10 Best Football Cleats for Running Backs of 2022– Top Picks

If you want to be a professional as a running back in football then you need to improve your speed and maximize it so you can reach the end zone and help guide your team to several victories.

While you can’t expect your shoes alone to make you a high-profile and professional running back, the best football cleats for running backs are still helpful in reaching your full potential. Remember that your role as a running back is vital in the football game.

It is because this position is lauded as one of the quickest football players in the field. If you hold this position then you will most likely run through several defenses as a means of reaching the end zone.

You will also be responsible for reading the holes created by the linemen for them then utilizing the acceleration as a means of gaining the initial push. It would be easy for you to perform your roles as a running back if you also get the best running back cleats.

It should be lightweight as this helps you use your natural abilities related to agility and speed. To make your search for the lightest football cleats on the market, and the most reliable one at that, designed for running backs, here are short yet extensive reviews of ten products you can surely depend on.

Best Football Cleats for Running Backs Reviews 2019

1. Nike Alpha Menace Pro Mid Football Cleat

As one of the most unique, versatile, and innovative Nike running back cleats today, I can say that the brand’s Alpha Menace Pro Mid cleat is perfect for running backs and skill players like you. I find it impressive as it is based on synthetic and mesh materials – the combination of which is known for making it both comfortable and durable.

I also realized that it is one of the most supportive and breathable football cleats available for running backs today because of its upper made of a single layer mesh material. I am also in love with the comfy, secure, and snug fit that this cleat provides.

It is because of its inner-sleeve construction, which I find effective in locking my feet over the spike. Another impressive benefit of this cleat is that it offers protection from impact. It is made possible by the Phylon heel added to this product.

It is also a good choice as it works effectively for those who wish to compete in jumping events and middle distances. It has a lightweight design, allowing it to perform well without having a negative impact on your overall speed and performance. The comfort level of this cleat is also top-notch.

It is because of its low-profile cushioning as well as its guaranteed breathability and good fit. With the EVA mid-foot shank integrated into the cleat, I am also pretty sure that it can provide added support through your arch. In terms of grip and traction, this football cleat will not also disappoint.

It is because of its removable pins as well as secondary elements designed to provide a huge improvement on the cleat’s grip and traction without the additional weight. It also has a pretty good design, allowing you to look great on the field.

However, it is slightly narrow, especially for those who sport wide feet.
  • Boasts of a unique, innovative, and versatile design
  • Guarantees a secure and good fit
  • Incredible grip and traction provided
  • Lightweight and easy to manage
  • Breathable and supportive
  • Slightly narrow for users with wide feet

2. Adidas Freak X Carbon Mid Football Cleat

If you are interested to invest in a cleat from Adidas, then its Freak X Carbon Mid Football Cleat is probably the best product for you. Holding a running back position should be the reason for you to look for a football cleat that has as much heel and ankle support as possible.

This is something that the Freak X Carbon from Adidas can offer. One great thing about its awesome heel and ankle support is that it is the key in maximizing your force to deal with your opponents on the field. It is also beneficial as it can give you a good grip, which is the key to preventing yourself from sliding back when you wrestle on the field.

You can also get additional support from the cleat’s heel cup, which is a big advantage in pushing. Plus, it further enhances your stability – thanks to its extended collar. A high level of stability is what you can get each time you need to make quick steps forward. With the carbon footplate of this cleat, making quick stops and turns is easy.

Another good quality of this Adidas cleat is its durability. It is durable enough that it can last for at least one season. It is a lightweight cleat with the right reinforcement to optimize its traction zones, which is a good thing if you are after maximizing your multidirectional speed.

It is one of the cleats from Adidas with the nicest designs, too. Moreover, it makes you feel as comfortable in the field as possible with its anatomically molded EVA insole.

As for the drawback, I can’t seem to think of anything except for its higher price in comparison to the others.
  • Provides excellent heel and ankle support
  • Lowers your risk of sliding back when wrestling
  • Promotes ease in making quick stops and turns
  • Highly durable and lightweight
  • Can maximize your multidirectional speed, thanks to its optimal traction zones
  • Pricey

3. NIKE Lunarbeast Pro TD Football Cleat

Nike also continues to wow football players with its amazing lineup of football cleats that now include the Lunarbeast Pro TD. What leaves a good impression on me is the excellent support on the ankle offered by this product.

