footbed, which is also sturdy and durable. It is also designed to give additional traction regardless of the surface you used it to. I think it is because of the built-in molded rubber.

With the thickness of the cleat as well as its flat edge, I am pretty sure that you can use it in creating a more solid contact seal when you get in touch with the ground. With that, you can further enhance your traction from all directions and angles. This is the key to an excellent performance on the field.

The sturdy synthetic upper is also a big advantage because it aims to give you a supportive and lightweight fit. It is lightweight without sacrificing durability and ankle support. It fits those who have flat feet well, too. It is also one of the most comfortable football cleats that you can find today, which is easy to break in.

One problem I noticed is that while it has a pretty accurate sizing as far as the length is concerned, its sides were slightly tight. The good news is that this issue will still not cause too much discomfort on the field, so it is easy to disregard.
  • Synthetic material construction, giving it a tough and unique look
  • Creates a more solid and stable contact with the ground
  • Can improve your traction regardless of the directions and angles
  • Promotes a supportive and lightweight fit
  • Comfortable and easy to break in
  • A bit tight on the sides

4. Nike Alpha Strike 2 Three-Quarter Cleat

Nike Mens Alpha Strike 2 3/4 TD Football Cleat (11.5, Black/Dark Grey/White)

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The fourth football cleat designed for linemen that I am going to discuss in this article is the Alpha Strike 2 Three-Quarter from Nike. One thing that makes it totally impressive, in my opinion, is its cheap price coupled with its high-quality and sturdy construction. It is not as expensive as the other cleats in the market today.

It boasts of a more traditional look and is available in plenty of color choices. This makes it suitable for linemen and other football players who prefer a design, which is more on the old-fashion side. Another favorable benefit is the fact that it is not troublesome to put on then take off.

The outer material of this football cleat is constructed from durable synthetic leather material. While it prioritizes the durability of the cleat, Nike still makes sure that the output is lightweight. With that, I am sure that it will not have a negative effect on your movements.

It is even possible for you to change your direction efficiently. Another good thing about this product is its high level of comfort brought on by its soft and nice interior lining. With this lining, you will feel utmost convenience regardless of your responsibility on the pitch.

In addition, it has fantastic traction, which is provided by the use of a 7-stud cleat system. It works great and fits well.

The problem is that since this is a low-cut cleat, it does not have that much support in the arch and ankle.
  • Inexpensive while still boasting of a durable and strong construction
  • Plenty of colors available
  • Lightweight, allowing you to move with ease and change directions efficiently
  • Totally comfortable because it has a soft and nice interior lining
  • Not hard to put on and take off
  • Support in the arch and ankle is a bit lacking

5. Adidas Performance Crazyquick 2.0 Mid Football Cleat

adidas Performance Men's Crazyquick 2.0 Mid Football Cleat

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Another satisfying product in the football cleat for linemen category is the Adidas Performance Crazyquick 2.0. It is a mid football cleat, which continues to earn positive reviews from its users, particularly linemen because of the way it was constructed. It is known for helping any lineman boost his athletic performance on the field.

It is designed in a way that it allows users to sprint from one end zone to another through its top of the line features. One of these is the techfit construction, which works great in letting you enjoy a more locked-down fit. I am also satisfied with the ability of this cleat to help me make quick cuts and breaks through its QuickStuds.

One unique thing about it is that it truly prioritizes your security. With that, you will be able to enjoy its additional protection right away. This can be provided by its durable and foot-hugging construction. It also provides additional comfort with its well-molded insole constructed from ethylene vinyl acetate materials.

If you are worried about your laces getting undone when you are playing then this cleat got you covered. It has a lock-web system designed to lock the laces in their place so these will not get undone any minute. With that, you no longer have to be bothered about their tendency to be a hassle during your game.

