The 10 Best Football Cleats for Wide Feet in 2022

Wearing the best football cleats for wide feet, if you are presently in need of one, can significantly improve your performance while you are on the field. It is also the key to enjoying the time you spent playing the game or doing some practice.

You will know right away if you are getting the best cleats for wide feet if these match your feet perfectly. It also needs to have the right studs specifically designed for the playing surface. Furthermore, your choice of wide width football cleats should have a style that is compatible with your position.

The problem is that it could be hard to look for a pair of cleats designed for wide feet because most of them are made to fit those who have narrow feet. Still, with the right guide that will inform you on what to choose, identifying one that is a perfect fit will be made much easier.

To help you in making a sound choice, here are fair and informative reviews of ten products that you should consider including in your list of choices.

Best Football Cleats for Wide Feet Reviews 2019

1. NIKE Alpha Menace Shark Cleat

Nike Men's Alpha Menace Shark Football Cleat White/Black/Metallic Silver/Wolf Grey Size 8 M US

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The first product in this list is the Nike Alpha Menace Shark Cleat. I find it worthy to include in this list of the best football cleats ideal for football players sporting wide feet because it is effective in powering up your performance. The aggressiveness of its cleat configuration is one of the things I noticed in this product first.

I find this favorable as it also means that it can make you more aggressive in your attempt to make the game. Combined with the unique fast flex technology, which the Nike brand patented, I can give a guarantee that it lets players perform at the highest speed whether they are actually playing or just practicing.

The combined use of leather and synthetic material also means that you will get the opportunity of enjoying the perfect balance between comfort and durability. It is also affordable compared to those constructed from pure leather. The use of synthetic leather on the upper works in strengthening the cleat, making it as durable as possible.

I like the lightweight and comfortable cushioning of this Nike cleat, too. This is brought to you by its Phylon midsole. Another great advantage of this cleat is that it makes it possible for your feet to move easily and naturally. It is also possible to enjoy its aggressive traction, which you can achieve from the rubber outsole.

Another thing that makes this Nike cleat a good buy is that it is easy to maintain and clean. It looks great and fits well. Furthermore, it can last for more than just one season. This cleat can also secure your feet while playing.

However, some experienced issues with its laces. There are those who say that its laces are quite short, making it hard to double knot.
  • Adds power and aggressiveness to your performance
  • Can improve your speed
  • Highly durable without causing it to become heavy
  • Features a comfortable cushioning, which is a big help in natural movements
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Quite short laces

2. Adidas Performance Freak X Carbon Mid Cleat

adidas Men's Freak X Carbon MID Football Shoe, White/White/Collegiate Navy, 10.5 M US

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Adidas is also another trustworthy and renowned brand that offers high-quality cleats – one of which is its Performance Freak X Carbon Mid for men. I think one thing that sets it apart from the others, making it unique as ever, is its 100 percent synthetic/textile construction. It boasts of a sturdy yet comfortable synthetic sole, too.

I am pleased to say that this product has the most natural and flexible upper I ever got the chance to use. It could be because of its techfit upper, which is made to offer flexible and natural support as well as a smooth and sock-like fit. This upper is also famous for its high level of responsiveness and stability.

This is because of the QUICKFRAME TPU used in it. It has a mid-cut style, which increases its ability to provide decent support on the ankle. With that, you have a better chance of beating your opponents in the field. You will also be thankful for the additional traction and strength brought on by its plate reinforced by Kevlar.

This plate promotes the perfect blend of lightness, traction, and strength. I realized that the fit of this mid-cut cleat from Adidas is also customizable. It is because of its lacing support system, which you can customize to optimize the fit. With that, it can definitely support your quick movements.

I would also like to highlight the ability of this cleat to resist abrasion. This abrasion-resistance is provided by its IRONSKIN toe cap. If you prefer a more rugged and hard-hitting game then I am sure that you will not be disappointed with this cleat because its tough outsole allows you to deal with the challenge.

Furthermore, several users say that it is an all-around and versatile cleat. One drawback is that the attached space for the tongue is quite small for adult users.
  • Mid-cut style, offering adequate and decent ankle support
  • Promotes a natural, smooth, and sock-like fit
  • High level of responsiveness and stability
  • Highly flexible and versatile
  • Ability to resist abrasion
  • Attached space for the tongue is small for adults

3. NIKE Force Savage Pro Cleat

Nike Men's Force Savage Pro Football Cleat Black/White/Anthracite Size 10 M US

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If you want your entire performance to take over the football game then you have to wear a cleat, which is as high-quality as the NIKE Force Savage Pro. I am very impressed with the stability and durability of this cleat, which is no longer surprising because I figured out that it was designed to provide the mentioned benefits.

