Top 14 Best Football Mouthguards 2022– Buyer’s Guide

As a football player, investing in the best football mouthguard and wearing it each time you play the game is crucial for your ultimate protection. Whether you are playing in a youth, high school, college, or professional football league, this form of protection can help you ensure that your mouth and teeth stay protected during a rough game.

The best football mouthpiece is a protective component, which can make a great deal in giving your mouth protection while also improving the intensity and style of your game. With this, you no longer have to worry about your teeth and mouth getting injured or damaged during the game.

The good news is that there are several mouthguards available in the market. You can even find them in different sizes and shapes. It is also possible for you to find those equipped with features that make the protective accessory distinctive. It is even possible for you to find the best football mouthguard to prevent concussions.

There are those that come with a strap, which you can easily attach to your facemask. Others come with lip protection while some are designed for football players who wear braces.

Such protection is beneficial, especially if you are dealing with a high-contact sport, like football which can produce disastrous results if you do not exercise proper care or do not own the right equipment to protect you from injuries. When searching for the ideal mouthguard for you, go for one, which is comfortable for the size of your mouth.

It should also be comfy for your jaw and teeth alignment. Some of the most comfortable and high-quality mouthguards for football players that you can use are the following:

Best Football Mouthguard Reviews 2019

1. Battle Oxygen Predator Football Mouthguard

Battle Oxygen Predator Football Mouthguard

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If you are in search of Battle mouthguards then the Oxygen Predator football mouthguard from the same brand, Battle, is a perfect option for you. You can always see this product forming part of the most legitimate Battle mouthguard review because of its many benefits.

One major benefit I am pleased about with this football mouthguard is the fact that it is constructed and designed by medical, dental, and athletic experts due to its excellent performance and superior airflow. It supplies a lot of oxygen to your muscles, thereby allowing you to recover fast and think clearly.

I am also sure that it can help speed up your reaction times during your games. I am also pleased with the available convertible and connected strap in this mouthguard. Aside from proper airflow, it also constructed from high-quality materials designed to offer a bigger breathing hole.

I like the numerous air channels integrated into this item as it provides a higher level of breathability. In addition, it works well for those with braces. It is convenient as it does not require you to boil it prior to each use.

I also love its cool look brought on by its fangs graphics. It makes use of the SCUBA technology, too, which is a good thing as it does not only increase airflow but also makes the breathing hole larger. 

However, it does not come with a specific youth size so you might need to trim the sides and angles if the one using it is from a youth league.
  • Superior airflow guaranteed
  • Equipped with convertible and connected strap
  • Highly breathable
  • Ideal for those wearing braces
  • Cool and unique look, thanks to its fangs graphics
  • No youth sizes provided

2. Shock Doctor Football Mouth Guard 

Shock Doctor Mouthguard: #1 Sport Mouth Guard - Gel Max Mouthguard for Football, Lacrosse, Basketball, Boxing, MMA, Martial Arts, and More - Includes Helmet Strap - (Youth & Adult Sizes)

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I also highly suggest checking out the Shock Doctor Football mouth guard if you want to invest in the best youth mouth guard and that designed for adults. It is mainly because this mouthguard comes in multiple sizes, making them suit the youth and adults.

It is also a highly versatile mouthguard in the sense that you can also use it in other contact sports that require this protective gear aside from football, including basketball, boxing, MMA, hockey, and lacrosse. If you are wearing braces then I can assure you that you don’t have anything to worry about as it works well with the orthodontic treatment.

I also find its high level of breathability beneficial. It is breathable as it has maximum airflow breathing channels capable of maximizing performance because they promote ease of breathing.

Furthermore, it is definitely a great choice if you are looking for protection as it comes with an extended lip guard capable of protecting your lower and upper lips from an impact. I am also sure that it will deliver utmost comfort and proper fit because it provides an instant fit design, which uses low-profile bite pads.

It also uses medical-grade silicone for its material, making it easy to clean using a dishwasher or boiling water without the risk of deformation. 