I also noticed that this works effectively as a deep cleat, which can sit well on various turfs. It allows you to plant your foot on the turf or grass without worrying about slipping. It is a bit on the narrow side, though, which makes it unsuitable for those with wide feet. Still, you can choose to order a size higher if you want it to fit your wide feet.
  • Provides a locked-down fit with its techfit construction
  • Helps in making quick cuts and breaks
  • Prioritizes your security
  • Features a lock-web system to prevent your laces from getting undone
  • Can handle various turfs
  • Unsuitable for those who have wide feet because of its narrowness

6. NIKE Alpha Menace Pro Mid Cleat

NIKE Mens Zoom Rival MD 6 Style# 468648 401

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If versatility is what you are looking for then the Alpha Menace Pro Mid Cleat from Nike will not disappoint. It has an innovative design, which also makes it a versatile cleat. I think that its versatility is noticeable with its ability to handle different playing fields and sports.

In fact, you will find this cleat useful not only in football but also in other contact and challenging sports, like soccer. It is even designed to compete in jumping and running events. It is lightweight while still retaining its strength, durability, and modern look.

With its low-profile cushioning and breathable materials, I am sure that it will serve its purpose on the field without distracting you. I specifically like the material used in the upper. It is a single-layer mesh, which also features mid-foot overlays designed to give you support and make the cleat as breathable as possible.

I am also happy with this cleat’s inner-sleeve construction as I find it effective in locking my foot over a spike. With that, I can say that it can make the fit more comfortable, secure, and snug. In terms of protection against impact, this cleat also performs well. It is because of its built-in Phylon heel.

It also offers extra support through your arch because of its EVA mid-foot shank. Another positive quality of this cleat is its impressive grip and traction. This is made possible with its removable pins and elements. It has such an impressive grip and traction without making it heavy.

It looks cool and sharp plus it boasts of good support and padding in all the right places.

However, many recommend going one size higher than your original size because it is a bit narrow.
  • Versatile and innovative
  • Boasts of a cool and sharp look
  • Comes with a low-profile cushioning for comfort
  • Highly breathable
  • Provides the right amount of grip and traction
  • Narrow

7. Adidas Freak X Carbon Mid Football Cleat

adidas Men's 5 Star Football Shoe

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If you are a lineman, then heel and ankle support should be on top of your priorities when searching for a good cleat as this will help you in pushing the opposing team with the highest force possible. Fortunately, there is already the Freak X Carbon Mid Football Cleat from Adidas that can make that happen.

This cleat from Adidas is an excellent choice because its heel and ankle support is awesome, making it truly good for linemen. It also has the grip needed to ensure that you can wrestle without sliding back. I am also satisfied with the additional support given by its heel cup, especially when you are pushing.

As for stability, rest assured that this cleat can give you satisfaction in that department. It is because it guarantees greater stability as you take quick steps because of its extended collar. It also serves as a good buddy each time you plan to make rapid stops and turns because of its carbon footplate.

I am also pleased to announce that this product has a strong and durable construction. It is sturdy enough that it can last for at least one season. You will also notice more holes while approaching its tongue, which is the reason why it has a wide range of tightness across your feet.

It also ensures that your feet will not hurt while you are playing the game because of the comfortable material used in it.

The only complaint I have with this cleat is its quite steep price.
  • Offers the highest level of heel and ankle support
  • Boasts of a good grip to prevent you from sliding back
  • Promotes more stability with the help of its extended collar
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Comfortable, thereby preventing your feet from getting hurt while playing
  • A quite steep price

8. Nike Alpha Field General Elite Camo Cleat

Nike Field General 3 Elite TD Mens Football Cleats (11.5, Black/Grey/Silver)

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If you want a cleat that can maximize your speed and agility then you will not regret checking out the Alpha Field General Elite Camo from Nike. It is perfect for you if you want a cleat, which suits players who wish to have full control over the direction of the game.

It is a well-designed pair of cleats, which boasts of a supportive and sturdy construction. It is properly built, thanks to the use of the solid and strong mesh material. I am satisfied with the amount of ventilation present in the cleat. I can attribute this benefit to the crosshatch webbing used in it.

I am also glad about the level of support and cushion brought on by the built-in Phylon wedge at the cleat’s midsole. With its strategically placed cleats, I am sure that this one will not deliver a subpar performance. In fact, it will perform just as good as the most reliable and high-quality cleats in the market today.

