The 10 Best Football Cleats for Wide Receivers for 2022

When it comes to searching for the best football cleats for wide receivers, one important thing to remember is that this specific position requires the use of a cleat that offers the highest level of support. With the best WR football cleats, you can boost your performance and game durability.

In addition, it also increases your chances of enjoying the entire time you are playing football. However, take note that a lot of football cleats today are manufactured for people with narrow feet. This makes it a bit challenging to look for the best football cleats for wide feet and wide receivers.

Fortunately, this comprehensive article provides reviews of 10 of the best cleats designed for wide receivers that are currently in the market. It can help you figure out which one suits your demands and needs.

Furthermore, it has information on the key considerations that you can use when buying so finding the right one based on your position will be easier.

Best Football Cleats for Wide Receivers Reviews 2019

 1. Nike Vapor Carbon Elite TD Football Cleat

Nike Vapor Carbon Elite TD Mens Football Cleats (13 D(M) US, Purple/Black/Yellow)

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With its ability to help wearers improve their speed and performance, I can say that the Vapor Carbon Elite TD from Nike is perfect for skill players, especially wide receivers. I like its distinctive traction pattern, which is noticeable because of the thin blades used close to the toe.

This football cleat is constructed from 100% synthetic material. It also has a synthetic sole, which makes it a lot easier to manage and use on the field. I am impressed with its classic style and design as I noticed that it provides players with lightweight mobility. With that, it is perfect for your line-to-line and tireless range.

I am fond of its Dri-FIT UV fabric, too, because I noticed that it aids in keeping you comfortable and dry. In addition, this fabric works effectively in protecting you from the UV rays. I am also glad to say that this football cleat from Nike is designed in a way that it lets you easily cut into turf or grass.

It makes it possible for you to drive forward while improving your responsiveness. In addition, it supports flexibility and propulsion with the aid of its power-plate outsole, which has some carbon fiber in it. I am also happy with the stability provided by this cleat, too. I think it is because of its locked-down and tight fit.

Aside from that, you are assured of a customized fit because of the built-in tongue. It offers more than enough support and is comfortable enough for players with wide feet.

The only problem with this Nike football cleat is that it seems to be lacking in the breathability and ventilation department.
  • Boasts of a distinctive and unique traction pattern
  • Guarantees lightweight mobility
  • Designed to help you stay dry and comfortable all throughout the game
  • Promotes a locked-down, tight, and customized feet
  • Works well for football players with wide feet
  • Lacks ventilation and breathability

2. Under Armour UA Highlight MC Football Cleat

Under Armour Men's UA Highlight MC Football Cleats

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Under Armour Highlight MC Lacrosse Football Cleat also seems to leave a positive impression to all football players. Also constructed out of synthetic material, I feel like this Under Armour football cleat is what you need to dominate the football field as a wide receiver.

What I like about it is that it is naturally comfortable. It offers powerful and incredible support while ensuring that you will never experience discomfort with the help of its ClutchFit upper. This upper wraps around your feet comfortably, which is the secret behind its high comfort level.

I am also glad to say that the materials used in creating this football cleat are lightweight. With its lightness, you will never encounter problems moving around the field. The lightweight material construction can also be expected to follow your foot’s contours naturally.

Furthermore, it can amp your muscles and joints, which is a good thing if you want to feel better support and fit. I am also satisfied with the extra protection brought on by the 3D-molded MPZ tongue of this cleat. Another great advantage of this product is that it guarantees a high level of flexibility as well as ease of entry.

It is because of its extended eye-row cut-outs. This football cleat is also designed in a way that it can significantly reduce cleat pressure while also getting rid of potential slippage. I am also fond of the V56 forefoot technology used in this cleat. It is because this technology works in limiting hyperextension.

One more thing that this football cleat can do is to make use of the natural movements of your body, which is the secret to maximizing stability and traction. It can also optimize speed and grip with the help of its rubber outsole.

However, it takes some time to break in.
  • Comfortable while providing an incredible and powerful support
  • Lightweight construction, which follows your foot’s contours naturally
  • Provides additional protection once you are on the field
  • Promotes a high level of flexibility
  • Guarantees optimal speed and grip when worn on the field
  • Takes some time to break in

3. Adidas Freak X Carbon Mid Football Cleat

adidas Men's Freak X Carbon Mid Football Shoe, Black/White/Ngtmet, 13 M US

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I think that the Freak X Carbon Mid Football Cleat from Adidas is also another product that every wide receiver should check out. I realized that its overall construction is meant to up your game into the field. In fact, you can use it to bring your game to a professional level.

