Best Football Lineman Gloves 2022: An Extensive Guide

The best football lineman gloves are among the gears that a lineman should invest in as these are capable of boosting their performance on the gridiron. Such improvement in performance is made possible with the ability of the gloves to protect your hands while giving the extra grip needed in controlling the ball.

Depending on what it is that you exactly need on the field, you have to use the best offensive lineman gloves capable of offering protection and grip while providing a positive performance in terms of fit, flexibility, and weight. Note that as a lineman, you tend to take hard hits on the field.

With that in mind, you need the best defensive lineman gloves or that designed for the offensive lineman that are not only tough but also built with several protection materials. The best one is that, which can protect your fingers and hands from abrasion, hyperextension, and damage.

If you are still dealing with confusion on what to choose then we have decided to gather 10 of the best-rated lineman gloves so you can formulate a buying decision based on them.

Best Football Lineman Glove Reviews 2019

1. Nike Vapor Jet Lightspeed Football Glove

If what you are searching for is a pair of Nike lineman gloves, then the first product I will recommend, the Nike Vapor Jet Lightspeed, is surely for you. I instantly realized that it is a remarkable choice because of its durability. It is a tough football glove, which you can use to play the entire season and probably several more.

Aside from its durability, I am impressed with the grip provided by this product. It grips too well in the sense that you will never have problems making one-hand catches each time you practice or during actual games. It also tends to hold up much better for quite a long time.

Another thing that is so good about this lineman glove is its versatility. You will never have problems using it whether it is on a well-maintained field, dusty field, or turf terrain. I love the mesh design of this lineman glove as it also further enhances the breathability of the glove as well as its flexibility, allowing it to grasp and grip well.

The fact that it is constructed from silicone also proves how durable and sturdy it is. It has a customizable fit, thanks to its closure. It is lightweight, too, plus you will surely fall in love with the many colors and color combinations provided by the glove.

As for the drawbacks, one thing noticed by some of its users is that it tends to lose its grip a bit when dirty, so it is advisable to keep this glove clean all the time.
  • Guarantees a customizable and superior fit
  • Comes in various colors and color combinations
  • Provides a good grip
  • Highly durable and versatile
  • Comes with a mesh design, which enhances durability
  • Tends to lose its grip with the buildup of dirt

2. Cutters Force Padded Football Glove

You can also choose a product from the Cutters lineman gloves line. In this case, I suggest including the Cutters Force Lineman Gloves in your list of choices. I am pleased to say that this glove showcases a high level of craftsmanship. It also uses a top-notch quality material.

Constructed out of tough synthetic leather, it is definitely built to impress and give you the protection and durability you specifically need. It is long-lasting and highly durable because of its toughness. I am also glad that the brand uses its unique C-TACK material.

You can find the C-TACK patches on the palm, thumb, and fingers, further enhancing the grip of the football glove. The compressed foam padding used in the football glove is also a big advantage. It is mainly because it provides the utmost protection to your hands while giving you as much comfort as possible.

The padding can protect you from all hits and possible injuries during an intense game. In addition, it is comfortable enough because of the added ventilation. It also takes pride in its double wrist strap, which, I think, is effective in providing above-average protection to your wrist. This can enhance the stability of your wrist and hands.

However, be prepared to spend more for this specific lineman glove as it is actually one of the most expensive options in the market.
  • Showcases a high level of craftsmanship
  • Constructed out of tough and durable material, the synthetic leather
  • Offers utmost protection with its C-TACK patches
  • Comes with a compressed foam padding for more protection and comfort
  • Can make your wrist and hands more stable
  • Costly

3. Adidas Freak Max Football Gloves

The third product I will recommend for a lineman is the Adidas Freak Max Lineman Gloves. It is one of the most impressive Adidas lineman gloves considering the fact that it excels in terms of performance and protection. I am happy that it is offered by Adidas because this brand is known for constructing the most reliable linebacker gloves.

I find it a solid choice for those who would like to own a football glove with a bit more padding. It is mainly because of the super thick padding used in the palms and the back, thereby ensuring that all areas of your hands are fully protected. It also guarantees a consistent grip regardless of the weather – thanks to its exclusive GRIPTACK palm.

Available in all sizes, I can also guarantee that you can find your ideal fit. It can also maximize its performance with the help of its multidirectional compression stretch. Another possible benefit of this football glove for a lineman is that it can significantly reduce the impact affecting your fingers with the aid of its integrated jam pad zone.

It is also totally supportive and comfortable. It has the ability to minimize the force of impact with the help of its sectional pad zones that also have highly breathable flex notches. Moreover, it can provide the right support with the aid of its extended wrist cuff.