If you are after style without hampering performance then this Nike cleat will surely work for you, too. Another benefit of this product is that it gives you full control over your turning ability and balance all the time. You can also use it in digging deep into the turf while ensuring that you will not have a difficult time releasing your hold quickly.

The upper of this cleat boasts of a crosshatch webbing, which can help you enjoy a more dynamic fit. Furthermore, it guarantees potential users of a more responsive snap.

However, some complained that this cleat is slightly tighter than what they prefer.
  • Boasts of a stylish and cool look
  • Well-ventilated while remaining strong and durable
  • Gives you complete control over your turning ability and balance
  • Guarantees a more dynamic fit with the aid of its crosshatch webbing
  • Can maximize your speed and agility
  • Slightly tighter than what others prefer

9. Nike Vapor Shark 2 Football Cleat

Nike Men's Vapor Shark 2 Football Cleat Black/White/Metallic Silver Size 11.5 M US

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For serious athletes, the Vapor Shark 2 from Nike is perhaps the perfect cleat for them. This is an excellent product from the trusted brand, which is made to handle the rigors and challenges linked to playing football. This means that it is sturdy while remaining lightweight and responsive.

I am happy to say that this cleat comes in a number of distinctive colors and styles. This can give you a wide range of choices, meeting your preferences and letting you choose one that is perfectly compatible with your personality or team uniform. It makes use of synthetic material for its construction.

It is also breathable, which is a big help if you want to stay fresh while wearing it and prevent odor. In terms of comfort, I can say that this cleat is a winner. It is because of its rubber sole and well-cushioned tongue and collar. Furthermore, I like its exact fit, which is brought on by the use of a standard lacing system.

It also boasts of a foam molding design as well as a padded midsole, which makes it capable of providing additional cushion for your feet. This is a molded cleat plus it is tough and durable, allowing it to handle rough play and tough and muddy weather conditions.

I also like the use of the fast flex technology in this product as it is helpful in moving around with ease. It is a perfect choice, especially if you want the best daily pair that you can start wearing while you are still beginning the ins and outs of football.

Moreover, it has a fairly reasonable price and comes with spikes that offer a good grip not only on natural grass but also on artificial turf.

However, it has less ankle protection if you compare it with the rest of the products in this list.
  • Highly breathable and molds to your feet well
  • Provides more than enough cushion for your feet
  • Tough and durable construction for rough play and harsh weather conditions
  • Promotes ease when moving around
  • Offered at a reasonable price
  • Not that much ankle protection

10. Under Armour UA Highlight MC Cleat

Under Armour New Mens Highlight MC Football Cleats Black/White Size 8 M

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The UA Highlight MC Cleat is not also constructed to disappoint potential users. In fact, it is built to impress them. I can vouch on the brilliant performance of this cleat because I noticed its effectiveness and features first-hand.

Under Armour actually used the ClutchFit technology in this product, which is a big advantage because this technology wraps in the areas surrounding the topmost part of your feet. With that, you will feel like you are almost barefoot when you are running, making it possible to enjoy the highest level of comfort on the field.

It also provides a good amount of stability with the help of its PlasmaX plate and a mid-cut design. In terms of style and support, I am greatly satisfied with this cleat. It is because it is made to be stylish and supportive, allowing you to feel protected on the field while having the confidence knowing that you look cool.

You can also choose from its different sizes and its various style and color combinations. Another thing that caught my attention is the unbelievable comfort given by this cleat. Such a high level of comfort can be attributed to the 3D molded tongue built into it. You can also feel the additional protection brought on by its 4D foam footbed.

This type of footbed works in lessening the amount of pressure received by your feet. Furthermore, it is lightweight while still ensuring the most protection and support essentially needed by a lineman.

The issue here is that those with wide feet might be unable to use it.
  • Good amount of stability provided
  • Maximizes its comfort with the help of the ClutchFit technology
  • Different sizes, styles, and colors available
  • Lessens pressure on your feet with its 4D foam footbed
  • Lightweight while providing maximum protection and support
  • Incompatible with wide feet users

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What is a Lineman Cleat and How Does It Work


It is actually not that hard to find the perfect lineman cleats for football considering the availability of several choices in the market today. The only thing that you have to do to simplify the selection process is to know exactly what you are looking for, including the capabilities required by a lineman in his cleats.

