The 10 Best Football Knee Pads of 2022

A knee pad refers to a protective gear, which you can wear on the knees as a means of protecting you from an injury caused by an impact in case you fall to the ground or hit an obstacle. The best football knee pads also have the capability of providing you with adequate padding in case of prolonged kneeling.

It is particularly useful for those who play football because just like other forms of sports, football players are also at risk of taking plenty of hits to their knees. These players are always run and jump. To perform well on the field, they need to keep their knees protected.

Note that the nature of football, as well as the spirited and enthusiastic play of players, can trigger injuries. The problem is that soft tissue and bone injury often take place in the ankle joints and knee ligaments. With the help of the right knee pad, you can prevent such injury from happening.

It can even help you deliver excellent performance on the field by protecting and preventing injuries while offering pain relief. To give you an idea about the wide range of products in this industry, here are 10 of the most popular and effective knee pads that you can use for football.

Best Football Knee Pads 2019

1. Schutt Varsity Vinyl-Dipped Football Knee Pad

One of the knee pads mainly designed for football that I would like to recommend to any football player is the Varsity Vinyl-dipped knee pad offered by Schutt. What I find so remarkable about this product is that it is constructed out of high-quality vinyl material. I think this material is what makes this knee pad truly durable.

I also find it impressive in delivering a fantastic level of protection in terms of preventing injuries, especially for players and athletes who hold skilled positions. Whether you need small football knee pads or larger ones, this knee pad can offer an excellent fit. It is mainly because the pads are compatible with small and large knees.

The vinyl material used in this football knee pad also has a soft touch on the knees, meaning it offers comfort despite its durability and sturdiness. You will find it genuinely comfortable to wear. It also boasts of its lightweight and user-friendly design.

What you only need to do is to put it under your long socks prior to your game so you will have an assurance of complete safety once in the field. It has a great fit while covering your knees for ultimate protection. Despite its wide coverage, it still leaves some room to stay agile once you start playing on the field.

However, take note that it is slightly hard once you take it out of the box and during the first uses. After a couple of uses, though, rest assured that the material will soften up, giving you comfort.
  • Constructed from high-quality vinyl
  • Ideal for small and large knees
  • Durable yet lightweight and comfortable
  • Boasts of a user-friendly define
  • Great fit with wide knee coverage, offering complete protection
  • A bit hard initially

2. Schutt VKP Varsity Football Knee Pad

Another football knee pad that got my attention is the Schutt VKP Varsity Football Knee Pad. I think that one strong point of this football knee pad is its lightness. It is lightweight in a way that you can play the game without worrying about it affecting your performance.

It still lets you move with ease. The fact that it has a sturdy vinyl-dipped construction is also a big advantage. It means that the knee pad will give you the highest level of protection against impact possible. It is because such material is known to be solid enough to protect users.

It is available in a varsity size, too, so if you are part of a varsity football league then you will find this knee pad working perfectly in your favor. Another thing I noticed about it is that it is well-made considering the fact that it comes from Schutt, a truly reputable brand.

Furthermore, it is designed to give you comfort with its extra cushion. The problem is that some users still find its padding a bit lacking and thin.
  • Guaranteed to be lightweight
  • Will not weigh you down nor hamper your performance in the field
  • Made of sturdy vinyl
  • Offers incredible protection against impact
  • Works well for varsity players
  • Some find its padding slightly lacking and thin.

3. ADAMS USA Tuff Knee Pad Set

If you are interested in buying a knee pad set, then I highly recommend this specific product offered by ADAMS USA. Just like the previous product, I noticed that it is actually constructed to be lightweight, which assures users that it will never be that difficult to wear on the field.

There is no need to worry about the knee pad limiting the movements of players, too, considering its lightness. Comfort is also combined with the lightness of this knee pad as it also makes use of a foam cushion.

It has dimensions that are just enough to the majority of users, too. Another major highlight of this product is its ability to do its job of offering incredible protection to different types of users. It can even protect the knees of users who are a bit of a heavier side, such as those more than 350 lbs.