I am also pleased to say that it is available in a wide range of colors, so finding one that fits your preference or your team colors is easy. The mid-foot stability of this cleat is excellent, too. I think it is because of the presence of the hook-and-loop strap, which is wide enough to make it as stable as possible.

As far as support, coverage, and comfort are concerned, this product from Nike does not seem to disappoint. It is because it works in hugging your ankle securely through its mid-height collar, giving you the support and coverage you need without sacrificing your comfort.

Speaking of comfort, I am pretty sure that you can further feel that because of the responsive and flexible cushioning integrated into the cleat. It can give you a tight and secure fit while still remaining comfortable. Plus, it is great-looking and durable at the same time.

Another thing that impresses me is that it boasts of a good grip once worn on the football field. It also tends to hold up well on various conditions and environments. Another reason why I love this cleat is that I did not have problems breaking it in.

It is a well-constructed piece that is designed to make your experience in the football field as memorable and as enjoyable as possible.

However, some say that the sizing is a bit off because it is smaller or narrower than what is standard.
  • Well-constructed and stylish with plenty of choices for colors
  • Provides good support and coverage
  • Easy to break in
  • Comes with responsive and flexible cushioning for comfort
  • Capable of holding up on various conditions and situations
  • Some issues on sizing

4. NIKE Vapor Shark 2 Men’s Football Cleat

Another product from Nike that every running back can depend on once they are on the football field is the Vapor Shark 2. I think that this works well for the serious athlete who wants a cleat, which is mainly designed to handle all the rigors and difficulties linked to playing football.

It is because it is made to be not only sturdy but also responsive and lightweight. It is available in a number of styles and color schemes, which, I think, is a strong advantage for those who want a really nice-looking and unique cleat. With such options, you have the chance to match your cleat with your uniform.

I am glad that this cleat also works in cushioning my feet, especially when dealing with very hectic games and practices. It is because of its full-length sole design. Another thing to love about this running back cleat is that it has a high-traction configuration, which prevents your feet from getting churned in the trenches.

No matter how high impact a particular game is, you can expect this football cleat to support and protect you. One more thing I like here is that it uses a breathable fabric, so you are assured of its ability to make your feet feel not only comfortable but also safe. It is also an inexpensive cleat available in bold and bright colors, such as red and blue.

The fact that it is constructed from synthetic materials is also a big advantage as it makes it as lightweight as possible. Moving around while wearing the cleat is also easy because of the fast flex technology unique to the brand.

I am also happy to say that its spikes allow it to provide you with an incredible grip on artificial turf and natural grass.

One fault I can find, though, is that it is not that suitable for those who have wide feet.
  • Sturdy, responsive, and lightweight
  • Available in numerous color schemes
  • Boasts of its high-traction configuration
  • Offers support and protection on the field
  • Highly breathable, lightweight, and comfortable
  • Not suitable for those with wide feet

5. NIKE Alpha Strike 2 Three-Quarter Men’s Football Cleat

You will also surely thank yourself if you decide to check out the Alpha Strike 2 Three-Quarter Football Cleat from Nike. With the guaranteed top-notch quality of this cleat, I am pretty sure that you can use it in taking in all the challenges in the field. That is possible while enjoying aggressive traction and great lockdown.

I also noticed the ability of this football cleat to give you flexible comfort underfoot. In terms of traction, this Nike cleat will not let you down. It is because it features a TPU outsole with a configuration composed of a dozen cleats, which is the reason behind its really great traction.

You will also find it supportive of your ankle when it comes to making lateral cuts. It is due to the presence of its collar with a 3/4 –height. Another remarkable benefit provided by this cleat is that it makes it possible for you to enjoy an incredible lockdown considering the fact that it has a dynamic fit system.