I am happy with the upper used in this cleat because I noticed how effective it is in providing a lightweight and comfortable fit. This upper also works in giving you unmatched and adequate support. Furthermore, it is manufactured in such a way that it can offer zones of support capable of lasting the entire quarters.

It is because of the presence of an integrated embroidered LOCKWEB. I am also glad to announce that your required stability can be provided by this football cleat. It promotes incredible stability with the help of its carbon frame plate, which also features a studded layout.

Furthermore, this also promotes an exceptional acceleration as well as multidirectional support. This can make your performance and game in the field totally different from the others. I also like the lightweight mesh lining added to the cleat because I found it effective in improving its breathability and support.

Another benefit of this football cleat from Adidas is that it can enhance the level of support and stability it offers with the aid of its heel cup, which aids in locking your feet in their proper places. This cleat is known for offering superior traction and strength while retaining its lightness.

I am also impressed with its customizable lacing system, which you can actually use in getting the correct tightness and fit based on your foot’s actual size. It can resist abrasion plus lessen your risk of experiencing toe-drag injuries.

However, this football cleat is not as stylish as the others.
  • Guarantees a lightweight and comfortable fit
  • Provides adequate support all throughout your game
  • Features a carbon frame plate and studded layout for superior stability
  • Breathable and supportive, thanks to its lightweight mesh lining
  • Can lock your feet in the right places
  • Not that stylish

4. Under Armour Highlight RM Football Cleat

Under Armour Men's Highlight RM Football Shoe, Black (001)/White, 12

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Another great-performing product from Under Armour is the Highlight RM Football Cleat. I recommend this to all prospective wearers mainly because of its effectiveness in bringing your game into an even higher level. One thing that it can do for you is to give you sturdy and unmatched support while ensuring that the fit stays lightweight.

It is made possible with the combined high-performance synthetic upper and textile collar used in this cleat. I also noticed that it provides the ultimate solution for players looking for stability. It is because its external TPU ankle cage works well in ensuring that the cleat aids in making you as stable in the field as possible.

Another strong point of this football cleat, in my opinion, is its improved ventilation, which is actually made possible with its open-holed tongue made of mesh material. The flexibility of this cleat is also unquestionable. It is totally flexible with the aid of its extended eye-row cutouts while also ensuring that you will experience the ease of entry.

The sock-liner of this cleat is also constructed from die-cut EVA material, which is actually a good thing because of the durability and comfort that it overs beneath your feet. Another thing I find favorable in this football cleat is its ability to provide aggressive and incredible traction regardless of the surface you use it to.

It is because it is rubber-molded, making it possible for it to provide wearers with a comfortable and lightweight feel. It also fits well without sacrificing comfort, especially for those who have wide feet and who hold skill positions.

The only problem complained by some users is that their color options are not as wide as the others.
  • Provides sturdy and unmatched support while retaining its lightness
  • Offers the ultimate solution for stability
  • Good ventilation and flexibility
  • Capable of delivering aggressive and incredible traction
  • Perfect for those who have wide feet
  • Color options are not as varied as the other cleats.

5. NIKE Vapor Untouchable Pro Mesh Plastic Football Cleat

Nike Men's Vapor Untouchable 2 Football Cleat Black/White/Metallic Silver/Anthracite Size 9 M US

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Nike also seems to continue giving football players products that they can count on with its Vapor Untouchable Pro Mesh Plastic Football Cleat. Perfect for skill positions, this cleat boasts of its synthetic and mesh skin that ensures that wearers will enjoy an incredibly lightweight fit.

I think that this is also the reason behind the high level of breathability and comfort provided by this Nike cleat. I am impressed with the level of support that this cleat offers as well as its lock-down fit. This is all thanks to the mid-foot Flywire cables integrated into the product.

I am also happy to say that this cleat guarantees a sock-like fit. This fit wraps around your ankle and is made possible with the help of its inner sleeve, which comes in just a single piece. Another benefit of this Nike football cleat is that it is capable of stabilizing your feet while maintaining a high level of flexibility.

I noticed that such a benefit is made possible with the carbon fiber plate added to this product. I am also glad to say that this cleat supports excellent acceleration and quick cuts. It is because of the optimal traction provided by its innovative and unique design.