With its synthetic upper, I am sure that it can give anyone the snug and supportive fit that they wish to achieve. I am also glad that there are Flywire cables used in this cleat as these work in locking my feet in, especially when I am making quick changes in direction and cutbacks.

It is also effective in protecting your feet from impact while giving you as much comfort as possible. It is due to the Lunarlon foam integrated into the cleat’s midsole. It works in cushioning your feet starting from the heel down to your toe.

Another noticeable advantage of its cleat is its lightweight support. I think it is due to its molded TPU plate, which is also the reason behind its impressive traction and speed. You can also enjoy better multidirectional traction because of the awesome configuration of the cleat.

It is also one of the longest-lasting cleats that you can access in the football industry at present. With its few selections of colors, you will also find it easy to select the one that is compatible with your style, preferences, and team colors.

It is a high-quality cleat offered at a reasonable price while ensuring that it does not cause any blisters or any other painful issue.

Furthermore, it offers all-around support, including the heel, ankle, and arch. The sizing runs smaller than standard, though, so it is advisable to go up one size higher, especially if you have wide feet.
  • Highly stable and durable cleat
  • Promotes a snug and supportive feet
  • Protects your feet from impact while helping you stay comfortable all throughout your game or practice
  • Long-lasting and offers all-around support
  • Does not cause blisters
  • Issues on sizing

4. Under Armour Renegade RM Football Cleat

Under Armour Men's Renegade RM Football Shoe, Black (001)/White, 11

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Under Armour also impresses a lot of athletes and football players with its Renegade RM Football Cleat. It is mainly because of the overall quality and performance of this product, which meets the brand’s goal of improving the performance of any athlete with the products they offer.

One thing that makes the Renegade from Under Armour a good buy is that it is manufactured with a molded synthetic upper, which is effective in conforming to your feet’s shape naturally. With that, it lets you enjoy a fit, which is not only snug but also supportive.

In terms of breathability, I realized that the Renegade cleat does not disappoint. It is because it is genuinely breathable considering the fact that it has a built-in mesh tongue. The fact that it is breathable contributes a lot in letting you stay comfortable all throughout your game.

A dependable underfoot comfort can also be expected with the aid of the cleat’s die-cut EVA sockliner. Another remarkable thing I like in this cleat for wide feet is its rubber molded outsole and good layout, which maximizes traction as well as acceleration no matter what surface you wear it to.

It can give you the aggressive traction that many are hoping for a cleat regardless of the surface. With that, I am pretty sure that you will also love its lightweight and comfy feel. Aside from working well for football, you will also find it helpful in softball. It also has an excellent rubber grip.

However, be extra careful when choosing a size because some say that it runs smaller than usual.
  • Naturally conforms to your feet’s shape
  • Assures users with a snug and supportive fit
  • Well-ventilated and breathable, making it comfortable to wear no matter how long your game takes
  • Maximum traction and acceleration guaranteed
  • Lightweight and good grip
  • Smaller than usual

5. zephz WideTraxx Football Cleat

zephz WideTraxx Football Cleat Adult 8.5

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Another famous choice for the high quality football cleats for wide feet is the zephz WideTraxx. In fact, it is available in extra wide sizes, which, I think, is good for anyone who encounters problems in spotting a cleat that is compatible with their feet. What I like the most about this product is that it is appropriate for almost all playing positions.

It is because of its mid-cut length, which further boosts its versatility, allowing it to work no matter what position you are playing. The fact that this is a rubber cleat is also beneficial as it means that it can accommodate other sports apart from football.

It is constructed from a combination of materials, particularly the sturdy rubber, synthetic, and TPU. The mid-cut design used in this cleat also works in making it as supportive to your ankles as possible.

The cleated outsole constructed from TPU material is also another great feature of this cleat as it further improves its stability, grip, and traction. Offered at an inexpensive price, you will definitely not regret this choice because it has the quality and features most football players with wide feet need from a cleat.

It is a sturdy cleat, too, as it can last a number of summer practices and at least one football season.