The problem is that it is bulkier and bigger when compared to standard mouthguards but note that this won’t cause any discomfort at all.
  • Sizes available for youth and adults
  • Versatile as you can also use it in other contact sports
  • Works for those with braces
  • Offers impact-protection to your lower and upper lips
  • Easy to clean
  • Bulkier and bigger than other mouthguards

3. SISU AERO Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard

SISU Aero (Discontinued Style), Charcoal Black

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If you are looking for a mouthguard designed for youth football and adult football then the SISU Mouthguard is also an excellent choice. What I like about this SISU mouth guard is that it can provide a warrantied and superior dental protection for a wide range of players from 11 years and up.

This product also continues to earn positive reviews because of its ultra-light design. It is only around 1.6-mm thick, making it 50% thinner when compared to other sports mouthguards. With that, I am sure of its ability to deliver a high level of comfort and convenience.

I also find it impressive because of its slim and customized fit. Such fit is actually beneficial if you want to have an easier time talking, breathing, and drinking without having to take off the protective gear. It also has rounded edges designed to offer additional comfort.

Another benefit I noticed is that it has an improved mold, thereby ensuring that it can fit its users perfectly. It is also easy and quick to mold and re-mold at the comforts of your own home by just using hot water.

Considering the fact that it makes use of Diffusix technology, allowing it to make use of a perforated and non-comprehensible material designed to distribute, it can definitely deliver a high level of protection. It can even minimize the risk of dental injuries during a game.
  • Supports a wide range of players
  • Features an ultra-light design
  • Slim and customized fit guaranteed
  • Comfortable, thanks to its rounded edges
  • Fit users perfectly
  • A bit too thin and light for heavier sports, like MMA and Muay Thai

4. Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Football Mouthguard

Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Convertible Mouthguard, Gold

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Another of the high quality football mouthguard option, in my opinion, is the Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Football mouthguard. It works perfectly for you, especially if you are someone who feels like you can’t breathe and move that easily if you wear the traditionally designed ones.

What I find instantly advantageous about this protective gear for football is that keeping it in place is much easier when compared to the others. It is also capable of adding protection to your lips. It also boasts of a bigger size for its breathing hole. If you are currently wearing braces then you can rest assured that it is compatible with you.

I also realized how convenient it is upon knowing that it does not require any boiling water ritual to be able to use it. It is an excellent option, especially if you do plenty of running around the field. It is mainly because of its ability to supply a significant amount of oxygen with the aid of the bigger breathing hole.

The fact that a higher level of oxygen gets through is actually a good thing as it prevents fatigue. The fact that it gains the approval of medical, dental, and athletic experts due to its ability to offer an excellent airflow and performance is also a proof of how good this product is.

However, take note that it also makes use of soft rubber, which tends to encourage chewing. This might cause a reduction in the mouthguard’s overall lifespan.
  • Easy to maintain in its place
  • Offers ultimate protection to the lips
  • Compatible with users wearing braces
  • Bigger breathing hole, which supplies more than enough oxygen
  • Provides an excellent airflow
  • Lower lifespan because of the soft rubber used

5. Shock Doctor Pro Strapped and Strapless Mouth Guard

Shock Doctor Youth Pro Strapped Mouthguard (Smoke) Black, Youth (10 yrs & below)

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If you are looking for the best quarterback mouthpiece or a mouth guard designed for almost all kinds of contact sports, such as football, hockey, lacrosse, basketball, and boxing then the Pro strapped and strapless mouth guard from Shock Doctor may be an excellent option.

Considering that it has many uses, it is safe to say that it is a versatile or flexible product. The versatility of this mouth guard can also be proven by the multiple sizes available for it. It has sizes for both the adult and youth. It works for kids below 10 years old, too.

I also think that another of the reasons why this mouth guard receives plenty of good reviews is that it takes pride in its dual composite construction, which does not only make it more lightweight but also improves its ability to offer protection. It also takes pride in its jaw pads that are shock-absorbent enough that they can deflect vibrations and impact.

Another advantage is that it features an internal shock-absorbent frame, which is better than other conventional mouth guards while also offering a high level of comfort and protection. It is compatible for those wearing braces while being form-fitting to your teeth.