It is actually a very strong contender in the wide receiver football cleat market because it performs and fits well plus it has a cool and great look.

The main problem with this product is that it has a subpar packaging, which is prone to dents when not handled properly especially during shipping.
  • Works well for skill positions
  • Ensures an incredibly lightweight fit
  • Highly breathable and comfortable
  • Offers a high level of support
  • Can stabilize your feet while retaining superior flexibility
  • Subpar packaging

6. Adidas Adizero 5-Star 7.0 Football Cleat

adidas 5-Star 7.0 Metallic Cleat - Men's Football 11.5 Gold Metallic/Core Black/White

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If you are a fan of the Adidas brand then I am pretty sure that you have already come across some great reviews of its Adizero 5-star 7.0 Football Cleat. In my opinion, one of the things that makes this football cleat from Adidas impressive is its overall lightweight construction, which is meant to guarantee an unstoppable speed.

Another reason to love this product is that it provides numerous choices as far as color is concerned. It is because it is available in several colors, allowing you to pick one, which really supports what you want. It also has another strength, which comes in the form of its ability to provide wearers with an exceptional grip regardless of the weather.

I also noticed that this brand prioritized comfort, which is actually a good thing. It has a well-padded collar and tongue as well as a foam insole. In addition, it is great and comfortable to wear even if you are running because of its soft fabric lining. With that, there is a lower chance of getting blisters while wearing the cleat.

It is also an excellent choice, especially if you are looking for a wide receiver cleat designed to improve your speed. It can provide you with the highest speed possible with the help of its lightweight synthetic material.

The cleat also boasts of its flexible upper, which is a good thing if you want to sprint in a more comfortable manner or get off the line rapidly. Moreover, it is highly durable and designed to give you an incredible grip. It also has rubber spikes that provide an additional spring as you take each step.

The only minor issue I can find in this cleat is that it takes a few practices to break it in.
  • Lightweight construction, which supports a speedy performance
  • Prioritizes the comfort of users
  • Can prevent blisters with its soft fabric lining
  • Comes with a flexible upper
  • Highly durable and provides a good grip
  • Requires some break-in period

7. Nike Alpha Shark Football Cleat

NIKE Mens Alpha Shark 2 Three-Quarter Football Cleat Black/Anthracite/White Size 9.5 M US

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Another reliable product from the reputable brand, Nike, is the Alpha Shark Football Cleat. I think that most of those who have already used this cleat will agree with me if I say that this is one of the most incredible products from Nike. I actually have a lot of good things to say about this Nike football cleat.

One of these is its impressive traction, which, I think, is guaranteed with its TPU outsole that also features a 12-cleat configuration. Another noticeable advantage is that it supports your ankle, especially when it comes to lateral cuts. It is mainly because it is designed with a three-fourth height collar.

You will not also regret your decision to invest in this cleat because of the excellent lockdown that it guarantees. It is because of its effectiveness in cinching you up through its dynamic fit system. It is also one of the cleats from Nike that boasts of really good traction designed to make you perform well on the football field.

I also noticed that its fit is excellent, so rest assured that it will not cause you to sacrifice your comfort level when you decide to wear it during practice or an actual game. Furthermore, you can purchase it at a reasonable price.

The only issue with this is that it will hurt a bit initially because you need to break it in first. You can easily resolve this problem by wearing it as frequently as possible when it is still new so your feet can get used to it.
  • Boasts of an impressive traction
  • Provides good ankle support
  • Guarantees an excellent lockdown by cinching you up
  • Reasonably priced
  • Completely comfortable and high-quality
  • Might hurt a bit during the break-in period

8. Adidas Freak X Carbon Mid Football Cleat

adidas Men's Freak X Carbon Mid Football Shoe

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Another football cleat that should form part of this article is the Freak X Carbon Mid Football Cleat from Adidas. I am so impressed with how lightweight this cleat is. Despite its lightness, I still noticed that it has a high-quality and sturdy construction, overall. This means that it has the tendency of serving its purpose for quite a long time.

Many even say that it is one of the lightest football cleats in the market today. Another of its strengths is its SPRINTSKIN upper, which has the ability to provide players with the support they need without the bulk. It can strengthen your game and performance because of the impressive traction motivated by its TPU fly-plate outsole.

Another great thing about this football cleat is that it is capable of absorbing impact. It is because of its molded insole, which can absorb impact while you are bursting towards the end zone. I also like the heel cup of this football cleat because I figured out how effective it is in locking my feet in their place.