The problem is that it is only available in one color, so you really have no choice in the color and style department.
  • Compatible with wide feet
  • Works well for almost all playing positions, making it a versatile product
  • Sturdy rubber used for its construction
  • Offers good support to the ankle
  • Inexpensive
  • Only one color available

6. NIKE Vapor Shark 2 Football Cleat for Kids

Nike Kids' Vapor Shark 2 Football Cleats, Black/White/Metallic Silver, 5 Big Kid

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If what you are looking for is a youth football cleat that is appropriate for users with wide feet then I highly suggest checking out this Vapor Shark 2 cleat from Nike. In my opinion, this has one of the nicest designs in the market today. It looks cool with its flashy style, which many kids will love.

I am also satisfied with the plenty of choices it offers for the color. As for the upper, I noticed that Nike used synthetic leather for it. This is a big advantage because it means that you can easily clean it up plus the material is lightweight. It also comes in a design, which is known to give users a good and tight fit once you lace it up.

With that, you get the chance to obtain the stability you most likely like. I am impressed with the decent and unquestionable ankle support delivered by this cleat. In terms of comfort, it is safe to say that this cleat receives a high satisfaction rating. It is because it is undeniably comfortable with the aid of its foam insole cushion.

Furthermore, it has a Phylon midsole, which does not only further enhance your comfort when wearing it but also helps absorb shocks and impact. Nike also did a great job when it utilized its unique fast flex technology into its outsole constructed from molded rubber.

It is because this technology makes it possible for the cleat to supply the kind of responsiveness, speed, and traction everyone is hoping for. Furthermore, it promotes a great feel inside the shoe with its breathable lining made of fabric.

You can also expect a snug and secure fit from this cleat because of its lace-up closure.

However, it is a bit on the narrow side, so choose a size higher, especially if you are a user with wide feet.
  • Boasts of a cool and flashy design
  • Offers many options for colors
  • Uses synthetic leather for the upper, which is easy to clean and lightweight
  • Offers a highly stable ankle support
  • Can absorb shocks and impact while staying comfortable
  • Slightly narrow

7. Adidas Adizero 5-Star 7.0 Football Cleat

adidas Adizero 5Star 7.0 Cleat Men's Football 6.5 White-Maroon

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I am also happy to include the Adizero 5-star 7.0 cleat from Adidas in this article. It is an incredible choice because offered at a reasonable price, it can give you most of the things that a cleat should have. For instance, it features a lightweight Sprintskin upper, which boasts of forefoot underlay reinforcement, thereby boosting its strength.

I am in love with the additional stability that this cleat guarantees, too. It offers such stability with the help of its seam tape with strategic placement. Another unquestionable advantage I noticed in this cleat is that it works in relieving pressure from your feet, thereby ensuring a comfy fit.

It hugs your feet well and gets rid of such pressure with the help of its anatomical lace structure. This cleat is also manufactured in a way that it can elevate lockdown while also guaranteeing a more natural flex, especially in its upper. If you are worried about your feet moving inside, then the heel cup can put your mind at ease.

It is because it works in keeping your feet securely locked in place. Putting the cleat on is also easy because of the heel tab, which promotes ease of entry. Just like me, you might also like its lightweight cushioning, which is made possible by the lining constructed from compression-molded EVA material.

Even if it is lightweight, I can still prove its sturdiness. In fact, it is strong and sturdy even during those instances when you are making cuts. It works in enhancing your speed, too, because of its lightness.

As for the drawback, the only thing I can think of is that it takes a few uses and practices to completely break it in.
  • Strong and stable because of its upper and underlay reinforcement
  • Boasts of an anatomical structure, which relieves pressure
  • Uses a lightweight cushioning for comfort
  • Can lock your feet inside securely
  • Hugs your feet naturally, which is the key to comfort
  • A slightly long break-in period

8. Nike Alpha Strike 2 Three-Quarter Cleat

Nike Men's Alpha Strike 2 3/4 TD Football Cleat (11 D(M) US, Black/Dark Grey/White)

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Another great product I would recommend for those researching for a good pair of football cleats for wide feet is the Alpha Strike 2 from Nike. I completely love the lineup of colors for this cleat. You can choose one from its plenty of cool and nice-looking colors, so you can look great on the field while still meeting your preferences and team colors.

I like the innovative and unique dual-pull fit system used in this football cleat from Nike. It is mainly because it works in locking in your feet securely, preventing it from moving around unnecessarily, especially during your practice or game. I am also glad that it uses a soft foam for its cushion.