It is lightweight yet durable, thanks to the synthetic leather material used for its exteriors. With its lightness, I am pretty sure that changing directions will be easy and quick. I also noticed that Nike did not skimp on comfort in this particular cleat. It is super comfortable regardless of what you are doing while on the field.

I think it is because of the soft and well-designed inner lining of the cleat. Available at a low price, this is definitely one of the most dependable cleats for football today.

One drawback, though, is that it lacks the extended ankle collar often found in costlier cleats.
  • Allows you to handle all the challenges in the football field
  • Can give you the traction and comfort you need
  • Offers support when making lateral cuts
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comes with a soft inner lining, making it more comfortable to wear
  • Does not come with an extended ankle collar

6. Under Armour Speedform MC Men’s Football Cleat

If you are interested to buy Under Armour running back cleats, then I am sure that you will be glad to know that it has in its lineup the great-performing Speedform MC Men’s Football Cleat.

With the 100% synthetic material construction of this cleat, I have a hundred percent assurance that it will continue to make every football player’s performance great. One reason behind the constantly great reviews of this cleat is its ability to make wearers feel a high level of comfort.

It is primarily because of the Speedform upper, which tends to mold your feet perfectly. With that, I can guarantee its wearers that they can perform well on the field without any form of distraction. It also has a seamless and well-molded heel cup, which can further improve the level of your comfort when wearing it.

It is totally comfortable as it is made in a way that it feels like it is a natural extension of your own feet. Another impressive benefit of this Under Armour football cleat is that it provides locked-in support and structure. I think this is all thanks to the cleat’s exterior Pebax heel counter.

I also find it capable of limiting the risk of toe hyperextension because of its use of the unique and modern V56 technology. If you want a cleat with the best traction regardless of your direction then I am pretty sure that you can depend on this one from Under Armour.

The good traction provided by this cleat can be attributed to its TPU cleat plate. I also figured out that it is very sturdy without the added weight upon wearing it.

Apart from its slightly higher price than the others, I can’t seem to find any other fault and issue in this cleat from Under Armour.
  • Uses 100% synthetic material for its construction
  • Molds your feet perfectly, ensuring that you won’t be distracted on the field
  • Features a seamless molded heel cup
  • Completely comfortable while offering locked-in support and structure
  • Sturdy without adding too much weight
  • High price tag

7. NIKE Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 Football Cleat

If you are in search for lightweight football cleats designed for running backs then the Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 from Nike will be a product you can fully depend on. It has an upper composed of synthetic and mesh skin, which plays a major role not only in its lightness but also in its comfort.

It also boasts of fly-wire cables in its mid-foot interiors, which is beneficial if you want to enjoy a sock-like and consistent fit. I find the geometry of this cleat innovative and unique, too. Such a design makes it possible for the cleat to optimize its traction so its wearers can enjoy quick acceleration and cuts.

With its good traction, I am sure that this cleat can assist with cuts. This means that each time you have to cut to prevent yourself from entering the hole or avoid any tacklers, you can expect this cleat to provide you with the boost you need in terms of grip and comfort.

I have also confirmed the ability of this shoe to increase your speed as you take each step because of its unique and patented assembly. It is constructed from a sturdy material while also boasting of a carbon fiber plate designed to maximize the support that it can offer while you are running to the end zone.

The materials used in creating this product are also breathable. With that, you are assured of proper ventilation for your feet all the time, even if these are enclosed in a secure and glove-like fit. It can also lessen your risk of experiencing foot fatigue because you are well-supported.

This football cleat is also designed to give you all-out speed. In fact, it is made for the fastest football players. Furthermore, it is designed to work without weighing them down.

One issue with this cleat is that it is slightly difficult to wear for others because of its built-in tongue.
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Promotes quick acceleration and cuts
  • Can help increase your speed with its unique assembly
  • Breathable and well-ventilated
  • Lowers your risk of foot fatigue
  • A bit hard to wear for others because of its built-in tongue

8. NIKE Alpha Field General Elite Camo Men’s Football Cleat

This football cleat from Nike is another product you can count on if you are looking for one, which has a combination of maximum agility and speed. I find it perfect for running backs as well as football players who are interested in changing the specific direction through which the game should go.