The mesh lining used in this wide receiver football cleat from Adidas is also a big advantage. It is because it can help ensure that the cleat stays as breathable and supportive as possible. Furthermore, you can’t find any fault in this product, especially when it comes to providing comfort.

It is totally comfortable, especially because it has an insole, which uses an anatomically molded EVA material. I can also vouch for the durability of this product.

One issue, though, is that it seems to be a bit loose on the ankle part.
  • Totally lightweight while maintaining its durability
  • Offers support without being bulky
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Breathable, thanks to its mesh lining
  • Can absorb impact
  • Slightly loose on the ankle part

9. NIKE Mens Alpha Pro 2 Football Cleats

NIKE Alpha Pro 2 TD (9.5, White/Navy)

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I would also like to recommend the Alpha Pro 2 Football Cleat from the ever reputable and trusted brand, Nike. With its synthetic and leather construction, I am pretty sure that this cleat is one contender in the football cleat market that other brands and models should carefully compete, too.

The overall construction is meant to give users a high level of comfort without compromising its ability to last for quite a long time. This means that aside from being comfortable, you will be glad to know that the brand did not skimp in terms of durability.

I also find this football cleat easy to use in the field. It does not hamper one’s movements whatsoever because it is lightweight. In fact, it can help boost your speed, which is beneficial if you want to showcase how good of a football player you are on the field.

I am also very satisfied with the ability of this cleat to deliver an exceptional lockdown. I can attribute this benefit to the fact that this cleat used the Fly-wire technology, which specifically provides that benefit. It gives as much support as possible without hampering your mobility.

Also, it is one of those cleats designed to protect its wearers. Another thing that I noticed about this product is that it has the right combination of mid-foot support and cushioning with the aid of its Phylon midsole. Furthermore, you will instantly notice its effectiveness in improving your responsiveness on the field.

You will also surely enjoy the optimal and comfortable feel brought on by wearing this cleat.

As for the drawback, the only fault I can find is that it is a bit uncomfortable at first because you still need to break it in.
  • Synthetic leather construction, which is both durable and comfortable
  • Does not limit your movements
  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Offers additional protection
  • Improves your responsiveness
  • Slightly uncomfortable at first

10. NIKE Lunar Super Bad Pro TD Football Cleat

Nike Lunar Super Bad Pro TD Men's Football Cleats (12, Black/Metallic)

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The last product that I would like to review is the Lunar Super Bad Pro TD from Nike. Made of fabric and synthetic materials, I can safely say that it is one of the most comfortable cleats that you can find today.

The fact that it makes use of the lightweight and synthetic leather material for its upper can help ensure that it will give you a more supportive and sturdy fit all the time. I also find its lockdown and secure fit beneficial. This is made possible with the built-in ankle strap.

I also like the fact that every time I change direction, the football cleat offers me with the support I need, especially in terms of traction. It is mainly because it has a raptor cleat, which you can find at the heel. During each toe-off, you will also like the level of acceleration and flexibility it offers.

This can happen because it uses the arch beam propulsion technology. In terms of fit, breathability, and comfort, this football cleat will not let you down. You will realize how breathable and snug this cleat is once you start to use its full inner sleeve, which is constructed from mesh and neoprene materials.

A more responsive and softer game is what you can also expect from the type of cushioning used in this football cleat. It offers excellent support while also having the ability to hold up regardless of the conditions you expose it to.

However, take note that this football cleat is not as durable as the other cleats from the same brand and the others.
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Promotes a supportive, sturdy, and secure fit all the time
  • Offers the right level of traction and support, especially when changing directions
  • Promotes a high level of flexibility
  • Breathable and snug
  • Not that durable

Amazon Best Seller

Bestseller No. 2
Nike Alpha Menace Pro 2 Mid AQ3209-701 Yellow-White-Black Mens Football Cleats 10 US
Nike Alpha Menace Pro 2 Mid AQ3209-701 Yellow-White-Black Mens Football Cleats 10 US
Synthetic combines with a textile layer for secure comfort; Strap with a hook-and-loop closure secures the fit
SaleBestseller No. 4
Nike Men's Alpha Menace Pro 2 Mid Football Cleats, Black/Black/Black/White, 11.5
Nike Men's Alpha Menace Pro 2 Mid Football Cleats, Black/Black/Black/White, 11.5
Nike Alpha Menace Pro 3; Nike; Water resistance level: not_water_resistant
SaleBestseller No. 5
adidas Men's Adizero Football Shoe, Black/White/Black, 11.5
adidas Men's Adizero Football Shoe, Black/White/Black, 11.5
Men's football cleats built for quickness on the field; EASY ENTRY: Tongue and heel tabs for pull-on convenience