One important thing to take note of is your job, duties, and responsibilities as a lineman. Linemen are often large football players whose specialization and responsibilities involve blocking opponents and preventing them from advancing or letting another player reach their team.

In most cases, a lineman requires raw physical strength instead of a speedy running ability. Considering the fact that linemen are often big players, it is greatly possible for you to need shoes or cleats that are of that size.

This means that the cleats for a lineman are usually big enough and designed to handle challenges linked to comfort and performance. In most cases, these cleats for a lineman are bulkier when compared to the ones used by running backs. It is mainly because speed is not as important for this position.

What matters for them are protection and support as each practice and play requires them to engage with their opponents. You will most likely be positioned close to your opponent. In other words, there is a great risk for your lower body, especially your ankles and feet to get injured during a game.

With that in mind, it is safe to say that the perfect cleat for a lineman is one, which consists of high-quality and thick material. It should also have more than enough ankle support. It is also a necessity for this cleat to feature deep studs.

These studs are necessary for gaining enough traction on the ground while driving your opponents backward. In this case, you need rounded studs as a lineman usually needs to move laterally during those instances when he needs to block or push an opponent.

In case you play on artificial turf most of the time then the perfect choice for you is the plastic molded cleat. If you constantly play on a wet and muddy field then the perfect choice for you is the replaceable stud. One more thing that is distinctive about lineman cleats is their ankle support.

This ankle support needs to be excellent as you need to push a lot of power through your legs while you move from one side to another. Another vital point to remember is that there is what we call an offensive lineman and a defensive lineman.

An offensive lineman, while being unique in the sport, also needs to wear a good cleat. The best offensive lineman cleats, in this case, are those that can offer amazing traction and support, particularly a high-cut one that features a wide base. The defensive lineman, on the other hand, requires a high level of versatility.

Such warrants the need for the best defensive lineman cleats that provide not only more than enough traction and ankle support to push against offensive linemen forward but also a lightweight design so you will have the extra boost needed in reaching the backfield. You need a lightweight cleat, which offers the highest support possible.

Types of Lineman Cleats


For a lineman, the three common variants of cleats in football can work perfectly for them. These are:

Low-cut – Often minimalist and lightweight in nature, this specific cleat is usually used by lineman and running backs who intend to use one with excellent maneuverability, speed, and agility.

While the low-cut cleat offers protection, keep in mind that such protection is not as extensive as the one provided by mid-top and high-top cleats. It is because the low-cut type ends just below the ankle, causing it to be slightly lacking in terms of ankle support. Still, it already works for the support needed by most linemen.

Mid-top – This type of cleat is designed in a way that it can provide a higher level of protection to the ankles of the players. One advantage is that it still stays fairly lightweight even with the extensive protection it offers. In terms of its design, you will instantly notice that it ends above your ankle.

It is made with a primary goal of providing the right compromise and balance between mobility and protection. It works not only for linemen but also for quarterbacks, wide receivers, and running backs.

High-top – When it comes to protection and stability, the high-top cleat does not seem to disappoint. This style ends way above your ankle. It is also usually constructed using solid and tough materials.

A lot of linemen prefer to use a high-top cleat because of its full protection on the ankles while they make lateral movements. It is, therefore, one of the best types of football cleats with ankle support.

Apart from the low-cut, mid-top, and high-top styles, you may also want to check out the molded and the detachable football cleats. The detachable football cleat features hard spikes that often contain plastic and/or metal screwed at the bottom. It is the perfect choice if you are after good traction regardless of the condition in the field.

One downside with the detachable cleat, though, is that it tends to hurt one you step on it. As for the molded type, you will notice that it is usually made of rubber and attached permanently into the cleat. It works well for youth football players although you can find sizes that also fit adults.

Benefits of Football Cleats for Linemen


There are numerous reasons why investing in the best offensive and defensive lineman football cleats is a must. Generally, though, it all boils down to protecting your ankles and feet. Remember that as a lineman, you will need to let your ankles and feet work overtime during every practice and game.