This makes it comfortable to wear no matter how rigorous and challenging your game is, which is helpful in delivering your ultimate performance. Using it also promotes ease in cutting and accelerating as it gives you the traction and stability necessary for the mentioned actions.

The cleat has strategic placement as well as a lightweight and easy to manage TPU plate – both of which also help in its traction and stability. It has an explosive speed upper for athletes who are after boosting their performance. The fact that it utilizes a lightweight and synthetic leather also means that it is both comfortable and durable.

Furthermore, this makes for a great choice if you plan to use a low-cut cleat that can optimize your mobility on the field.

Be prepared for the pain when using it for the first time, though, but after breaking it in, I am sure you will feel heaven because of the comfort offered by this Nike cleat.
  • Great lineup of color choices
  • Can lock in your feet securely with its dual-pull fit system
  • Promotes ease in cutting and accelerating
  • Lightweight while still having the ability to provide traction and stability
  • Can optimize your mobility while playing football
  • A bit painful to wear when it is still new

9. NIKE Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 Football Cleat

Nike Mens Vapor Untouchable 3 Pro Football Cleats (10.5, Yellow/Black)

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Another product, which deserves a spot in this article is the Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 from the legendary and trustworthy Nike brand. Just like the other cleats from the brand, you will also have access to several colors of this particular model. With that, it is easy to select one that fits your fancy.

As far as its upper is concerned, I noticed that Nike made use of mesh and synthetic materials. The combination of the mentioned materials provides a strong advantage for users especially those who aim to own a durable, breathable, and supportive cleat.

What I am even impressed with in this cleat is that it promotes a snug and glove-like fit by wrapping the shape of your feet naturally. I am glad that Nike used a carbon fiber plate for this cleat, too. It is because I noticed that it contributed a lot to its exceptional traction. It also aids in significantly enhancing your performance and speed.

The upper is also famous for its flexibility and lightness, so rest assured that moving around is easy and comfortable when you decide to wear this Nike football cleat. The Flywire cables used in this cleat also work in locking in your midfoot.

This can give you a strong advantage as it can provide exceptional support, especially when doing lateral motions. It also utilizes the cleat layout, which makes it strong without causing you to feel weighed down.

It is inexpensive plus it works well when you are cutting on the field.

However, you will instantly notice that it is quite tight and hard to wear initially until you break it in.
  • Several choices for color
  • Breathable and supportive, thanks to the mesh and synthetic materials used for its upper
  • Shapes and molds your feet naturally
  • Offers adequate support, especially during lateral movements
  • Inexpensive
  • Quite tight and difficult to wear at first

10. Nike Lunarbeast Pro TD Cleat

Nike Mens Lunarbeast PRO TD Football Cleats

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Lastly, you should check out the Lunarbeast Pro TD Cleat offered by Nike. Available in an extensive range of colors, it is surely easy to find one that sports your personality and showcases the colors of your team. However, remember that some colors in this model cost higher than the others.

What I love about it is that it is genuinely designed to suit and support football players who have wide feet. The upper of this cleat is constructed from synthetic and fabric while also having a NIKESKIN crosshatch style. I am satisfied with the decent stability provided by this shoe, too.

In my opinion, this good stability is brought out by the cleat’s hook and loop strap, which works in securing your forefoot inside. The low-profile forefoot of this cleat is also a big advantage as it makes it possible for you to change direction quickly even if you are moving.

In terms of traction, you can’t find a fault in this cleat because it features a detachable TPU spike plate with up to seven studs. It is a sturdy piece of a cleat, which is comfortable because it promotes a tight yet good fit by molding your feet naturally. The ankle support is impressive considering the fact that it has a mid-cut design.

Furthermore, it provides a more flexible cushioning, which adds up to the comfort and convenience of wearing it. It also features a wide strap, which makes it stronger and more stable than ever.