What is a Wide Receiver Cleat and How Does it Work


As a wide receiver, you are probably aware that your position requires you to be one of the fastest players in your team. You will be the one who sticks to the field’s edge, too. Your goal is to wait for offensive plays and pick up long throws during that time. Considering how important your position is, you need to look for a cleat designed for it.

The best wide receiver cleats, in this case, are those that are capable of maximizing your agility and pace. It is also crucial for them to offer the best traction possible. If you want to get that benefit then go for a cleat, which comes at a longer size. Also, take note that it needs the most compatible shoe style and height for the cleat to work.

The good news is that you have multiple options as far as the height is concerned, including the high, the mid, and the low. If you want your chosen youth or men’s football cleats to work in improving speed then you can go for one with a low or a medium cut.

Take note that the cut is often dependent on the level of ankle support you need. Also, remember that as a wide receiver, your ultimate goal is to maintain or improve your agility and speed, so it is crucial to find a cleat that can help you in achieving that.

It would be a big help if you start searching for the lightest football cleats in the market. It is mainly because lightweight football cleats are capable of providing you with the ankle support and lockdown support you need. With that, you can easily cut across the football field.

Types of Wide Receiver Cleats


What is good about holding the wide receiver position is that it also lets you access different types of cleats for it. Some of the common types of best receiver cleats are the following:

Detachable stud cleats – One thing that makes this type of football cleat distinctive is its longer spikes. The spikes are made to be longer in order to give the player good traction while he is in the field. These cleats are also advantageous as these let you choose the configuration and type of spike or stud you prefer.

One more thing that is so good about detachable stud cleats is that they are easy to remove and replace as you deem necessary. The problem is that these are also among the most expensive choices.

You can also see them being used by college players and the pros. A lot of professional high school football players also often prefer the detachable stud cleats to the typical hard-molded type.

Hard Molded Cleats – These cleats feature plastic spikes that you can see being attached permanently into their outsole. The hard molded type is a popular option for those who are looking for youth football cleats. You can see it being used often in high school and youth leagues.

The reason behind it is that this type is not as expensive as the others. Furthermore, you will find it easy to use because it is possible to do so in the same exact way as it arrives in a box. This means that there is no need for you to make any change to it.

Low-cut – It is also crucial to note that several of the football cleats that are ideal for wide receivers are available in various heights. The heights that you should choose should depend not only on your actual position on the field but also on your preference and comfort level.

One type of cut is low-cut, which is a bit similar in appearance to the cleats used in soccer. It is mainly because it also comes from the cleat used in soccer. This cut tends to stop before your ankle, so be aware that you will have less protection in that area.

Despite that, it is still effective in terms of improving speed, cutting, and mobility. With that, it is safe to assume that it is ideal for agile and fast players, especially wide receivers, who want to boost their playing capabilities.

Mid-cut – You should also know that the best football cleats for receivers include the mid-cut type. One distinguishing feature of this cleat is that it rises to your ankle. It also provides additional support and stability while ensuring that it still does not limit your speed and movement.

Aside from being good for wide receivers, it also works well for other skill players, including defensive backs, quarterbacks, and running backs. It is a good choice if you prefer a cleat, which is not only supportive but is also more comfortable and less restrictive.

High-cut – Also called high-top football cleats, the high-cut type can give you peace of mind as it is known for providing the highest level of ankle support possible. It often appears in a three-fourths to five-eighth cut or higher.

With its good ankle support, it is no longer surprising to see it being used by wide receivers and those who experienced twisted or rolled ankles. It works for you, especially if you want to feel that you are adequately supported all throughout your game.

You have several choices for wide receiver football cleats. It is, therefore, up to you to do the necessary comparison so you will know what every aspect offered by your options does.

Check products based on height, type of stud, and configuration so you can filter your search and narrow it down to a few shoes only. It should be shoes and cleats that perfectly suit your playing abilities and style.