It is built in a way that it is powerful enough and fully prepared to handle all the hurdles and challenges present in the field. It means that whether it involves running the ball or dropping it back, you will find this cleat reliable. The flexibility of this shoe is also unquestionable.

I find its structured upper a big advantage because it can make players feel stable on the field. It also has aggressive traction, which is the key during those instances when you need to do some quick transitions. I am also satisfied with the dynamic fit provided by this cleat, which is brought on by its upper’s crosshatch webbing.

The fact that it uses a thick Phylon wedge at the heel is also a major plus because it promotes a more responsive snap. This pair of cleats is also guaranteed to give you complete control of your turning ability and balance. It is a big help if you wish to dig down into the turf then rapidly release the hold upon lifting your feet.

Once you put this cleat on, you will never feel any resistance, which is the key to boosting your performance and winning the game. I also noticed the versatility of this football cleat. It is versatile in the sense that it can cater to the specific needs and requirements of all football players.

It also looks cool. However, be prepared to get some blisters during the first few uses because it still needs to be broken in.
  • Promotes maximum agility and speed when worn
  • Makes it possible for you to do some quick transitions
  • Promises a dynamic fit and a responsive snap
  • Provides full control of your ability to balance and turn
  • Highly versatile piece of cleats
  • Break-in period required

9. NIKE Lunarbeast Elite Men’s Football Cleat

Nike Lunarbeast Elite Men’s Football Cleat is also one of the protective gears that continue to receive great reviews from running backs. This is an incredible choice, especially if you are eager to spend some more for a high-quality pair of cleats. This piece is specifically designed for linemen, running backs, and other defensive positions.

I love the combination of an extended collar and strap in this football cleat because I noticed its effectiveness in locking down on foot. With that, I can prove its ability to offer adequate support each time you intend to wrestle your opponent. With its special and unique Flywire exterior material, you can also run with improved stability.

This cleat is available in a wide range of styles and colors but remember that its price may differ based on the size and style you have chosen. I am impressed with the full-length midsole used in this cleat as it is also combined with a springy flexibility and plush cushion. With that, I am sure that you can’t question its comfort.

I can also say that this cleat is one of those gears that provide the most decent arch support. Such kind of support also makes use of a propulsion technology, which is a major help for football players who want to reach a quicker toe-off.

The distinctive NIKESKIN used in this product also works in producing a tight and secure fit and support around your feet.

As far as its drawbacks are concerned, I can only point out one, which is somehow related to the fact that it is slightly hard to put on.
  • Ideal for running backs, lineman and other defensive positions
  • Several styles and colors to choose from
  • Flexible and well-cushioned, adding comfort when worn
  • Provides a decent arch support
  • Promotes a quicker toe-off
  • Slightly hard to put on

10. Nike Vapor Carbon Elite TD Football Cleat

If great performance and cool design are what you are after then I highly suggest checking out the Vapor Carbon Elite TD Football manufactured and offered by Nike. I instantly noticed that it is one of those cleats in the market with the coolest look and design.

In fact, it boasts of a wide range of color choices and sizes. With that, you will never have a difficult time finding a color and size that perfectly suits you. It has a synthetic material construction. The sole of this football cleat is also manufactured using carbon fiber.

One thing that makes this cleat unique from the rest is that its upper is only after stabilizing your feet. It is because it uses the Zero Space technology, which means that the only room in the upper is meant to make your feet as stable as possible.

You will also surely fall in love with the quarter panels of this cleat considering the fact that it provides the right combination of comfort and support each time you use it. Being one of the fastest cleats, I am pretty sure that it can serve its purpose for running backs, especially because speed is paramount to their success in the field of football.

Another reason to love this cleat is its lightweight design, which promotes ease in using it. You will even find it useful in grass fields.

One issue with this cleat, though, is that its durability is just average, especially when you compare it with the others.
  • Sports a cool and stylish look
  • Available in several colors and sizes
  • Works effectively in stabilizing your feet
  • Guarantees the perfect balance between comfort and support
  • Lightweight
  • Just average durability

What is a Running Back Cleat and How Does it Work


A running back football cleat refers to a highly specialized shoe designed to be used for the football game and for the running back position. Note that running backs refer to multidimensional positions whose main responsibility on the field is to perform several tasks and duties in the offensive backfield.