The only problem is that it is not as moldable when compared to other mouth guards so it may not be suitable for you if you have a small or oddly shaped mouth.
  • Versatile as it works for all kinds of contact sports
  • Multiple sizes for kids and adults available
  • Lightweight and protective
  • Shock-absorbent jaw pads and internal frame
  • Form-fitting to the teeth
  • Not as moldable as other products

6. Under Armour ArmourFit Mouthguard

Protect Perform Athletics Under Armour ArmourFit Mouthguard - Strapless 17S

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I would also like to recommend the Under Armour ArmourFit mouthguard. I consider it as one of the best choices considering the fact that it makes use of an ArmourFit material, which is considered to be the most advanced material in the industry.

What I like about the material is its ability to mold to your teeth, promoting a comfortable and tight fit. This product is also proven to be one of the best in the industry as it is strapless and fitted. It has a more streamlined fit by sitting close to your skin without a compression squeeze.

It is also a flexible mouthguard as it is designed in such a way that it can handle all types of contact sports. In addition, it makes use of a new technology, which guarantees a more dentist-like fit. Such proper fit ensures that it offers comfort while letting you breathe and speak with ease.

Another reason to love it is that you can choose to boil or microwave it for proper fitting. You can also re-fit it as you deem necessary. Furthermore, it is sturdy considering the fact that it won’t break down even after excessive chewing.

It is mainly because of its chew-resistant nature. 

However, it does not come with a strap so it is not advisable for those who prefer to use a strapped mouthguard.
  • Made of ArmourFit, an advanced material for mouthguards
  • Promotes a comfortable and tight fit
  • Highly flexible
  • Sturdy and chew-resistant
  • Allows boiling or microwaving to get the right fit
  • Not equipped with a strap

7. Vettex Adult Football Mouthguard

Vettex Adult Football Mouthguard, White

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Another excellent choice is the Vettex Mouthguard for adults. I think that it is a top pick because aside from being comfy, it is also constructed from a high-quality material. It is known for providing more than enough lip and mouth protection while being offered at an inexpensive price.

It comes with an adjustable strap, which makes it a nice option for those who prefer to wear a strapped mouthguard. I think that the adjustable nature of the strap is also a big bonus as it helps in maintaining the right distance away in case it is not within your mouth.

I like the fact that this mouthguard uses the pliable thermal rubber material. Considering the fact that this is malleable, there is a great chance for the product to align perfectly with your mouth and teeth with time. That said, you will feel like it is customized for you eventually.

I am also pleased to say that the material used for the product provides an excellent cushioning support, which makes it a favorite among players who often receive excessive hits.

Furthermore, it has breathing channels that offer a high level of breathability. 

The problem is that some players may have a difficult time talking while wearing this mouthguard.
  • Provides adequate lip and mouth protection
  • Equipped with an adjustable strap
  • Uses thermal rubber, which promotes perfect alignment eventually
  • Excellent cushioning support provided
  • Highly breathable
  • Poses a bit of difficulty when talking

8. Battle Fang Edition Mouthguard

Battle Fangs Football Mouthguard – Sports Mouth Guard with Removable Strap – Protector Mouthpiece Fits With or Without Braces on Teeth – Adult & Youth Mouth Guard Sizes, 2 Pack, Youth (Age 9 & Below), Silver/Black

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One of the major benefits of the Battle Fang Edition Mouthguard is that it utilizes a highly advanced mouth protection system capable of rivaling the level of performance and protection offered by custom-molded mouthguards. The only difference is that this one from Battle is available at a lower price.

If you have braces then I’m sure you will be glad to know that this product works compatibly with the orthodontic treatment. I also realized how impressive it is because it features a removable strap, which you can easily clip. It even features an integrated safety release, promoting more convenience.

It is a flexible product with its ability to meet the demands of both adult and youth players considering the fact that it is presently available in various sizes. It also guarantees the ultimate fit because you have the option of re-boiling and remolding it for several times.

I am also happy to say that it can improve the stabilization of your jaw by ensuring that it is custom-fitted and molded to your teeth. It also offers protection from impact while maximizing breathability.

The fang design makes the mouthguard look cool and unique while the teeth barricade also works in protecting your lower teeth. 