I am also impressed with the correct density used in this knee pad. It is because it is soft while still being durable and capable of offering good protection. It is indeed a great knee pad for those who really value their knees.

However, because it comes in a set, it might be pricier than those pads that are sold in pairs.
  • Lightweight construction
  • Does not limit movements
  • Uses a foam cushion to provide comfort
  • Performs well in providing incredible protection to the knees
  • Soft while retaining its durability and high level of protection
  • Pricey

4. Gear Pro-Tec Z-Cool Football Knee Pad

I am also glad that I came across another nice football knee pad in the form of the Gear Pro-Tec Z-cool. I think that this choice works well whether what you are looking for are youth football knee pads, the ones for adults, or those for kids.

Sold in pairs, you will be able to provide full protection for both your knees. It can give you peace of mind since you know that it truly works when it comes to giving your knees the protection it desperately needs while you are on the football field.

I am also happy that despite being truly a great performer as far as protecting the knees is concerned, it will not hamper your movements in any way. In fact, it is very lightweight that you can still move around the field with ease and perform your best.

Another fun benefit of this football knee pad is that it has a vented design. It is well-ventilated, providing proper airflow as well as evaporative cooling, thereby giving you as much comfort as possible. The fact that it works for all football players of different levels also showcase the versatility of its overall construction.

However, this football knee pad does not provide you with several options in terms of color as it is only available in white.
  • Works for different football players of different levels
  • Lightweight construction
  • Allows you to move with ease even when you are wearing it
  • Versatile and sturdy construction
  • Provides proper ventilation and airflow
  • Only comes in a single color

5. Schutt Varsity Vinyl-Dipped Air-cushioned Knee Pad

Another highly reliable football knee pad from Schutt is its Varsity Vinyl-dipped and Air-cushioned knee pad. I noticed that this knee pad aims to improve the performance of any football player since it gives them the chance to focus more on their gameplay instead of thinking and worrying about incurring a knee injury.

It even allows them to perform faster on the field since it does not weigh down nor limit their movements while giving the highest level of protection. It can prevent any accident or injury from taking place in a player’s knees.

I am happy that the manufacturer of this knee pad constructed it using deep vinyl. Such material is a big advantage because it is not only sturdy but also known to provide a soft touch to your knees. It is lightweight and user-friendly, too. Using it simply involves putting it beneath your long socks prior to the game.

Once worn, it can give you peace of mind since you will feel truly safe. I am also glad that this knee pad takes advantage of an air cushioning, which is truly effective in offering not only comfort but also a high level of protection. It is well-padded, too, which makes the knee pad extra comfortable.

However, note that while this also perfectly fits those who need kid’s football knee pads, it might still be necessary to trim or cut the pads a bit to make it fit the user’s football pants.
  • Offers peace of mind because of its high level of protection
  • Improves your performance and focus on the football field
  • Lightweight while still having enough padding
  • Uses an air cushioning, making it comfortable
  • Made of sturdy deep vinyl, which also provides a soft touch to the item
  • Trimming the pads might still be necessary for young users.

6. ADAMS USA Youth Tuff Lite Football Knee Pad

Another football knee pad that continues to leave a good impression on me is the ADAMS USA Youth Tuff Lite. Sold in a set containing a couple of knee pads, I am sure that this product is worth its price.

One highlight of this knee pad is that it is user-friendly. I realized that it is never that difficult to put on and take off at all. Attaching it to your pants or socks is also very easy. I am also satisfied with just the right dimensions used in the pad.

Another thing that I am truly happy about in this knee pad is that it makes use of a thick foam cushion. It is truly thick, which is a good thing if you truly want a knee pad that delivers its promise of offering any user knee protection and adequate support

What is good about the thick cushion foam used is that aside from being supportive and protective, it is also effective in the area of offering comfort. It is a good product for its price. It is constructed to be totally durable, too.

