Top 10 Best Football Helmets of 2022

Are you a football player who wants to keep yourself safe in the field? Then investing in the best football helmet should be on top of your priorities. With this helmet, you will have peace of mind while playing since you know that you have some sort of protection, especially on your head.

However, with the numerous football helmets in the online and offline markets today, choosing one might be confusing. Luckily, you came across this product review and buying guide that will provide as much information about the product as possible. With that, making a smart buying decision is greatly possible.

Best Football Helmet Reviews 2019

1. Schutt Sports Vengeance VTD II Football Helmet

As one of the best Schutt football helmets, I think that the Vengeance VTD II is meant to satisfy its potential users. What I like about it is that it looks great without losing its high comfort level. This is the main reason why it continues to be one of those football helmets with 5-star ratings.

One reason why I recommend this football helmet is that it can absorb all forms of impact – whether it is high or low velocity. I think it is because of its customized TPU cushioning, which is designed specifically for proper impact absorption. The comfort level of this option for the right football helmet is also high.

There is a guarantee that it offers comfort and a more dynamic fit, thanks to its SureFit TPU air liner. It is also possible for this helmet’s single-layer TPU padding with dual compression to make you feel even comfortable while playing football. I also love the fact that this is one of the best options for the safest football helmet in 2018.

It is mainly because it provides an extra layer of protection, thanks to its air liner with a built-in high-impact foam, which you can find at the cushion in front. Furthermore, you will never have a hard time removing or attaching the faceguard because it boasts of a twist release system unique to the brand.

It does not have a metallic construction, though, which most football players prefer. Still, no one can deny how great its performance is.
  • Great-looking without sacrificing comfort
  • Promotes great impact absorption
  • Ensures users of a dynamic fit
  • Safe with its extra layer of protection
  • Easy to remove or attach
  • Non-metallic construction

2. Riddell SpeedFlex Football Helmet

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Another great-performing football helmet that I will definitely recommend to any football player is the Riddell SpeedFlex helmet. With its excellent reviews and high satisfaction rating, I am pretty sure that it can make any football player feel safe during practice or a game.

It is a good and sturdy varsity helmet for adults. The sturdiness and durability of this helmet can be attributed to its shell with a polycarbonate construction. It is also beneficial for any player who wants to ensure that they are using a helmet, which can significantly reduce the force brought on by side impacts.

The football helmet is also beneficial in terms of reducing the force of impact. It is mainly because of the flex system, which engineers flexibility not only into the helmet’s shell but also in its clip and facemask.

I also like the fact that I have the option to paint this helmet in any color I prefer. In fact, anyone can paint it with their team or school’s color. Putting it on is also very easy.

One of the issues encountered by some users, though, is that there are instances when its facemask is a bit difficult to attach.
  • Highly sturdy and durable with its polycarbonate shell
  • Reduces the force caused by side impacts
  • Flexible
  • Customizable
  • Easy to use and put on
  • There are some instances when the facemask is quite difficult to attach.

3. Schutt Sports Vengeance A3 Football Helmet


I also encourage you to check out the Sports Vengeance A3 Football Helmet from Schutt if you want to make use of a comfortable, high-quality, and sturdy product on the football field. One thing I noticed to be beneficial in this football helmet is its low-profile shell design.

I find this design beneficial as it significantly reduces its weight, making it a lot easier to manage. With its lightness, it is an excellent choice for the youth or younger players who need a more manageable helmet. I am glad to say that this helmet can perform its job of offering protection from high-impact hits and low-impact blows.

Such kind of protection is made possible by combining black and green TPU materials. It also feels really comfortable and soft, thanks to its interior non-inflatable comfort liners. You can also expect it to give you a more secure fit, especially on your face’s lower part.

It is because of the interlink jaw pads attached mechanically to the helmet. Another reason to love this football helmet is that it has its own soft cup chinstrap.