Among the things that they need to do are blocking opponents, taking handoffs coming from quarterbacks prior to throwing the ball or running it down the pitch, and receiving short passes. To perform such functions, it is essential for running backs to wear and use the right football cleats.

Some say that the best football cleats for linebackers and running backs are the mid-rise ones. It can supply the need for this position for additional ankle support as well as effective foot protection. A football cleat ideal for running backs is also expected to work depending on their lightness.

The lightweight nature of the shoes can help improve the speed of football players. All-around cleats also work better in comparison to the others. Remember that while running backs need to use the same gear used by receivers, specifically lightweight ones designed for speed, their versatility is still important in the field.

With that, using an all-around cleat makes it possible for them to maintain their versatility while also remaining agile when moving. Another thing that you have to remind yourself with regarding football cleats that are perfect for running backs and the way they work is that there are times when they come with stiff inserts.

These inserts often come from fiberglass or other durable materials. With the aid of these inserts, the cleat can prevent you from flexing excessively, especially at incorrect points. If you get the mid-rise cut then its higher cut, as well as its strong support materials, can also offer protection to your feet and ankles.

Such kind of protection can be provided in both running and contact situations. Furthermore, this can also provide the maneuverability often required by running backs. The football cleat also tends to work with the aid of its extended ankle collar designed to offer incredible stability, especially when sprinting and turning.

Types of Running Back Cleats


With your running back position, it is crucial to figure out the kind of cleat that perfectly fits your running style. In this case, you have three options – the low-cut cleat, the mid-cut cleat, and the high-top cleat. Remember that each of these types serves its individual goal and purpose for every athlete.

Mid-cut cleat – One distinguishing quality of the mid-cut cleat is that it is capable of providing ankle support without putting restrictions on your movements. Most running backs prefer the mid-cut because of the additional ankle support it offers. It is designed in a way that it rises to your ankle.

Such a design improves its ability to provide additional support and stability without excessively restricting your speed and movements. Aside from being compatible with running backs, the mid-cut type is also ideal for defensive backs, quarterbacks, and wide receivers.

Despite the many running backs who prefer wearing the mid-cut cleat, remember that your final decision should still be based on your preference. You can always go for a product, which is not only supportive and comfortable but is also less restrictive.

Low-cut cleat – Quite similar to the cleats used in soccer, the low-cut type is designed in the sense that it stops before your ankle. With that, expect that part of your feet to have lower amounts of protection. Despite that, the low-cut variety is still the perfect choice if better speed, cutting, and mobility are what you are after.

It is mainly because this type is lightweight. You can see it being worn frequently by skill position football players. It also promotes maximum maneuverability without its extended top. Several running backs actually prefer to invest in a low-cut cleat because it is naturally lightweight.

High-top – When it comes to running backs, the high-top cleats are not that famous. It is because most of them were able to see that it is bulky and heavy. With that, it is possible for this product to slow you down, which is not a good thing because you are a running back.

You can also choose between the molded and the detachable football cleat. When making your choice between the two mentioned types, you have to consider the usual conditions in the field, your own preference, as well as football league regulations. If you get the molded cleat then remember that it will be permanently connected to your shoe.

Several football players also prefer using the molded type because it provides good traction. It can also make them versatile as it boosts their performance regardless of the playing surfaces they are in. You can also opt for the detachable football cleat with replaceable or changeable studs.

This is beneficial, especially if you often play football in places where the weather conditions are usually uncertain. If you wish to play on dry grounds during a particular day then you can use the shorter studs. On the other hand, you will find the longer studs useful when you need to dig into uncertain and wet surfaces.

Benefits of Football Cleats for Running Backs


Running backs can greatly benefit from wearing the right football cleats. One major benefit of wearing this type of gear for football players is that they can offer the support needed to prevent injuries. These cleats are actually made in a way that these can effectively support a player’s position.