There are some drawbacks, though, such as the fact that it is slightly expensive plus there are only limited options in terms of color.
  • Highly reliable and solid material used
  • Comes with a thick padding for ultimate protection
  • Provides adequate grip in all kinds of weather
  • Maximum performance guaranteed – thanks to its multidirectional compression stretch
  • Supportive as it has an extended wrist cuff
  • Slightly expensive
  • Color options are limited

4. Cutters Gamer Football Glove

Another football lineman glove from Cutters that grabbed my attention is the Cutters Gamer Football Glove. I think it is because it combines most of the qualities that a high-performance football lineman glove should have. These include a nice and comfortable feel, a high level of dexterity, a good grip, and excellent protection.

As for the grip, I found out that it can be attributed to the perforated C-TACK material used in the palm. Such supplies not only a good grip but also excellent ventilation. It is a comfortable pair of gloves as it is well-ventilated – thanks to the perforated compressed neoprene material and the mesh panel.

Both materials used in the backhand and thumb do not only enhance ventilation but also make the gloves as flexible, protective, and comfortable as possible. The mesh lining promotes breathability, too. I am also pleased to say that this is an all-purpose lineman glove.

It works well in various conditions and environments in the field. It can handle a lot of abuse and some unwanted and harsh elements, too. Furthermore, you can find adult and youth sizes for this, so it is definitely great for anyone who wishes to enjoy the sport while receiving a high level of protection.

However, remember that this glove is also prone to developing a stinky or unwanted smell with the buildup of sweat, so it is necessary to have it cleaned regularly.
  • Really comfortable
  • Promotes breathability
  • Offers a high level of protection
  • Highly flexible and well-ventilated
  • Works for both youth and adult players
  • Unwanted odors

5. Under Armour Combat V Football Glove

You can also use the Under Armour Combat V Football glove if you are a lineman. The combination of materials used in this football glove is also impressive as it makes it a really durable and protective piece for all players. Among the materials used in constructing this Under Armour glove are polyurethane, spandex, nylon, and polyester.

I immediately noticed that this is an all-purpose padded glove, which is specifically made for a lineman who wishes to battle in the trenches. It also takes pride in the flex technology that it uses. Such technology is characterized by a 4-way flex padding, which ensures that you stay protected on the field without restricting your movements.

With that, you will feel a peace of mind knowing that you can showcase your excellent performance on the field while keeping yourself, especially your hands fully protected. I am happy with the breathability, durability, and lightness provided by this lineman glove’s ArmourMesh construction, too.

It is long-lasting as it also boasts of the brand’s unique DuraTack palm, which can resist abrasion. It provides a high level of support for your wrist, too – thanks to its removable power strap. In addition, you will feel more protected with the aid of the glove’s pass-blocking pad.

Even if this is one of the best Under Armour lineman gloves, take note that it still has flaws – one of which is the fact that its Velcro straps surrounding the wrist are prone to tearing after using it for quite a long time.
  • Highly durable and protective
  • Boasts of its all-purpose padded glove for protection and comfort
  • Known for its lightness and breathability
  • Supports your wrist
  • Offers additional protection with the aid of its pass-blocking pad
  • Velcro straps are prone to tearing.

6. Adidas Freak 3.0 Football Glove

Another Adidas lineman football gloves that you should check out is the Freak 3.0. What I genuinely like about this football glove designed for a lineman is that it has a strong and consistent grip that you can use regardless of the weather. It is mainly because the brand makes use of its exclusive GRIPTACK palm.

It is a good choice for linemen and linebackers, especially for those who need a lot more when using the football gloves aside from the stickiness. One of the things that I am sure this football glove can offer is more support and structure. It can even provide additional support on your wrist with the help of its elongated neoprene band.

I am also glad that it can significantly lessen the impact on your hands. It is mainly because the glove comes with IRONSKIN zones that you can find in the middle, ring, and pinky fingers. With its ability to lessen the impact, you have a hundred percent guarantee that your hands are fully protected.

It can also further minimize the force of impact with the aid of its sectional pad zones. What is good about these zones is that they also feature breathable flex notches for your comfort. Furthermore, it has the ability of further maximizing its performance with the aid of the glove’s multidirectional compression stretch.

However, note that the color options are not as numerous as the other brands and models of football gloves.
  • Provides a strong and consistent grip on all kinds of weather
  • Sticky and supportive
  • Offers good wrist support
  • Offers full protection to your hands by lessening the impact
  • Guaranteed to be breathable
  • Color options are not as numerous as what some expected

7. NIKE Hyperbeast 2.0 Leather Lineman Glove

You will also surely be impressed if you decide to choose the Nike Hyperbeast 2.0 Lineman Gloves and start using this pair on the field. I think that one of the most impressive things that a potential user will instantly notice in this lineman glove is its attractive design.