The issue is that it does not have its own facemask, so you have to buy it separately.
  • Lightweight, thanks to its low-profile shell design
  • Durable
  • Can resist both high and low impact
  • Comfortable and soft interiors
  • Guarantees a more secure fit
  • Facemask not included in the purchase

4. Schutt Sports AiR Standard V Football Helmet


The Schutt Sports AiR Standard V Helmet is also an excellent choice. The overall functionality and quality of this helmet can help boost your performance on the field. I found out that this unit is one of the most versatile helmets for football players available today. It is versatile that it can easily fit various young players.

I am also pleased that this football helmet features upgraded padding, making it more comfortable to use. It performs well as an entry-level football helmet designed for youth players. I also love the use of ABS plastic in its traditional standoff shell as it makes the helmet heavy-duty and durable.

Another advantage I noticed in this helmet is its high level of breathability. This is made possible with the presence of the helmet’s pad liner, which also features breathable channels. This can help maintain proper airflow, so your head will stay cool during the game.

I am also impressed with the fact that you can adjust it to fit various shapes of head. It can effectively absorb impact with the aid of its EPP foam padding found just below the liner.

What is good about this padding is that it is more lightweight compared to the traditional foam.

However, it also has its faults – one of which is that it is prone to get scratched.
  • Versatile, making it fit various youth football players
  • Comfortable to use with its upgraded padding
  • Comes with breathable channels
  • Can fit various shapes of head
  • Lightweight and impact-absorbent
  • Prone to scratches

5. Schutt AiR XP Pro VTD II Football Helmet


I am also pleased to introduce the AiR XP Pro VTD II Football Helmet from Schutt to those looking for high-quality helmets. The fact that it has a high-5-star rating in the rating system of football helmets makes it on top of the choices of many football players.

One thing I love about this football helmet is the use of modern technology. It also performs well on the field, thanks to its TPU cushioning, which is featured in the helmet’s traditional and classic shell. It is totally lightweight, so users can play in the football field without hassle.

Despite retaining its lightness, I still noticed that this football helmet is superior in terms of its performance as well as its ability to absorb impact. I am also glad to say that users are allowed to add a faceguard into this helmet as it has its own twist release system.

It is also beneficial as it makes it possible to handle customizable sizing. Such is made possible with its stable interlink jaw pads mechanically attached to the shell. Expect a pillow-like and soft feel when wearing this helmet because of its air liner, too.

The cushion used in this helmet can also absorb low and high-impact velocity hits. It does not have a faceguard, though, which is one of its disadvantages.
  • Uses modern technology
  • Totally lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Absorbs impacts and low and high-impact velocity hits
  • Guarantees a pillow-like and soft feel when worn
  • Allows customizable sizing
  • Faceguard has to be purchased separately.

6. Schutt Sports 798004 Recruit Hybrid Football Helmet


I am pretty sure that you will also be impressed if you choose this Recruit Hybrid Football Helmet from Schutt. It is an excellent choice for players who are in the youth leagues. What I like about this football helmet is that it tends to hoard numerous features designed to help users enjoy wearing it while on the field.

One good thing I found in this helmet is its ability to guarantee maximum protection. It has plenty of safety features for all football players. It also makes it possible for you to enjoy a high level of comfort when you are playing football. This is made possible by its TPU cushioning, which greatly enhances the performance of players.

Another favorable thing about this football helmet is that it works effectively as far as impact absorption is concerned. It is mainly because it features a large shell designed to handle any form of impact. Another thing that makes it capable of absorbing impact and preventing injuries is the presence of D30 technology.

I am also happy to say that this hybrid football helmet comes in various colors and sizes, so finding one that fits the needs and requirements of each football player is possible.

One drawback is that the required faceguard does not form part of the purchase.
  • Works well for youth football players
  • Comes with plenty of safety features
  • Offers a high level of comfort with its TPU cushioning
  • Promotes a good impact-absorption capability
  • Available in various sizes and colors
  • No faceguard included

7. Riddell NFL Full-sized Replica Speed Football Helmet


I can also vouch for the excellent performance of the NFL Full-sized Replica Speed Football Helmet from Riddell. This product is one of the most famous on-field football designs offered at a reasonable price. This Riddell football helmet is also designed in such a way that it reflects the exteriors of those helmets that players wear on the field.