A high-quality and durable football cleat is also known to perform better on the field. Provided you also wear the right fit, you can lower your risk of getting injured each time you need to do tackles and sharp cuts. It also helps you avoid the common injuries linked to football including lower body tears, hyperextension, body strain, and breaks.

Another reason for investing in good running back cleats is that these can make you feel comfortable and stay fully supported during your games. Furthermore, this gear can provide the specific amount of traction needed to keep yourself on your feet.

This is a vital piece of football gear and equipment so it is a must to pick the right one for your playing style and position. Make sure that it will not inhibit your speed, performance, and capability as a running back. It is even more important for it to give you the chance to pull extremely fast maneuvers.

What to Look For When Buying a Football Cleat for Running Back


To increase your chances of finding running back football cleats that fit your requirements the most, there are several factors that can lead you to make the best ultimate decision, such as these:

Upper’s material – The upper part of the running back shoes should be well-constructed. Ensure that it is made using a long-lasting material of top-notch quality. In most cases, the choices for the upper portion’s material include synthetic and leather. Many running backs prefer the leather material because of its good breathability.

The fact that leather is breathable can help make your feet stay comfortable all throughout the game. In addition, leather is known for its flexibility. This makes it an excellent choice in terms of function and comfort. One more favorable thing about it is its durability. The issue, though, is that it is costlier than a synthetic material.

If you are looking for a lower-priced option then you can go for a synthetic material. Remember that it does not have the durability and breathability offered by leather, though.

Despite that, you will notice that most football shoes actually make use of synthetic material in some parts to offer support and reinforcement in the ankle, mid-foot, and forefoot.

Size – Shopping for good RB football cleats also requires you to assess which one can give you the right fit. Avoid going for cleats that are either too loose or too tight as it might only slow down or hamper your performance. In addition, this might also put you at risk of getting injured.

One thing to take note of regarding the sizes of cleats is that they are usually similar to the regular sizes of shoes. The only difference is on the fit as this one will vary based on the manufacturer and brand. With that in mind, avoid assuming right away that the size of a specific cleat is the same as your other footwear.

One way to make sure that you are getting the right fit is to try several pairs physically prior to buying. In case you plan to buy online, using a boot-sizing application is a major help in getting the correct fit. Another advice is to try the various brands worn by your teammates or friends. Doing this is helpful in getting the correct specifications.

Weight – Assess the weight of the cleat before buying, too. This is important to avoid buying one, which is too heavy for you to handle, causing it to have a negative effect on your performance and movements. Your best choice, in this case, is a cleat or footwear, which continues to expose your ankle.

While this might sound like a bad idea at first since skill players like you tend to get tackled frequently in the field, this is actually a good choice because you need one that is both comfortable and light.

You will instantly know that you are getting the right football cleats for running backs if these are lightweight while having the ability to maintain its main body’s rigidity. Also, remember that running back, as a skill position, is all about speed.

Strength is not that important here because the main focus is on how quick you are when executing the game. That said, you will never want a heavy cleat to hold you down and make you perform slower on the field.

Because of that, you need to spend time assessing all your choices for cleats and finding one, which is lightweight yet rigid and durable.

Ability to provide ankle support and stability – If you are a running back, which is a skill position, then you will most likely need to change directions quickly (making cuts), or do some awkward positions.

To do quick movements without twisting your knee or ankle, it is important to look for a cleat, which is truly capable of stabilizing your feet on the field. It should give you ankle support and stability while keeping its weight to a minimum.

Comfort – It is also necessary to find the most comfortable pair of cleats if you are a running back. Note that your position requires you to carry the ball most of the time. To perform in that area well, you need a pair of cleats that are comfortable enough to wear.

Note that any discomfort when wearing the cleat might cause your performance to get ruined. Give yourself something to look forward to when playing the game by ensuring that your cleat is as comfortable as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between lineman cleats and running back cleats?

Depending on your position or skill, your cleat may be different in style and construction. This is the main reason why you can find differences in lineman cleats and running back cleats. Lineman cleats are those that can offer impressive heel and ankle support to wearers.