I find the design of the Hyperbeast attractive while also showcasing several nice colors. I also realized that Nike did a pretty great job in terms of making the glove more protective. It is mainly because it has padding built in for absolute protection. It has durable and dense padding integrated to all key contact points.

With that, I am sure that it can handle even the most massive hits and impacts. Aside from being protective and durable, I am happy with its maneuverability. This means that any lineman will never have problems maneuvering it.

This specific Nike football glove also offers full coverage – thanks to its extended fingertip pads and compression-molded gel padding on the palm. The fact that this glove features perforated knuckles also makes it breathable. It lets your hands breathe and remain dry. It also gives you a grip ideal for all weather conditions.

One possible flaw in this Nike football lineman glove is that it is quite challenging to clean, especially if you get the white-colored one.
  • Features an attractive design and several nice colors
  • Offers absolute protection because of its durable and dense padding
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Provides full coverage and protection
  • Breathable and provides good grip
  • Slightly challenging to clean

8. Adidas Scorch Destroyer Half-finger Lineman Glove

Adidas also seems to perform a great job when it manufactured the Scorch Destroyer Half-finger Lineman Glove and introduced it to the public. It is primarily manufactured for the trenches and designed in such a way that it performs well and offers utmost protection through its 5-mm pads that are in strategic places.

I am glad that the pads are in the strategic areas of your hands as such make it capable of providing the utmost protection in various parts of your hands. Such pads can lessen the impact that your hands might experience from hits while also making them feel totally comfortable once you start playing.

This football glove also supplies a more controlled grip and padded support, thanks to its 2-part palm. The upper palm is known for making use of the GripTack, which further enhances your level of control. The lower part, on the other hand, comes with padded synthetic leather.

It works well for a lineman. I am also impressed with the breathability and nice fit of this glove. The breathability can be attributed to its well-ventilated compression Lycra back. It also boasts a non-binding, customizable, and secure fit with the help of its smooth fit closure.

One possible flaw, though, is that the stitching used in the pads is subpar.
  • Offers adequate protection with its strategically placed pads
  • Lessens the impact felt by your hands
  • Provides a controlled grip and padded support
  • Breathable, comfortable, and well-ventilated
  • Takes pride in its non-binding, customizable, and secure fit
  • Subpar stitching used in the pads

9. Nike D-TACK 5 Football Lineman Glove

Another of the best football lineman gloves that are sure to impress football players is the Nike D-TACK 5. Offered by the reliable and reputable Nike, I am sure that this glove is built to impress. I am greatly satisfied with this lineman glove because I noticed how strategic its overall construction is.

It has a strategic construction, which is actually a major help in letting you catch, throw, and grip the ball. The padding of this football lineman glove is also strategically positioned. This means that it has the ability to give you the kind of protection you desperately need. It protects users in the right areas.

Another area where, I think, this football glove excels is on the grip. I find it satisfying that Nike uses a Hydragrip palm material as it further enhances the grip of the glove. Such makes it capable of retaining the grip no matter how wet the condition is or regardless of the weather.

I am sure that this football lineman glove will never disappoint as far as breathability and ventilation are concerned. It is mainly because it features mesh panels and perforations guaranteed to offer an excellent ventilation. Furthermore, you can expect this football glove to provide a secure fit and support with its adjustable wrist strap.

The price of each pair is higher than other brands and models of football gloves, though, which is one of its disadvantages.
  • Strategic construction, making it truly protective
  • Strategically positioned padding for comfort and protection
  • Provides adequate grip, which you can retain no matter what the weather is
  • Features an adjustable wrist strap for a more secure fit and support
  • Breathable and well-ventilated
  • Pricier than other football gloves

10. Adidas TechFit Lineman Half-finger Gloves

The last product that I wish to suggest to those who wish to use the most impressive pair of lineman gloves for them is the TechFit Lineman Half-finger Gloves from Adidas. I specifically like this product because it supplies a remarkable combination of quality, grip, protection, and comfort.

I am totally impressed with the breathable mesh and high-quality lycra materials used in the glove’s back. Such materials are not only durable and comfortable but also ensure that your hands will have more than enough breathing room. With such benefit, you can prevent heat and sweat from accumulating within your gloves.

The padding used in this glove also ensures that you will experience utmost comfort. Unlike other materials, it will never cause any discomfort and pain in your hands. I am satisfied with the fact that Adidas also makes use of a heavy-duty synthetic leather as well as a Grip Tack for its palm.