I am also pleased to say that this helmet looks great. It even sports a striking version of your preferred team look. In addition, it boasts of an impressive mirror-like chrome finish, making it even more attractive. The durability of this helmet is also undeniable.

It is because most of the materials used in creating it are sturdy and heavy-duty, including the ABS painted plastic and the steel polyvinyl coating for the facemask. With its aerodynamic and full-sized shell, I am pretty sure that it is comfortable and easy to use, too.

Being a decorative and replica football helmet, I think that it does its job well as I can compare it to a real one. One minor fault, though, is that its stripe stickers are prone to coming off after a while.
  • Works well as a decorative football helmet
  • Attractive chrome finish
  • Durable and look almost authentic
  • Offered at a reasonable price
  • Boasts of an aerodynamic shell
  • Stripe stickers are prone to coming off after some time.

8. Schutt NCAA Replica XP Football Helmet


For football players and fans who want to collect anything related to this game then I highly recommend investing in the NCA Replica XP helmet offered by Schutt. What I find so impressive in this product is that it has more than a hundred twenty teams available.

This means that you can collect any team you want. I can also say that this helmet is one of the well-constructed replicas ever introduced to the public. It has an excellent finish as well as great-looking graphics.

Schutt also did a pretty good job in creating this replica football helmet as it looks just like the ones you see on the field. The fact that it is great-looking also means that you can put it on any shelf or any other part of your home or office. It is affordable, too.

One flaw, though, is that it does not have pad set or liners in the interiors. What it has are only jaw pads.
  • Offers more than a hundred twenty team replicas
  • Well-constructed
  • Features great-looking graphics
  • Boasts of an excellent finish
  • Affordable
  • Does not feature pad set or liners

9. Riddell NFL Speed Authentic Football Helmet


Another football helmet that is guaranteed to make you feel great as a football fan is the NFL Speed Authentic helmet offered by Riddell. This is an authentic and full-sized football helmet that works well if you are planning to collect autographs. It is also an excellent choice if you wish to show everyone how great of a football fan you are.

While this collectible item is not meant for use on actual games, I am pretty sure that this will still satisfy your fancy. It is available in various team decals and colors. It has a unique shell design, which adopts the one used by famous athletes in the field.

I am also impressed with its large shell, which showcases its durability and authenticity. It also boasts of genuine internal padding as well as an aggressive facemask. Furthermore, it makes for a great centerpiece, which you can get at an affordable price. It is a heavy-duty piece that will surely last for a long time.

One issue I noticed, though, is that the decals are not that well-pressed, causing some hints of air bubbles.
  • Full-sized football helmet that looks like the authentic one
  • Works well as a collectible item
  • Allows you to choose from different team decals and colors
  • The shell design is unique
  • Heavy-duty and long-lasting
  • Not that well-pressed decals

10. Rawlings Momentum Plus Football Helmet


The last but surely not the least football helmet I would like to review is the Rawlings Momentum Plus. It is one of those youth football helmets that continue to leave a good impression to users. One remarkable thing in this football helmet is its shell design, which is similar to the design used by the young athletes’ favorite professional players.

I like the fit of this football helmet, too. I think it fits well because of the presence of the C3 customizable inflation liner. Another thing that is so good about this helmet is that it is adjustable. You can adjust it to its unique size with the aid of its inflation port, which you can find at the rear.

I am also glad that this football helmet makes use of stainless steel material for its construction as this significantly increases its durability. With its high level of durability, you will surely be able to enjoy it on the field. It is weather-resistant plus the material will not rust.

The ABS material used in the shell is also beneficial as it is known for withstanding all forms of impact. In addition, the helmet is proven to be versatile. One sign that it is versatile is the fact that it can perfectly fit various players.

However, despite being high in quality, there are still those who complained about some slight inaccuracies in sizing.
  • Follows the shell design of professional football players
  • Customizable and adjustable fit
  • Highly durable with the help of stainless steel
  • Weather-resistant and rust-resistant
  • Genuinely versatile
  • Some sizing inaccuracies

What is a Football Helmet

best football helmet to prevent concussions

A football helmet can be defined as protective equipment primarily used in Canadian and American football. In most cases, this protective gear comes with a hard plastic shell, which also features inner thick padding.