These are important in tackling and wrestling opponents. A running back cleat, on the other hand, is more of a well-rounded type. The main focus of this product is excellent agility. This is crucial in ensuring that you can skip past your opponents. A good running back cleat also offers adequate support to shield the quarterback.

What are the most popular brands of RB football cleats?

You can actually gain access to plenty of brands offering football cleats in the market today. One of these is Adidas, which has already made an excellent reputation not only in the American football cleat market but also in the soccer cleat industry.

Most of the cleats from Adidas are renowned because of their build quality, incredible ankle support, and comfort. Another reputable football cleat brand is Nike, which has been in this specific business for a bit longer compared to Adidas.

What is good about Nike is that it has already established an excellent reputation in the field of providing stylish, comfortable, and innovative cleats. The brand is usually more expensive compared to the others but many consider its overall quality worth the additional cost.

You can also choose the cleats from the Under Armour brand, which, although new in the industry has been making a lot of noise because of their quality products. The brand is popular for the slick styling of its cleats as well as their excellent stability and ankle support, especially when running.

What are the main parts of a football cleat?

If you want to get your hands on the best running back football cleats then you have to familiarize yourself with their main parts. The main parts that you have to know are:

Upper – Often constructed from either synthetic or leather material, the upper of the cleat serves as its outer layer. It is constructed with durability in mind to increase its chance of holding up against regular abuse and use. You will notice that the cleat’s upper is the one, which has the straps and laces.

It is also the part, which is responsible for locking the cleat down to give you a safe, comfortable, and snug fit. The good thing about the modern uppers used in cleats today is that they are advanced and high-performing because of their lightweight strength and additional breathability.

Midsole – Also referred to as the footbed, it is the midsole, which serves as the cleat’s internal support. The main goal of this vital part is that it cushions the area beneath your foot as well as your heel.

It should be noted that the midsole is often constructed using several modern foams and technologies. These things are important in lessening the negative impacts associated with running on your feet, ankle, and heel when you are on the field.

Top brands, like Nike and Under Armour, for instance, make it a point to use Proton inserts, EVA foam liners, and Phylon wedges on their midsole. It is because these materials can support and cushion your feet from various conditions.

Outsole – Known for being the cleat’s or shoe’s base, the outsole often has spikes that work in providing the best field traction to players. You will notice that this part is configured in different ways to ensure that the user is able to improve his cutting skill, acceleration, and stopping power.

What are some of the essential cleat accessories to invest in?

Your chosen football cleat can be expected to work in your favor if it has some essential accessories. You need to have these cleat accessories ready to ensure that you are always fully prepared during actual games and practices. Some of the accessories to focus on are:

Spare shoelaces – You need to have spare laces on hand so you will have something to use in case the current one you are using gets ripped during your practice or game.

Protection – The accessories that can make your cleat fully protected included shoe conditioners and oils. Make sure that you have them in your gear bag so you can use them when needed. These kinds of protection can help extend the life of your cleat and make it capable of standing up from different forms of harsh abuse.

Replacement spikes or studs – These accessories are essential especially if you chose to use detachable spikes. You need a couple of replacements around so you can use something just in case the one you are using is broken. You should also have other variations of spikes that you might need in executing certain plays in various conditions.

How long can I expect my running back cleats to last?

Most football cleats are made to be extremely durable, so you are assured of their ability to last long. For youth players, they will most likely outgrow their cleats prior to needing a replacement.

However, older kids and players also tend to put more miles into their cleats, which makes theirs last for usually around 1-2 seasons. For those with feet that have already stopped growing, specifically adults, investing in two pairs of football cleats is advisable so they can alternate using the two, making them last as long as possible.

Do I need to break in my cleats?

Yes. Breaking in your cleats is crucial in enhancing its comfort level and fit. With that, you have a lower chance of coming home with cuts and blisters after using it for the first time during practice.

The good news is that breaking in the cleat is easy. You just have to wear it around your yard and house for several days prior to using it in your actual practice or game.


Investing in the best football cleats for running backs is a wise decision that you will never regret. With these cleats, you will have a better chance of proving how good of a running back you are because these can actually make you perform incredibly on the field.

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