The combination of the mentioned materials further enhances the grip of the football glove regardless of the weather you expose it to. The grip is something to look forward to as it ensures that it can handle all playing conditions. It also guarantees a more secure fit as its closure features a molded rubber tab along with a low-profile Velcro.

One issue that you might encounter once you start using this football lineman glove is on the subpar stitches used that are prone to tearing after being able to use it for a long time.
  • Highly breathable mesh and Lycra materials used
  • Prevents the buildup of heat and sweat inside your football glove
  • The comfort provided by the added padding
  • Guarantees a more enhanced grip
  • Secure grip guaranteed by the molded rubber tab
  • Subpar stitching

What to Look For When Buying a Football Lineman Glove

Buying the perfect pair of adult or youth lineman gloves does not have to be too tricky. One thing you have to remember is that linemen hold the toughest tasks while on the field. They receive the hardest hits on a usual basis, which is the reason why they are vulnerable to injuries.

Aside from the risk of injuring some body parts, their fingers are also prone to get injured. This is the main reason why the gloves for them are tougher when compared to the others.

With the factors mentioned here, you will surely end up getting the perfect pair for linebackers and lineman.


It is crucial to note that padded football glove protection is essential for every lineman. It is because both defensive and offensive linemen are in the trenches on a constant basis. The offensive lineman, for instance, needs to block a player in front of him to protect the ball carrier or the quarterback.

The defensive lineman, on the other hand, needs to constantly use his hands to ensure that he catches the ball while getting past the offensive lineman in the opposing team. With that in mind, it is indeed necessary for a lineman to have the right amount of protection for their hands.

It is the main reason why you can see football gloves for linemen that are bulkier in comparison to those used by other players and skill levels. If possible, choose one with more bulk as it also means that the glove has more than enough padding. The added padding can minimize your risk of getting a bruise, bump or cut in your hands.


For wide receivers, gloves with a really strong grip is crucial as they need quality and mass to ensure that they are capable of catching the passes that come to them quickly. While you may think that grip is only important for wide receiver gloves, take note that lineman also needs it.

Having a football glove with the right amount of grip is necessary every time the lineman engages with his opponent. The lack of solid and strong grip makes it harder for a defensive linesman to utilize the jersey of the opponents as a means of getting past them. It is because he can’t maneuver the person in front of him.

An offensive lineman will face difficulty when playing without a strong and good grip, too. It is mainly because it would be hard for him to grab his opponent’s jersey. With that, it is essential to use a glove with a strong and effective grip. In this case, ensure that most of the football glove’s grip is on the palm.

It is mainly because the palm area is the specific place where you will get the highest impact each time you play. Also, take note that the offensive lineman does not frequently use his fingers, so it is greatly possible for the grip to focus more on the palm area instead of the fingers.


Another thing to focus on in your search for the top football lineman gloves is the level of comfort that your choices provide. Note that as a football player, you have to play your position in a collective and effective manner to ensure your win. In this case, wearing comfy protective gears can help.

Avoid stiff football gloves that can only cause discomfort as this might only affect the way you use your hands. The discomfort might also cause you to be totally distracted. If you have a new pair of football gloves, make it a point to wear them in practice prior to the actual game to break them in.

Another way to check whether the glove is comfortable is whether or not it has proper ventilation. A well-ventilated pair of football glove is one, which prevents sweat and heat buildup. It should have proper airflow to prevent the buildup of heat and sweat and ensure that your hands stay dry and prevent from developing an unpleasant odor.


Check the quality and durability of the materials used in the glove, too. If possible, look for a lineman glove, which is heavier and sturdier in comparison to the gloves designed for receivers. Such weight and durability can help ensure that the material will be able to withstand a lot of impact and abuse.

It should also come with rigid frames. This is helpful in minimizing the risk of your fingers from bending back once you hold back the other line. The durability of the material can also help ensure that the glove will last long despite the weather conditions during your games and no matter how much you abuse it.


It is also crucial for you to consider the standards of the football game where you are planning to play before buying. Note that each protective gear that you use in football needs to meet the specific standards set by the authorities. The same holds true for lineman gloves.

It is crucial to ensure that they specifically meet the standards and requirements of various sports associations as well as your school if you are playing for it. Your gloves should also perfectly match the football game’s international standards.


It is also crucial to find a lineman glove, which has good ventilation. Note that you need a well-ventilated pair of football gloves to ensure that your hands won’t get sweaty while you are in the field. Note that the buildup of sweat and heat inside the glove might cause too much discomfort, which can only ruin your game.