This product also consists of a chinstrap and a facemask usually constructed from at least one metal bars coated in plastic. Every football player, regardless of their position, needs this helmet for protection. In most cases, the player’s position in the field can determine the kind of face mask he needs.

It is crucial to pick the right kind as this promotes a balance in visibility and protection. It is also possible for you to integrate polycarbonate visors into your chosen football helmet.

With these visors, your eyes will gain full protection from impact and glare. The fact that football helmets are made of hard materials makes it effective in protecting players from impact and blows while playing on the field.

Types of Football Helmets

best college football helmets 2018

The ever-useful NFL football helmets are actually available in different kinds with each one serving a different purpose. In most cases, a football helmet is categorized based on its users, which is why you can find a youth football helmet and an adult football helmet.

The youth or children’s football helmet is usually constructed from ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic. One impressive thing about this material is that it has a high level of durability. It is durable enough that it is capable of handling hits and tackles often made by the youth or young children.

However, it is still incapable of handling the power or skill of an adult player known for his strength. With that, it is no longer surprising to see some manufacturers creating another form of helmet designed for adults.

As for the adult football helmets, you will notice that they are capable of offering greater impact force – thanks to its sturdier and more rigid heavy-duty material known as polycarbonate. With that in mind, I highly advise the stronger and more durable adult helmet for those who need to play with older and stronger players.

You can also differentiate or categorize the football helmets in the market based on their designs. If you are looking for a football helmet design then be aware that often comes in the form of a standard helmet, which is lined with dense padding. This padding is useful in cushioning your head from impact.

You can even find those designed in a way that they make use of specialized air cells that can either expand or collapse depending on the applied pressure. With this, you know that you receive a better level of protection. You can also find those designed that make use of onboard wireless software.

This software works in recording the velocity of every hit while you are on the field while also sending this pertinent information to your coach. It is also possible to differentiate the different kinds of football helmet based on their faceguard styles.

Note that faceguards are available in many styles but rest assured that all of them can maximize your required protection while ensuring that you can still play your position.

Benefits of Football Helmets


One of the major benefits of a good and reliable football helmet is that it offers protection. It is the primary reason why several football players invest in a helmet. In fact, you can find the best football helmet to prevent concussions in the market.

One thing that your chosen football helmet can do is reduce the risk of experiencing severe injuries while you are in a football field. This holds true after a collision. It offers such protection from injuries as the helmet can reduce the acceleration of your head right after impact.

With that, you know that the football helmet can benefit you as it can minimize your risk of experiencing either a brain-skull collision or sudden injuries. Another benefit of this product is that it is impact or force absorbent. It is mainly because the helmet makes use of a material inside, which can absorb moisture.

It does so by compressing with an aim of absorbing force while you are experiencing a collision then gradually going back to restore their original shape. Such restoration and compression are beneficial as these can prolong the collision’s duration. Furthermore, it can reduce the total impact transmitted to your head.

Apart from offering protection, another benefit that the football helmet can offer is that it makes football players look great. In fact, some players choose to wear helmets that signify their personality, make them look good on the field, or make them represent their team well.

What to Look For When Buying a Football Helmet


You need to pick the best youth football helmet 2018 or the best one for adults depending on your needs. Your choice should also be determined by certain factors. Note that a football helmet plays a crucial role in your performance on the field. With that in mind, it is vital to make a smart buying decision by considering these factors:

Safety Standards – Among the things you should consider when looking for a good and reliable football helmet are the safety standards. This is especially necessary if what you are searching for is the best youth football helmets for concussion protection and other serious injuries.

For the youth, the helmet should pass the safety standards mandated by the governing bodies. To determine this, visit the website of the manufacturer and spend time checking and reading the product description carefully. It is always a wise move to choose a brand, which has a good reputation.

It should be in the business for quite a long time, too. Another thing that you have to remind yourself of is that the most reliable brands of football helmets are actually those that use a patented technology, giving them an edge as far as safety is concerned.