This is the primary reason why you should look for the right cleat that can keep your ankles and feet safe. If possible, pick a cleat that offers maximum ankle support. In most cases, it is the mid and the high cut cleat. You need such protective cut to ensure that it can effectively deliver its benefit of securing your ankles.

By keeping your ankles totally secure, you can prevent unnecessary movements during each game and practice. Another benefit of lineman football cleats is that it can supply the right amount of foot support. Just make sure you invest in a pair with a snug fit so your choice does not hamper the natural movements of your skin.

The best one usually serves as a second and natural layer of skin, providing you the tactile sensation required for you to deliver your best performance while you are in the field.

The top rated football cleats for linemen can also help in preventing ankle and foot related injuries. You need one if you want to prioritize your ankle’s well-being and protect your feet so you can continue playing your game and maximizing your performance.

What to Look For When Buying a Lineman Cleat


With the help of football cleats perfect for linemen, you will feel more in control and stable on the field. However, you can’t just pick any cleat introduced to you. It is crucial to spend time comparing all your choices so you can identify which one suits your preferences and requirements the most.

To simplify this process, here are some important points and things to keep in mind:

Height and fit – One thing you should not just neglect when trying to make a choice of the cleat is the ankle height. If possible, go for the high-cut type because it boasts of a maximum coverage in terms of protection.

It can offer complete protection from twists and strains. The problem is that it might limit your mobility so ensure that you also assess its ability to make you move naturally when formulating a decision.

The fit should also be taken into utmost consideration. It should fit snugly and should be in your size. Also, remind yourself that you will also need to wear thick socks. Take that into consideration before making a decision regarding sizing.

Aside from that, you may also want to spend time assessing the weight, length of spikes, and the lacing system used in the cleat. Find out whether you prefer replaceable detachable or molded cleats.

Materials – The materials used in the build should also contribute to your final decision. Remember that you need the best cleats for defensive end, especially if you hold the defensive lineman position considering how tough it is. Your choice should be able to boost your strength in pushing the opponents back.

It should also be tough enough in the sense that it can handle the abuse and beating in the field. With that in mind, look for a cleat with strong build quality. You should not sacrifice the quality of materials over a low price. Go for the most reliable cleat manufacturers who emphasize the use of high-quality and solid materials.

If you choose to use the hard molded cleat then make sure that it is constructed from high-quality hardened plastic. If you choose the detachable stud cleat then remember that it is made to be exchangeable or replaceable. This means that it is possible for you to change it with other kinds if necessary based on the conditions on the field.

In this case, you need cleats made of materials that can offer much stronger traction. Choosing a cleat made of a thick material is also beneficial. The leather material should serve as a protective shell to your feet. It should be tough enough to let you make a huge tackle and block and bring your team to victory.

The football fields – Your choice of a lineman cleat should also be influenced by the fields where you regularly or usually play football. It is because these fields can help you figure out the kinds of studs that you need.

In case your regular playing environment is artificial turf then your ultimate choice is a short stud constructed from either plastic or rubber. This is designed in a way that it can provide maximum traction on artificial and hard surfaces.

If you are a player who often plays on grass then it is greatly possible for you to encounter both soft and hard surfaces most of the time. These include muddy fields where you might experience challenges gaining traction.

In such a case, you might want to invest in a detachable stud cleat, which gives you the chance to change its studs. That way, you can match the studs based on the actual and current condition of the field.

For instance, for hard fields, half-inch studs are ideal. For wet fields, on the other hand, longer studs, usually around at least three-fourths or one-inch longer, are preferable.

Durability – You need to assess the durability of the upper before buying. The upper refers to the specific section of the cleat found just above your feet. In most cases, this section is constructed from a synthetic or leather material.

Several linemen prefer the leather material for the upper because of its flexibility and durability while retaining comfort. The problem is that it is heavier and more expensive compared to synthetic.

The synthetic material, on the other hand, is often the most affordable choice, although it has a lower level of breathability and durability compared to leather. If you are a lineman then you may want to go for the more durable option, which is leather. This can assure you of complete protection in the field.

Weight and protection – High-top cleats are usually bigger than the rest but this also means that it offers utmost protection to its users. It is also usually heavier compared to the low-cut and the mid-cut type.