However, it does not work that effectively for linemen.
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Supports and suits football players with wide feet
  • Secures your forefoot within the shoe
  • Low-profile forefoot, which promotes ease in changing directions
  • Good traction and highly flexible
  • Not that compatible with linemen

Amazon Best Seller

Bestseller No. 2
Nike Alpha Menace Pro 2 Mid AQ3209-701 Yellow-White-Black Mens Football Cleats 10 US
Nike Alpha Menace Pro 2 Mid AQ3209-701 Yellow-White-Black Mens Football Cleats 10 US
Synthetic combines with a textile layer for secure comfort; Strap with a hook-and-loop closure secures the fit
SaleBestseller No. 4
Nike Men's Alpha Menace Pro 2 Mid Football Cleats, Black/Black/Black/White, 11.5
Nike Men's Alpha Menace Pro 2 Mid Football Cleats, Black/Black/Black/White, 11.5
Nike Alpha Menace Pro 3; Nike; Water resistance level: not_water_resistant
SaleBestseller No. 5
adidas Men's Adizero Football Shoe, Black/White/Black, 11.5
adidas Men's Adizero Football Shoe, Black/White/Black, 11.5
Men's football cleats built for quickness on the field; EASY ENTRY: Tongue and heel tabs for pull-on convenience

What is a Football Cleat for Wide Feet and How does it Work


As what the name suggests, a football cleat for wide feet is a cleat designed in a way that it fits the size of football players who have wide feet. Remember that not all cleats are created for each football player. Players who have wide feet are aware of this fact as some of them find it inconvenient and troublesome to find the right fit.

Having wide feet can also make it difficult to look for the right balance of tight and secure fit without any pain. With that said, it is safe to assume that the best wide football cleats are those that are super comfortable yet tight and secure for any player who has a wide foot size.

In this case, it should be flexible enough so it can combat the size of your foot, which is helpful in boosting your performance. It is also possible for a cleat for wide feet to work if it has a skin-like feel. This makes it feel more natural when worn on the field, thereby ensuring that you will not experience any discomfort while playing or practicing.

You should not also forget the flexibility of the cleat. It should be totally flexible in the sense that it can easily collaborate with its size. In addition, the cleat needs to have a tight and nice fit without causing pain. It should be comfortable even for those who have extra wide feet.

Fortunately, some brands and manufacturers offer special sizing specifically tailored for wide feet players, thereby promoting ease in the selection process. Basically, your goal in finding extra wide football cleats is to spot one, which is flexible and comfortable while having the ability to enhance and strengthen your athletic performance.

Types of Football Cleats for Wide Feet


Finding the right football cleats for wide feet is currently made easier with the many reliable information that you can gather from a number of legitimate sources regarding the different types that you can choose. Note that the cleats are available in various styles with each one designed for a certain position.

You will be pleased to know that there are available cleats in the market that exactly cater to one’s wide feet. To give you information, here are your choices:

High-top – Often utilized by linemen because of its ankle extension, the high-top is one type of cleat with a size that caters to wide feet. It is a good choice because of the support it offers that is necessary for doing lateral movements.

Low-cut – This type is usually used by players who are in search of a cleat made of lightweight materials. Because of the lightness of the materials used in its construction, players enjoy the ease and high level of comfort they experience when running around the football field.

Mid-cut – This type is ideal for wide receivers, quarterbacks, running backs, and defensive backs. It is because of the high level of support and maneuverability that comes with it.

Molded cleat – You can see this type being primarily used on turf pitches. It is used in that place because it can supply the right amount of traction. Furthermore, it tends to grip harder because of its permanent attachment to the cleat’s outsole.

Detachable cleat – One great quality of this type of cleat is its versatility. It is versatile because it is interchangeable. This means that you can use it regardless of your position and the playing surface.

It has replaceable studs, so it is possible to customize your cleats so it can match the specific field where you intend to play. However, you have to take note that it is costlier than the molded type.

Benefits of Football Cleats for Wide Feet


There are numerous benefits that you can get from investing in the best football boots for wide feet 2018 and 2019. Your wide feet should prevent you from getting just any size that you think fits you. You have to try it on as much as possible before buying. This is to prevent you from spending money on a cleat that does not fit at all.

Here are just some benefits that wide width football cleats that fit you well can provide:

Can greatly strengthen your performance – As a football player, your decision to buy a pair of football cleats that fit your wide feet perfectly is the key to strengthening and enhancing your performance. Remember that you need to stay away from cleats that are excessively tight might only interfere with your quick movements.

It might also lead to less stability, making you at risk of poor performance and a higher number of falls. An excessively tight cleat might also negatively affect the level of power you can drive into your legs.

Guarantees your comfort – Note that if you have wide feet, wearing a cleat that is too narrow might lead to soreness within just a few minutes of wearing it. It can trigger a painful experience in the field, which might prevent you from performing your best.

There is even a risk for you to have cuts and blisters, so go for a cleat designed for your feet’s width. It should not be too narrow so it can give you the kind of comfort you desperately need.