For example, you can check out Riddell and Schutt that are among the leading brands of football helmets today. Most of their helmets make use of an anti-concussion technology. They also add other features and accessories to optimize or maximize safety and protection.

Head size and shape – Remember that each player has a unique body structure and personality, which is the main reason why the size and shape of your head also plays a major role in your final buying decision. In this case, you need to be aware of three categories – the round oval, the long oval, and the intermediate oval.

You can determine which one fits you by considering your head structure. Also, take note that one way to determine if you are wearing the right size of helmet is to figure out if it puts some pressure on the wrong parts or points of your head. If that is the case then it is not the right helmet for you.

You need to determine the exact spots in your head where the helmet tends to put pressure. The right size fits well and prevents huge movements. It also tends to make you feel like you are pulling your scalp and facial skin when you remove it.

Weight and fit – Whether you are looking for the best college football helmets 2018 or the ones for adults, the weight and fit of your choices play a crucial role in making a smart decision. One thing you have to remember in this case is that kids tend to have smaller necks and heads compared to adults.

They also tend to have smaller muscle mass than adults. With that in mind, it is advisable to look for a lightweight helmet for kids or the youth to prevent them from feeling the extreme pressure and impact often caused by a heavy helmet. This especially holds true while the football game progresses.

Even for adults, lightweight helmets are great options as these promote smooth movements while on the field. If possible, go for a helmet, which features special lightweight plastics, like ABS. It should also be constructed from lightweight materials, thereby ensuring that you can easily and comfortably wear it during the game.

Another important consideration is the fit. Check whether it is a good fit to your head. If you can, try to put the helmet on before buying. Also, remember that there are helmets that let you use an inflation system as a means of adjusting their fit.

Others, on the other hand, feature an interior memory foam style cushion, which works by making adjustments based on the contours of your head. This is perfect for those who are in search of custom football helmets.

Visor – Another vital aspect of a football helmet that you should consider is the visor. It is important for the helmet’s visor to be clear since this can give you a clear vision while on the field. Mercury-tinted and smoked visors are actually good options for those who want a great-looking football helmet.

The problem is that these tend to hinder the clarity of your vision while on the field so stay away from them as much as possible. If you have a bigger budget then go for a football helmet with an anti-scratch and anti-fog visor.

It makes for a great investment as it can give you a guarantee that you will not have a hard time seeing everything on the field clearly.

Cushioning – It is also necessary to check the cushioning of the football helmet you are aiming to buy prior to investing in it. Check football helmet ratings 2018 and their corresponding reviews and product descriptions so you will have an idea about whether or not their cushioning is already satisfying.

Remember that the primary purpose of a football helmet is to offer protection to your skull against potential damage in case you encounter problems while on the field. To protect you, the inner cushioning plays a major role. With that in mind, look for a football helmet with a proper cushioning.

You know that it has a good and proper cushion if it is capable of absorbing the force and impact from various sources. If possible, choose a helmet with a flat inner surface. This will also ensure that you will receive the type of protection that a football helmet is supposed to provide.

Age and skill level – Your age and skill level as a football player should also have a say on your final decision. Young kids often only need basic protection because they do not usually tackle nor hit as hard as older children. That said, try to look for the lightest youth football helmet you can find. This is good for those who are around 5-10 years old.

For older kids and adults who tend to make a really strong impact, a helmet designed to protect them is beneficial. The best choice is an adult helmet constructed out of heavy-duty material. Just make sure that the heavy-duty material does not hamper your movements. It should still be easy to use and manage.

Air liner – This is an important feature in any football helmet. Often found in Schutt, Adams, and Riddell football helmets, the air liner is a major help in improving and customizing their fit. It is designed in a way that it can provide you with a safe, secure, and snug helmet.

It actually works under the basic principle of strategically placing inflatable air pockets into the liner so it will be inflated using a pump. Once inflated, it can fill the extra space in between your head, and the padding and shell.

You will also notice that the air liner wraps around your head, specifically on top of your crown. This is important in lifting the helmet from the head, providing you with a great view through your facemask.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does the football helmet come with facemask and chin strap?