Benefits of Football Cleats for Wide Receivers


Choosing the best football cleats for those who hold the wide receiver positions and those with wide feet requires having a guarantee that it fits right. Avoid settling for cleats with improper fit. Here are just some benefits of football cleats that perfectly fit those who have wide feet:

Improves your performance – It is possible for the cleat designed for your wide feet to improve your performance and make you play better on the field. Provided that your choice is not too tight, you have an assurance that it will not interfere with your quick movements across the football field.

It can boost your performance because it can also improve your stability. Note that impaired stability can result in problems in your performance and a higher risk of falls. It ensures that you will not have limited power when driving your legs on the field, which often happens if you decide to wear cleats with poor fitting.

Offers comfort – Another benefit of wearing a cleat specifically designed for those with wide feet is that it offers comfort. Remember that if you wear cleats that are slightly narrow or small for the size and width of your feet, then it is possible for them to get sore within just twenty minutes.

This can cause you to be in constant pain, preventing you from enjoying the time you spent on the field. It might also prevent you from delivering an excellent performance. There is even a great risk that you will develop cuts and blisters on your feet.

This is something that you can avoid with cleats for wide feet. It is because their number one priority is to make you feel comfortable, so you can perform in the field the way you are supposed to.

Lowers your risk of getting injured – Another great benefit of a football cleat for wide feet and wide receivers is that it prevents you from getting injured. It makes sure that you will be wearing the correct pair of cleats designed to give you a more stable platform.

With that stability, driving off the line will be easier. In addition, you can easily and quickly change direction and lengthen the amount of time you can afford to stay on your feet.

Avoid narrow ones as this might only increase the likelihood of falling and twisting your ankle. It can help prevent the danger of running in the field wearing a cleat with a poor fit.

What to Look For When Buying a Football Cleat for Wide Receiver


As mentioned earlier, it is advisable to look for the best-fitting cleat for your wide feet or a wide receiver position if you want to maximize its benefits and use it to help you play better on the field. If you are still confused about what to choose then you can surely manage the selection process by considering these crucial factors:

Material/s – The material/s used in making the cleat should be a determining factor in formulating your final decision. Note that in most cases, the upper part of regular cleats, especially the ones used for soccer, is constructed using leather or synthetic material.

However, if you have wide feet or you are planning to use it as a wide receiver, then an upper made of kangaroo leather is an excellent choice. It is the best recommendation because the material can be expected to mold naturally to your feet.

With that, it is safe to say that it can make your shoe more comfortable to wear while optimizing the manner through which you play. Remember that your goal here is to look for a cleat, which is comfortable on your feet. It should snugly fit to prevent injuries and accidents.

Sizing – Checking out various cleats offered by various brands can sometimes be challenging and tricky. It is mainly because brands and manufacturers differ in terms of the models and sizes they offer.

In fact, you can find some manufacturers with sizes that are a bit different from the standard sizing. This is the main reason why you really have to spend some time studying the sizing of your choice and ensuring that you are investing in a properly-fitting and sized one.

Note that a wrong size of cleat can hamper your performance as a football player. If you plan to buy online then ensure that you perform an intensive researching prior to purchasing because some sizes are different from your initial expectation.

Furthermore, you have to take in consideration whether the company has return policies. Spending time reading for legitimate size reviews is also necessary for knowing what you should expect from the ordered product.

Upper – It is also necessary to spend time assessing the upper of the cleat. This refers to its topmost part, which can be constructed from a couple of materials. The first one is leather, which is traditionally used in making football cleats. What is good about the leather material is that it is not only comfortable but also durable.

It is capable of protecting your feet completely. The only problem with it is that it is heavier compared to other materials. It is also more expensive compared to others. You can also go for a cleat with an upper constructed out of a synthetic material, which is a manmade material that you can’t find in nature.

In most cases, the synthetic material is used not only because it is light but also because it is inexpensive. Among the materials that fall under synthetic are acrylic, nylon, polyester, and different types of plastic. However, take note that the synthetic material is not as sturdy as leather.

Picking a football cleat, which features the correct upper, is crucial for those with wide feet. The leather material is an excellent option because it stretches as a means of matching your feet’s size gradually. However, the whole process might take several weeks, which is quite painful for some.

The synthetic material, on the other hand, does not stretch, which can affect your comfort level when wearing it. The good news is that there are now cleats that have synthetic uppers that are specially designed to provide more room and space for wide feet.

Sole plate – This refers to the cleat’s hard component, which sits beneath your feet. Some football cleat designs are perfect for speed, which is the reason why it features a narrower sole plate.