This does not mean, however, that you can’t choose to invest in a high-top with a more manageable weight. Nowadays, you can find modern high-tops that are light enough while still ensuring that they are completely durable and protective.

If possible, choose these cleats because these aid in accelerating faster and surprising your opponents with your performance. Make sure, however, that there is really a good compromise between protection and weight.

Comfort – Your comfort should also be on top of your priorities in your search for high-quality and reliable football cleats. You will instantly know that you are wearing a cleat with the right and comfortable fit if it does not let you feel the studs through its sole.

If you go for the high-top option then make sure that it does not rub your Achilles tendon. It is because this might lead to some injuries. Your chosen cleat should not also be too tight. It should be snug. In case you feel like your feet and toes are cramped, consider going for one size larger.

Another thing that will help you determine whether the cleat is comfortable is if it is flexible enough to let you turn rapidly and run naturally. It should also be able to let you walk for long distances without the risk of blisters.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can a lineman wear low-top cleats?

Yes, but most experienced linemen and football players suggest wearing either the mid-top or the high-top ones. It is because the low-top cleats do not offer as much ankle protection as that provided by the two. Remember that what you will be needing as a lineman is excellent ankle support.

This is crucial in securing and stabilizing your ankles, thereby preventing any unnecessary movements during each practice and game. It also needs to be supportive and should fit snugly.

What makes a football cleat different from the soccer cleat?

Both the soccer and the football cleat come with spikes at the bottom but you can’t expect the two to work the same. Note that each of these cleats is specifically designed to serve their individual purposes depending on the sport that they cater, too. This is the main reason why it is advisable to choose a cleat designed for its intended sport.

As for the differences, one that you will instantly notice is the longer protrusion of the one used in football than that used in soccer. Football cleats also often feature a thicker construction than the ones for soccer. This thick construction is crucial in protecting your feet, especially during those times when other players step on them.

How to clean a lineman cleat?

Keeping your lineman cleat clean is the key to prolonging its life and letting it serve its purpose for quite a long time. Fortunately, the whole cleaning process is easy. The first step involves taking your football cleat out right after leaving the field.

This will prevent it from coming into further contact with hard surfaces, such as concrete, pavement, and sidewalks that might only destroy the cleat. Knock off any excess grass, mud, and dirt by hitting the cleats together. Look for an old toothbrush then use it in dry scrubbing the cleat and getting rid of any leftover grime.

As for the actual cleaning, you can use a solution composed of water and laundry detergent. This mixture can help in removing the stains. Apply it to the cleat with the help of an old toothbrush or washcloth. After removing the dirt and stains, get a washcloth and soak it in water until wet.

Use it in wiping your football cleats clean. The next thing to do is to let it dry inside at room temperature. Avoid using a hair dryer to dry it up or put it in direct sunlight. Note that doing any of them might only damage the cleat. Avoid storing the cleat when it is wet, too. You have to wait until it is totally dry.

It is also necessary to wash the insoles of the cleat as this aids in getting rid of foul odors. To do this, put the insoles inside a pillowcase. Put the laces inside, too. Add the pillowcase to your washing machine then let it run after adding the right amount of laundry detergent. Make sure that your washing machine is set to delicate and cold, too.

How to maintain the softness and suppleness of the cleat?

If you use a leather cleat then you may want to improve the suppleness and softness of the material and maintain it. One way to do this is to polish the leather material with a cream. This will prevent it from drying out. Remember that this tip only works for natural leather, which requires some sort of conditioning to soften it.

Once you are done with drying and cleaning it, you can rub in the cream as a means of preventing cracks and ensuring that it is not too hard. You can also make the leather material more supple and maintain it by avoiding heat, except when you are using it on the football field for practice or an actual game.

Avoid putting the cleat close to the dryer, heating vent, or direct sunlight after your cleaning routine. Note that the heat might cause the leather material to dry out, so avoid this as much as possible.


Getting an exact idea about what you should look for in the best football cleats for linemen can prevent any difficulty and confusion during the selection procedure. One thing that you have to remember during the decision-making process is to look for one based on protection, comfort, fit, and what can specifically improve your performance.

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