One potential problem that you might encounter, though, is that it is a bit large for those with smaller knees, particularly young users. The good news is that despite quite big for some of them, trimming to fit their size is still easy.
  • Reasonably priced
  • User-friendly as putting it on and taking it off is truly easy
  • Uses a thick foam cushion for support and protection
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Easy to trim to size
  • Slightly bigger for users with smaller knees

7. RIDDELL Youth Football Knee Pad

The next product I would like to suggest to anyone who is in search of a reliable, supportive, and sturdy knee pad is the RIDDELL Youth Football Knee Pad. I am truly impressed with the versatility of this knee pad considering the fact that it is not only manufactured for football players.

Those who play tennis, badminton, track and field, basketball, and any other demanding sport can also take advantage of this knee pad. It provides protection to different athletes with its sturdy and durable construction.

It can also resist the force of impact in case of rough gameplay. It is mainly because of its high-density shock-absorbent property. With such features, I find it truly effective in delivering what it promises as far as giving the user’s knees utmost protection.

Despite being tough to offer protection and support, it still has a reasonable amount of padding and cushion for comfort. Another excellent benefit that I would like to highlight in this youth football knee pad is that it is capable of retaining body heat. This is a good thing in warming the joints in your knees. It also works in boosting blood circulation.

One main issue that you might encounter with this knee pad, though, is that there might be a need to cut it down a bit so it can perfectly fit some users.
  • Highly versatile as it works in different sports
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Capable of resisting impact and absorbing shocks
  • Provides the right amount of padding and cushion for comfort
  • Can retain body heat and boost blood circulation
  • Cutting or trimming it to fit might be necessary for some users

8. New Douglas Vinyl-coated Football Knee Pad

If you are searching for adult football knee pads then I think that the New Douglas Vinyl-coated Small Rounded Foam Football Knee Pad is an ideal choice for you. I am glad that this football knee pad was introduced to the public as it truly makes for a good investment.

It is available in a set containing 1 pair of football knee pads. I am happy that it works well for adult football players. It is also designed in a way that it can handle rough gameplay, so expect it to handle the blows and hits on your knees, giving them as much protection as possible.

I find it totally lightweight, too, which means that moving in the field with the knee pad worn is easy and comfortable. The vinyl-dipped material used in constructing this knee pad also works in boosting its durability. The added foam is also designed in a way that it gives users as much comfort as possible. The rounded shape is comfy, too.

One possible drawback that you might complain about in this product is that it does not have several color options since it is only available in white.
  • Offered in a set with 1 pair, giving good value for your money
  • Works well for adult athletes and football players
  • Can deal with rough gameplay, offering a reliable knee support and protection
  • Totally lightweight yet durable
  • Rounded shape and added foam offer comfort
  • Available in white only

9. McDavid 6440 Hex Football Knee Pad

Another highly impressive football knee pad that I wish you should check out before you make your final purchase is the McDavid 6440 Hex. One major thing I like about this pad is its versatility and functionality. It is mainly because aside from protecting your knees, it is also possible to use it to protect your shin and elbows.

Another great thing about this knee pad is that it utilizes the superior and unique hex technology, which is a closed-cell foam padding that gives you the support and protection you need when playing a collision or contact sport. The use of such technology makes the knee pad truly durable, too.

With that, expect to be able to boost your performance in the football field. Another thing I truly like about this knee pad is that it uses a moisture management technology. Such technology makes you stay dry and cool all throughout the game.

It is one of the most convenient knee pads that you can wear, too, considering the fact that it is easy to use while also promoting ease in cleaning it up. In fact, you will instantly notice that it is one of those knee pads that can be washed and dried in a machine without worrying about possible damage.

The sizing for this knee pad is a bit confusing, though, so it would be advisable to consult someone to ensure that you get the most accurate fit.
  • Protects not only your knees but also your shin and elbows
  • Offers support when playing a collision or contact sport
  • Allows you to stay cool and dry because of its moisture management technology
  • Highly durable
  • Washable and dryable using a machine
  • Sizing is a bit confusing

10. Bodyprox Protective Knee Pad

Lastly, I would like to recommend the Bodyprox Protective Knee Pad, which is a truly reliable option for anyone who wishes to play football while providing the ultimate protection and support they need for their knees. It comes in a set with one pair of knee pads for both your knee.