Water Resistance

Another factor that should greatly contribute to your final buying decision is the water-resistant ability of the lineman glove. You need a water-resistant glove, which can retain its grip even if you use it on nasty and unwanted situations.

In this case, you may want to consider buying a football glove made of synthetic materials. It is mainly because they are more effective in handling unwanted conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have a size chart? How do I know what size to buy?

Fortunately, most manufacturers of football lineman gloves have their own size chart, which you can consult in case you want to ensure that you are getting the perfect size for you. It should be noted that brands have different sizing so the best way to figure out the perfect size for you is to try the glove on personally.

However, if you plan to buy online then you can always consult the sizing charts provided by some reputable brands, including Nike, Under Armour, and Cutters. They will be of help in figuring out what specific size is suitable for you.

Is the back of the glove well-padded?

Yes, in most cases, you will notice that the football lineman gloves have the right amount of padding in almost all places. It is mainly because a lineman needs utmost protection on the field.

Considering the fact that this skill position takes harsh blows and impact, it is no longer surprising to see manufacturers putting enough padding on the glove. Such is designed to ensure that it will supply the maximum amount of protection for the players.

How do I know if the glove will fit?

To ensure that the football glove will fit, make it a point to check the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer. It is crucial to consult it, so you wouldn’t end up wasting your money on something that does not fit. You should also measure your hands accurately. In this case, it helps to hold one palm out flat.

You should then get a cloth tape measure then wrap it around your hand’s palm, specifically at the knuckles found beneath your fingers. Take the measurement in inches. Once you have that figure, use it to consult the size chart of your chosen glove brand. Choose and buy the corresponding size.

Are football gloves durable? How long do they last?

The answer to this is depending on the materials used in the lineman gloves. This is the main reason why buyers are really advised to spend time assessing the durability of the materials used in the glove prior to buying. Ensure that the material is of top-notch quality, making it capable of performing in all types of weather.

The improved strength and rigidity can help the glove function for several seasons. Also, ensure that the materials are synthetic and stretchable and feature a reinforced seamed or a seamless construction.

Does it offer protection on the back of the hand?

The answer is yes. As mentioned earlier, the majority of football lineman gloves are designed to protect the hand of their users, particularly the back. To check the level of protection provided by the football glove, make it a point to spend time examining its padding.

Go for one with a flexible and lightweight foam padding at the palm and backhand. Such is enough to make you feel comfortable while still giving you utmost protection on the field. This padding is also used in advanced football lineman gloves as it is capable of softening the impact and hits, thereby protecting your hands.

How to wash and clean the football gloves?

Washing and cleaning your football lineman gloves is actually easy. The only things you need are laundry detergent, stain remover, washcloth, and washing machine. The first thing to do is to get rid of surface dirt from the lineman glove. In this case, gently scrub the dirt using the washcloth to remove the dirt.

Avoid using any other item aside from the washcloth as it might only scrape or damage your gloves. In case of spots with caked-on dirt, make it a point to wet them a bit first before wiping them gently with the washcloth. Spray some of the stain remover. Allow this chemical to get absorbed by your gloves for a while.

You should then use your washing machine. Set it to cold then pour just the right amount of laundry detergent. Do the wash cycle again in case your football gloves still remain unclean on the first cycle.

Avoid putting them in your dryer once you are done washing as doing so might only cause the gloves to shrink. A wise tip is to just hang the gloves to dry.

What gloves to NFL lineman wear?

The majority of NFL linemen wear football gloves that have the right amount of padding. Note that lineman gloves are different from the gloves of other skill positions. It is mainly because a lineman needs to have gloves with more than enough padding. That said, expect NFL linemen to wear gloves with adequate padding.

The padding is more than enough to protect and pad their hands in a more functional manner while still ensuring that it will not hinder their performance because of its bulkiness.

Can a lineman wear receiver gloves?

While there are linemen who wear football receiver gloves, it is still highly recommended to look for football gloves specifically designed for a lineman. It is mainly because as mentioned earlier, gloves for receivers and linemen vary. With the right gloves, the lineman can also receive the specific protection he needs on the field.


If you are a lineman then you also need to find the best football lineman gloves specifically designed for your skill level and position. Ensure that you go for one known for its quality. The material itself should be tough and durable enough. Go for one, which is tougher than the pair of gloves worn by receivers to receive ultimate protection.

Note that football gloves are extremely vital for football players like you. While football is truly a nice and beautiful game, it also has its dangers. With that in mind, look for a pair of gloves that let you improve your play and performance while giving your fingers and hands the protection they specifically need.

Learn more about how to choose the best football gloves 2019 with in-depth reviews and buyer’s guide.

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