In most cases, the helmet already comes with a facemask. In case your chosen model or brand does not have one, then it is possible for you to purchase it separately. In most cases, this facemask is constructed from either stainless or carbon steel. It is lightweight without compromising its ability to offer strong protection to its users.

Ensure that your chosen helmet features a facemask or that you buy a facemask, which is effective in protecting the skull, as well as vital facial features, like the nose, mouth, and eyes. As for the chin strap, expect it to be included in the majority of football helmets in the market today. 

Are football helmets safe?

Provided it meets the safety standards imposed by football organizations, it is safe to say that a football helmet is safe to use. In fact, it is meant to give as much protection to its users as possible. The newest football helmet designs are even constructed in such a way that they can make players safe from possible brain injuries in case of a collision.

Also, most football helmets come with an eye shield or visor. This is attached to the facemask, making the helmet safer to use. The presence of this visor can help protect football players from eye injuries or glare, like pokes. If you want to make sure that your football helmet will protect you, go for one with a visor, which is not tinted.

What football helmets are made of?

The first football helmets were actually manufactured out of leather. The problem is that the material seems to not provide the kind of protection your skull needs. It does not also seem to prevent brain damage in case of accidents on the field. With that in mind, the materials sued for football helmets evolved.

Nowadays, you can find helmets constructed from molded polycarbonate shells. This material is used because aside from being lightweight, it is also durable and strong, thereby giving users as much protection as possible. It also often has foam padding inside.

As for its primary components or parts, you should know that these include the following:

Shell – It refers to the protective and hard cover of the football helmet. It works in a way that it distributes shock and impact to your head evenly. The shell also tends to absorb the energy caused by a strong impact. A good choice is a football helmet, which has a rounded shell as this tends to deflect a harder impact and hit.

You can also expect the shell to offer protection to your face, temples, skull’s base, lower jaw, and other important parts of your head. One way to determine if you are getting a good and reliable shell is if it has the strength to prevent penetration. It should also be capable of providing a strong and rigid anchor for the chin strap, face, and padding.

In most cases, the shell is constructed from polycarbonate, polycarbonate alloy, or cycolack material. Most prefer those made from polycarbonate because of its impact strength.

Padding – The padding is also a vital component of a football helmet. It is often constructed out of molded foam or vinyl-dipped dual-density foam, which offers more protection.

Choose a football helmet with padding that has a high level of impact absorption. It should also have a padding system, which is removable to guarantee a customized fit.

Chinstrap – The chinstrap is also an important component of a football helmet. It is necessary in ensuring that it firmly stays in place. There are actually two primary styles of chinstraps today – the 4-point style and the 2-point style.

If you want to get maximum stability then consider going for the 4-point chinstrap. You can also find one with additional padding.

Facemask – The facemask is also important as it keeps your face fully protected while playing football. The facemask tends to be securely attached to the front part of the football helmet. Make sure that you pick a helmet with a facemask that perfectly suits your position on the field.

What are good football helmet brands?

You will never run out of choices if you are searching for a protective and functional football helmet because of the numerous reputable manufacturers and brands of this product. You can choose Xenith football helmets that have already gained the trust of several players because of the maximum protection they provide.

The main brands that dominate the football helmet industry also include Riddell and Schutt. Both these brands are known for producing the most technologically advanced and the highest rated football helmets today. This is the main reason why you can see their helmets being regularly used by NFL players.

How football helmets are made?

The way a football helmet is made or manufactured is actually dependent on the specific brand and model. However, in most cases, it involves the construction of the outer shell first, which is usually done with the help of polycarbonate alloy, a tough plastic material. This material reaches the manufacturing plan in pellet form.

The manufacturers then load the pellets into injection-molding machinery. This is where the pellets will be melted then forced into a cavity, which is the same size as the helmet. In most cases, the shell can be molded in only around a minute. It also differs in sizes. The shell may be in sizes of small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Once the shell is removed from the machine, the drilling of around fourteen to fifteen holes into it should come next. The next step is the manufacturing of the protective air liners. Once done, the manufacturer will then produce the special foams that are needed for the air liner.