Makes you less prone to injuries – Wearing a football cleat for your wide feet is also a must when attempting to lessen your risk of getting injured on the field. It should fit your wide feet so it can give you the most stable platform needed to deliver a safe and good performance.

Avoid a narrow one as this might make you prone to falling. You might also be at risk of having a twisted ankle. Aside from making you less prone to injuries, a cleat, which is perfect for wide feet, can also help you move with ease, change directions quickly, and lengthen the amount of time you can stay on your feet without pain.

What to Look For When Buying a Football Cleat for Wide Feet


Budget – Probably one vital factor that can contribute to the decision-making process when it comes to buying a cleat for wide feet is your budget. It is because these cleats vary in price, usually arranging from $20 to $300. Before starting to do your research about these products, set a budget on how much you are willing to spend.

Stick to it. You can then start to narrow down different products based on your budget. Ensure that you are looking for a good compromise between quality and price. If possible, go for one with a price that fits your budget while having the quality and comfort that you need on the field.

It should not cause you to get blisters. High-quality wide cleats are ideal for you if you are a serious player who is after durability, finesse, versatility, and the top-quality and comfortable feel provided by a cleat in your chosen price range.

Material – Examine the materials utilized in the cleat, too. In most cases, you can see these cleats being constructed from synthetic material, 100% pure leather, or a combination of synthetic and leather materials. If you go for pure leather then expect to pay the highest among the three choices.

It is because leather material is known for having the highest level of durability. It can also help you perform your best on the field. If you are someone who is serious about playing football or tends to play frequently then the leather cleat is the best bet for you.

If you are looking for a cheaper option then you can go for synthetic. The problem with synthetic is that it is not as long-lasting as leather. With that, it is suitable for kids as they tend to outgrow their cleats quickly. It also works for hobbyists who want to invest in a high-quality cleat for their hobby.

You can also choose the combined synthetic and leather material because it provides the perfect balance of durability and cost. You will be getting a product, which has a decent lifespan without requiring you to spend a lot of money.

Size – Since you have wide feet, size matters a lot in your search for a good cleat. You need one that properly fits your feet. Your goal should be to spot a cleat, which ensures you of a snug fit. It should hug your wide feet well without hurting them.

It should also be able to prevent your feet from sliding from front to back and from one side to another. Note that this is vital for you if you have wide feet especially because some cleats are uncomfortably narrow for them, causing them to have a painful experience when practicing or playing.

One thing to note is that different brands may have sizes that vary from the standard shoe sizes. With that, it is necessary to buy from respected retailers, specifically those who impose a hassle-free return policy, so you can return it if necessary and replace it with one that fits you perfectly.

Spend time researching about the sizes of specific cleats. Read reviews so you will also have an idea about the sizes that other players bought. Avoid buying oversized football cleats, though. Ensure that it is just right for your wide feet. Note that oversized ones might only cause your feet to move uncontrollably within, leading to painful blisters.

Sole plate – Your search for a pair of football cleats will also be easier if you assess the individual sole plate of each option. If you are still unfamiliar with it, the sole plate of the cleat refers to its hard part, which is located beneath your feet. Cleats primarily made for speed often feature styles with a narrower sole plate than the rest.

Also, take note that while your wide feet might perfectly fit the inner part of the shoe because of its flexible upper, the narrowness of the sole plate might still lead to problems associated with comfort and stability. With that, it is highly recommended to search for a cleat with a not so narrow sole plate so it can fit you comfortably.

Features – You also need to examine the features and qualities of the football cleat before buying it. Among the features and qualities to look for are excellent traction, breathability, durability, and support. One thing that you will notice about the cleat is that it is high in the back.

It can also be either high-top or mid-cut, which is the perfect choice if you want to maximize its ankle support. It is also highly recommended to have a padded collar at the ankle as it offers additional cushion and comfort. In addition, this can prevent the development of blisters.

Apart from having awesome ankle support, it would also be best to have an extremely firm heel counter. This is crucial if you want to further maximize the support in the ankle. Stay away from cleats that feature flimsy heel counters. Also, ensure that your chosen cleat is lightweight and breathable.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to choose the right size?

Choosing the right size for wide feet cleats can be tricky. It is as tricky as when you are trying to find the best football cleats for flat feet. Fortunately, with the right information, you will find the entire selection process smooth-sailing and easy. One thing to do to choose the right size is to make sure that it fits close to your foot’s end.