One major advantage of this is that it boasts of its unisex design, making it suitable for both men and women. It is super lightweight, too, which is a good thing if you want to be able to move freely. It can also protect your knee regardless of the outdoor or contact sports you are taking part in.

Another thing I am really happy about in this knee pad is its ergonomic design. Such design gives users the comfort they need as it follows their natural movements. Aside from being good for athletes, you can also use it when doing your exercises to prevent and protect yourself from knee injuries.

The knee pad is also constructed out of high-density foam, which is strong enough while being truly elastic. The fabric used in the knee pad is also breathable, which is a good thing in boosting your comfort level in the field as it can keep your skin dry while letting you stay cool.

It is slightly bulky, though, but if you consider the high level of protection it offers, this specific bulkiness can be easily managed.
  • Offers the ultimate protection and support for the knees
  • Features a unisex design
  • Highly elastic and lightweight
  • Boasts of its ergonomic design
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Slightly bulky

Benefits of a Football Knee Pad

Investing in the best knee pads for football can offer several benefits to players. Here are just some of the positive things that this product can do for you:

Prevents injury

Remember that your knees are among the most vital parts of your body as they have several functions. Your knees even serve as the center holding your weight. This means that they are prone to get harmed in case you do not provide them with the right protection.

If you are a football player then you may want to invest in a high-quality knee pad to protect this vital body part. You do not want to get injured because of your game and end up causing more problems than necessary.

Makes you perform confidently

Note that you will have a difficult time performing confidently during each of your football games if you constantly think about getting injured. Get rid of your worries right now by investing in the right knee pad.

By wearing this, you will feel safer while on the field. It is also the key to improving your performance since you can focus more on the game instead of the possibility of incurring an injury because you come out on the field with your knee unprotected. It can give you your desired peace of mind.

Capable of absorbing shock

What’s good about the football knee bad is that it is constructed in a way that it can absorb a significant amount of shock. With this feature, you can lessen the pressure and stress in your knee in case of an injury, making its effects less serious.

Protects your movements

Considering the fact that your knee performs the vital function of bearing your weight, protecting it is also the key to securing your ability to walk comfortably, run, jump, and do other movements, especially when you are already playing on the field.

It will never limit your movement. In fact, you can further improve your focus and confidence since you know that it can help you play more effectively while injury that your knees stay healthy and free of any form of injury.

What to Look For When Buying a Football Knee Pad

Now that we have tackled some of the benefits that the high quality football knee pads can provide, it is time to gather relevant information about how you can find the right one in the market that is suitable enough for you. To avoid viewing the whole selection process tricky and challenging, here are vital factors to remember when shopping:


When shopping for the perfect knee pad for football, you have to study its different types so you will know exactly which one is suitable for you. Note that knee pads are manufactured in different types. Some of them are designed to offer protection for different fields, like dancing, work, acrobatics, and sports.

If you are looking for a knee pad for football then ensure that it delivers its main functions, like protection and support. However, it should also hold several properties, like lightness, stylishness, comfort, breathability, and flexibility. The different types of knee pad can actually be categorized based on the materials used in them.

They also differ in the terms of padding used. For instance, you can find those with grooves, those that are seamless, and those that are hexagonal in shape. The types of knee pad also differ in the closures they use.

In the case of the sleeve type, for instance, you will notice that the knee pad lacks closures. The adjustable kind of knee pad, on the other hand, comes with Velcro closures that you can use in wrapping.


The specific material used in the overall construction of the knee pad also plays a major role in whether or not it is a good buy. Among the most commonly used materials in this item that continue to stand out because of their performance are neoprene, spandex, leather, and cotton.

These materials are often used by manufacturers because aside from being highly durable, they are also breathable and comfortable. Also, take note that the knee pad is often equipped with a material known for its shock-absorbing ability. It’s probably the most vital part of the item as it further gives you protection.