While it allows your feet to fit within because of the flexibility of the upper, the narrowness of the sole plate can still cause some issues with comfort or stability. That said, you have to ensure that this component is not too narrow for your feet.

Other Tips and Guidelines to Remember

You can also boost your chances of making a sound choice if you allow yourself to be guided with these tips, especially if you intend to buy a cleat online:

Look for a trusted online merchant or web store – Make sure that you are getting the cleat from a trusted and reputable online merchant or web store. Note that you can find hundreds of stores online selling these football gears.

While many of them are legitimate, some are still interested in scamming you or providing you with fake cleats. That said, spend time learning about a particular store through reviews.

Find out if there is a return policy – Another tip is to look for a legitimate online store that has return policies. Note that there is a chance for the football cleat to not fit you properly if you decide to buy online. It is because you did not get the chance to fit it in person.

Because of that, you have to make sure that your chosen online store provides a trusted and reliable policy that revolves around the replacement or return of the football cleat. Keep in mind that one sign that you are dealing with a good online store is that it features an excellent return policy.

Compare prices – Some stores might sell cleats at excessively high prices. On the other hand, you can also find stores that sell cheap yet low-quality or fake cleats. With that in mind, you have to spend time comparing multiple products and their prices.

Choose a cleat offered at a reasonable price without sacrificing its authenticity and quality.

Check customer reviews – Find out what others have to say regarding a specific store by spending a lot of time reading customer’s reviews. Go through their feedback. This is the key to figuring out whether you are purchasing a high-quality cleat for wide receivers.

You can also use the reviews in determining whether the products that the online seller sells are legitimate and authentic.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can wide receivers wear soccer cleats?

Yes. It is because the cleats for soccer and wide receivers only have little differences. That said, expect to be able to wear soccer cleats for football while keeping yourself safe. Rest assured that your decision to wear a soccer cleat will not inhibit your game or hamper your performance.

What color of football cleat should you wear?

In most cases, the actual color will be based on your preference. However, there are instances when you need to follow some rules. One instance is if you are a high school, college, or semi-pro football player who needs to follow a few rules on the specific color of cleats that you can wear.

It is because the color often needs to match the team strip. In some cases, your team might also need to choose a neutral color, like white and black for their cleats.

How to break in wide receiver cleats?

The top rated football cleats for wide receivers can be expected to perform even better if you spend time breaking them in. You need to break it in properly, especially if it is still new, so you can quickly raise your comfort level when wearing it.

The best way to break it in is to put some petroleum jelly on the specific parts of your feet that are prone to sores and blisters due to friction first. Put a thin layer of it, especially on your toes and heels, as a means of reducing the friction in between your skin and the cleat.

You should then wear your new cleats and walk around a park or in your backyard and house. This allows your feet to get used to the feeling of wearing the new cleat. You should then slowly introduce the new cleat to your football practices. Make it a point to wear it for a specific number of hours every practice.

Increase the time you wear it gradually until you notice that you feel comfortable when wearing it the entire time you are practicing or playing football. Lastly, make it a point to stuff the cleat with newspapers each time you are done using it. This tip is helpful in stretching it while retaining its original shape.

How to maintain wide receiver cleats?

If you want to avoid dealing with the frustration of having broken football gears then you should exert an effort to maintain your wide receiver cleat. Note that irrespective of its quality and price, it is still susceptible to wear and tear and damage as time passes by.

Still, there are ways to prolong its lifespan. One thing that you can do is to loosen up the laces. What you have to do is to loosen them on the second eyelet to the last. You should then tighten the last eyelet to prevent adding too much strain and pressure on your feet. It can also minimize stress on your forefoot, thereby ensuring that it will fit well.

Maintaining the cleat is also possible if you use the one, which perfectly suits the shape of your feet in the first place. It should be able to mold your feet effectively. With that, I am pretty sure that your feet will not experience a lot of pressure because the material stretches and makes you feel comfortable.

Another tip is to alternate pairs of cleats. Avoid relying on just a single pair. If possible, invest in multiple pairs to prevent yourself from overusing them. Properly breaking them in and regularly replacing their studs can also help in maintaining their excellent condition for quite a long time.


Shopping for the best football cleats for wide receivers is not that difficult to do if you know exactly what you are looking for. Use this guide and review article to make your choice, and you will surely have a higher chance of enjoying your purchase and maximizing its benefits and performance in the field.

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