This often involves die-cutting huge sheets of foam to meet your desired size. After putting on the foams, the jaw pads, facemasks, and chinstraps will be attached. Painting the helmets in standard finished colors will then come next.

Once everything has been done, it will undergo an inspection to ensure that it meets quality, safety, and workmanship standards.

How to choose the right size of a football helmet?

Just like what has been mentioned in the buying guide section of this article, choosing the right size of a football helmet is necessary to ensure that you are making the right buying decision. But how do you choose the perfect or right size for you? The first thing that you have to do, in this case, is to get a measurement of your head circumference.

Generally, your athletic trainer can help figure out the proper size of a helmet for you. Also, take note that every brand has a sizing chart as well as some instructions on how to get the right fit. As a guide, though, you can measure your head circumference with the help of cloth tape.

The first step involves positioning the cloth tape around one inch over your eyebrows. Use this measurement in choosing the proper football helmet size. In case the measurement falls in between two sizes, then consider getting the smaller size. Moreover, make sure that the front edge of the helmet is around one inch over your eyebrows.

How to make football helmets more comfortable?

The ultimate solution to ensuring that your football helmet is comfortable to use is to get the proper fit and the right size. However, even if you already bought a helmet with the right fit and size, it is still crucial to learn some tips on making it even more comfortable. One way is to avoid tossing it in the bag right after purchase.

Note that you do not need to wait until it is time to play football to wear it. In fact, it is advisable to begin wearing the helmet immediately. Begin wearing it for thirty minutes. Your goal here is to break it in. What’s good about this process is that it is guaranteed to increase your level of comfort once you start wearing it on the actual field.

How do football helmets prevent concussions?

Your decision to wear a helmet during a football game or practice is a major help in preventing concussions. It can significantly lessen your risk of experiencing serious brain injuries as well as death. It is mainly because during a collision or fall, the helmet will absorb the majority of impact energy than your brain and head.

The hard football helmets also offer reasonable protection from impact injuries caused by translational movements. It can prevent concussions and reduce your risk of dealing with bleeding within the skull and skull fractures.

How to clean a football helmet?

Cleaning a football helmet is essential especially if you want to get rid of the odor, grime, and sweet from its interiors. Note that you need a clean helmet in between games to keep you feeling fresh and comfortable during your games. A clean football helmet is also capable of lasting for quite a long time.

To clean the foam pads found in the helmet’s interiors, use soft fabric cloths, those that will not damage or ruin the product’s finish. The cloths to use for cleaning should also be soft enough in the sense that they won’t get rid of the pads’ protective coating.

You can actually use microfiber pads for cleaning. However, it is advisable to use a plain cotton dish towel or cleaning cloth as this can clean up the helmet’s interiors without harming it.

As for the exteriors, you should make use of gentle cleansers, like an oxygen bleach solution or mild dishwashing liquid. With the help of a damp rag, rub the gentle cleanser over the pads. Make sure to get in between them as much as possible.

Dip another rag in plain water then use it to wipe the area. The goal here is to get rid of the soap. With that, you will have a clean helmet, which will not irritate your skin once you wear it the next time.

How to fit a football helmet?

Ensuring that your football helmet fits correctly while properly inflating the air bladder linings is essential in minimizing your risk of dealing with catastrophic brain injuries and concussion during a football game and practice. This is the main reason why you have to do something to ensure that the helmet fits you correctly.

Remember that the fit and size of the helmet differs from one player to another. To ensure that you get the right measurement and fit, measure one inch above your eyebrows, specifically in the area surrounding the widest portion of your head. It is also advisable to consider your present or future haircut.

Aside from that, it is also essential to consider the present size of your face and head, especially if you are a child. You need to consider this while making adjustments on the fit. That way, getting a helmet that is of the right size and fit is possible.

Who invented football helmet?

The first football helmet ever introduced to the market was invented and designed by James Naismith, an American and Canadian sports innovator and coach. He was also the one who invented basketball in 1891.


The best football helmet is always an excellent investment for all football players. With its usefulness as far as offering protection is concerned, you can play on the field with comfort and peace of mind.

Learn more about how to choose the best youth football helmets with in depth reviews and buyer’s guide.

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