In this case, the perfect material that you can choose if you need a knee pad, which is truly shock-absorbent is polyurethane. A gel-like material is also a good option as aside from being shock-absorbent, it is also elastic, offering wearers a better range of motion while protecting them in case of trauma or falls.

Overall construction

It is also advisable to spend time checking the overall construction of the knee pad. Aside from checking the durability and level of comfort offered by the specific material used in constructing the knee pad, ensure that you also spend time assessing its breathability.

Ensure that it is constructed from a truly breathable material – one that can wick away or minimize sweat while keeping your body dry. You can also find those that feature a hard shell on their exteriors. Such hard shell further improves the ability of the pad to offer protection from falls on tough and hard surfaces.

You should consider buying such a pad if you are involved in a demanding and extreme sport, like football. The overall construction should also be able to absorb impact and shock well.

Security and flexibility

Another crucial factor that should play an important role in your final decision is the security of the knee pad. Find out how you can secure and fit the knee pad in place. Also, figure out the level of its security. Make sure that you can easily and properly secure it to the knee pad pocket to boost protection.

It is also crucial to pick a really flexible product – one that will never cause discomfort when you are wearing it. It should be able to adjust based on the specific position you are in. Ensure, however, that it is still capable of offering the protection you desperately need.


Another important factor to consider is the breathability or ventilation present in the knee pad. Note that playing on the field with the knee pad might cause you to feel hot. With that in mind, you need one, which comes with ventilating channels so it will stay breathable and give you as much comfort as possible.


Choosing the ideal football knee pad for you is also possible by finding the perfect fit. Remember that if it fits incorrectly, then it would be unable to give your knees proper protection. Too big knee pads might cause them to slide up or down, causing discomfort while lessening their ability to prevent injuries to your knees.

Getting one, which is too small, on the other hand, might also cause discomfort because it tends to cut off blood circulation while rubbing to your leg. To prevent those issues from happening, make it a point to find the ideal fit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to cut football knee pads?

While it is not actually advisable to cut a football knee pad as it might reduce the supposedly high level of protection that it can offer, you can actually do that, especially if you think that you got one with a wrong fit.

In this case, you can use a pair of scissors to cut the topmost part of the knee pad in an arch. It is advisable to do the cut that way to ensure that it appears professional while still reducing its size to fit you perfectly.

To avoid dealing with the hassle of cutting the knee pad, though, it would be best to find the perfect fit in the first place. Get the right size so you can boost the level of protection received by your knee without having to cut the knee pad.

How to put on the football knee pad?

Putting on the football knee pad is actually a simple process. The first thing you have to do is to turn your pants/garment inside out. Also, note that knee pads need to go on your exterior pants. Put the pads in the lowest slots of your pants. Bend them if necessary.

Make sure that the rounded endpoints are down while the flat part is on top. Just like the other football pads you wear, ensure that the curve matches that of your leg once you pull on your pants.

How to wash football knee pads?

Properly maintaining your football knee pad is actually possible by knowing how to wash it properly. Check the washing directions indicated on the attached label of your item as it can guide you all throughout the cleaning process. Basically, washing the knee pads involves cleaning their stains before actually washing them.

If there are grass stains or dirt, soak the pads in bleach first prior to putting them in your washing machine. After soaking, you can wash them in the machine but ensure to check the label first to determine if you need to follow a certain temperature for washing. Sticking to the recommended temperature will prevent them from shrinking.

Add the right amount of detergent to your washing machine. You should then start washing the pads. Ensure that you wash them separately from your other garments. Once the first wash cycle is done, check the condition of the knee pad. In case the stains are still there, soak them in bleach once more time.

Put it in your washing machine for the second wash cycle. If the stains are fully removed, you can air-dry them. Once done, check whether the pads still fit in the same way as before using them again.


Knees are among the most frequently injured parts of the body, particularly for athletes, like football players. Some players even faced the unwanted ordeal of ending their careers because of an injury to the knee. You can prevent that from happening with the aid of the best football knee pads.

Make your choice based on the information indicated in this article and you will definitely be able to take a hold of a knee pad, which allows you to take proper care of your knees while providing them with adequate support and protection.

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