It should be in that position without it touching your feet’s toes. This can assure you that the size you get is for comfort and performance. A wise tip to have around one-fourth to one-half inch gap. Once you get the cleat, it is also a must to try it on indoors first so you can check whether its fit and size are correct.

Find out if it fits snugly without causing discomfort or any pressure points. If you are buying a cleat for a kid who is still growing then you can go for a larger one but make sure to fill the extra space to avoid discomfort. You can do that by wearing another pair of socks.

Can I also use a football cleat for wide feet if I have flat feet?

Yes, you can. However, it is also highly recommended to buy orthotic insoles so the cleats will be healthier and more comfortable to wear. Ensure that the cleat you have decided to buy has great anatomic arch support. This support is perfect for anyone who has flat feet and a high arch.

What cleats should I buy to avoid heel pain?

If you also experience heel pain along with having wide feet then it is all the more important to purchase a cleat with the correct fit. Your best bet is one, which fits snugly on your heel without rubbing it painfully. The cleat should also have adequate support and cushion at the back.

Look for those that have additional heel cushioning, too. It is also a good idea to wear orthotic insoles because having a flat and wide foot without the needed support can result in heel pain.

Why do you need a different cleat if you have wide feet?

The primary reason why it is a must to find a football cleat specifically designed for wide feet is that your feet, in this case, require a unique shape, which is usually wider in the grim part. If you have wide feet then you also need various points of support on all sides and soles.

This can help ensure that you stay stable all throughout your games and practices. Also, you need a cleat that is specific for the width of your feet because of the additional room that you require. There should still be some sort of space so your feet can freely move. However, you have to give that space without losing the accurate fit.

How can I make my cleat feel comfortable?

Your comfort is the key to showcasing an excellent performance in the field even with wide feet. Comfort, in this case, should be directly proportional to the materials used in the innersoles and lining. The majority of these cleats actually make use of a synthetic lining or a sock lining.

Choose one, which you think is completely convenient and comfortable for you. Some football players recommend the PE sock lining because it is breathable while providing a good cushion over your entire feet. It is also advisable to check the soles because these are crucial for the comfort of players with wide feet.

Your goal is to find a cleat with a sole that provides adequate support on the side while having a proper cushion, especially at the base. This is necessary for improving circulation while ensuring that you stay comfortable even after several minutes of playing on the field.

How to maintain your football cleats?

One thing that might cause frustration when playing a sport is a broken gear. Football cleats are no exception because regardless of their quality and cost, they are still at risk of getting damaged in the long run. Fortunately, there are some effective cleat maintenance tips that you can apply to increase its lifespan.

One effective tip is to use it in the recommended surface. Ensure that you wear it in the intended playing field or environment. For instance, if you are wearing cleats for soft grounds then avoid using it on hard surfaces as doing this might only damage its overall performance.

It is also necessary to choose your cleat based on the surface where you intend to use it (ex. outdoors, turf, grass, etc.). You also need a cleat, which is compatible with the actual shape of your feet. If your feet are wide then a cleat made of leather is advisable because it tends to mold more naturally to your feet.

With that, it is effective in minimizing the pressure and stress given to your feet considering the fact that the material aims to provide you comfort and stretches. You should not also forget the importance of breaking in your new cleats. Practice wearing it at home before you use it in the actual field.

You can familiarize your feet with how it feels by using it in some activities, like exercising. You can also break it in by stuffing it with newspapers. This can eliminate its initial tightness without the risk of damaging it, thereby giving you a more comfortable fit for your major games and practices.

How to replace the studs?

If you invested in a football cleat with detachable studs then you have to spend time inspecting them right after each practice or game. Check whether the studs look worn down. If they do, you might want to replace them.

Fresh studs are essential in gaining much better traction. It is also possible for you to change the studs’ length and type based on the conditions on the field and the weather.

How will you know if you are getting the right fit?

One sign that tells you that you have the correct fit for your cleat is when you experience utmost comfort regardless of where you use it. It should also have a width of space, which is not higher than a finger’s width. It should fit snugly on your forefoot while ensuring that the heel does not lift.

You will also know that it fits well if it is comfortable and flexible enough that it lets you do dynamic movements. In addition, there should be no stud pressure, pain, or discomfort when you run, walk, or stand up.


The best football cleats for wide feet are essential for your comfort and protection. You need to be wise in making your choice to increase your chances of spotting one that can give you not only comfort but one that is designed to make your performance on the field phenomenal.

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