The problem is that the strap is prone to breaking after a long period of use.
  • Inexpensive
  • Safe and comfortable for those with braces
  • Features an easy to use removable strap
  • Multiple sizes for adult and youth available
  • Highly breathable
  • Strap prone to breaking

9. Shock Doctor Convertible Mouth Guard (GelMax-flavored)

Shock Doctor GelMax Flavor Fusion Adult Strapped Mouth Guard, Fruit Punch

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I am also happy to say that the Shock Doctor Convertible mouth guard with a gel max flavor deserves a spot in this review article. I am fully satisfied with this product because it has the capacity of providing a high level of comfort and protection – that’s thanks to its convertible tether.

What is good about the convertible tether feature is that it gives you the option to use it as a strapless mouth guard or as a strapped one, thereby boosting its flexibility. It also boasts of its universal fit, making it compatible with potential users of all ages.

It also takes pride in its triple-layer design, which is beneficial not only in giving you full protection but in making you feel utmost comfort. The mouth guard offers great protection with the help of its heavy-duty exo-skeletal frame, which makes it resistant even on hard impact.

It also promotes proper fit and comfort. This can be attributed to the fact that it uses a new gel-fit liner, which promotes ease when it comes to fitting and forming your gums and teeth. The result is a proper and comfy fit even if you are using it for a long period.

Furthermore, it has integrated breathing channels, promoting maximum breathability and performance.

It is a bit challenging to mold at first, though, but once you get the hang of it, you can do the process more quickly.
  • Equipped with a convertible tether
  • Features a universal fit
  • Triple-layer design used
  • Can resist even hard impact
  • Maximum breathability guaranteed by its integrated breathing channels
  • A bit difficult to mold during first uses

10. Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouth Guard

Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouth Guard. Upper and Lower Teeth Protection. Mouthguard No Boil / Instant Fit. For Youth, Teenager, Kids and Adults. Mouth Piece OSFA

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If you are an athlete who aims to have protection for your lower and upper teeth when playing your sport then this strapless mouth guard from Shock Doctor could be the right football mouthguard for you. I find it impressive because it comes with ortho-channels design to conform to your lower and upper brace brackets right away.

This results in offering immediate comfort while also preventing the risk of lacerations. It is also constructed out of the lightweight and comfy medical-grade silicone material. What I like even more about this strapless mouth guard is its capacity to adapt to any changes in your mouth structure while your teeth and brackets undergo adjustments.

It is presently available in multiple sizes, making it possible for you to make it fit with youth and adult players. I’m sure that you will also be satisfied with the increased airflow that this product can offer. Such airflow can actually be expected from the ventilation channels integrated into the middle part of the mouth guard.

This is what we call as the central breathing channels. Furthermore, the mouth guard is highly durable. It guarantees a more secure fit over your braces, thereby preventing lacerations in your mouth. 

However, note that this product tends to be bulky, causing it to eat plenty of space in your mouth.
  • Conforms to your lower and upper brackets well
  • Prevents lacerations
  • Made of lightweight and comfy medical-grade silicone
  • Promotes an increased airflow
  • Available in several sizes
  • Slightly bulky

11. Shock Doctor Mouth Guard Case

No products found.

No products found.

If you have your mouthguard, the big issue is keeping it clean and fresh. A mouth guard case is generally a good investment and can be used forever. The Shock Doctor Mouth Guard Case is specifically designed for long-term use and it basically fits all the top mouth guards from the Shock Doctor brand on the market today.

The case is fully closed and does not really allow any dirt of bacteria to come inside. It does have a few ventilation holes, but these are all antibacterial. Since no bacteria can get inside, you can be sure that the unit is protected. Additionally, the vents will allow the wet mouth guard to dry out ion virtually no time at all.

In terms of versatility, this is one of those mouth guard cases that stands out. If you have a large mouthguard with a strap, the case has a lot of space inside for all of it to fit inside. Additionally, you can choose the perfect color that matches your style. A small loop means that adding a carabiner will allow you to keep the mouthguard with you.

While the case is made to fit most mouth guards, the hole for the ventilation is pretty large. This has a bad design effect for those with smaller mouths. Unfortunately, we have seen instances of smaller mouth guards that slide through the hole. It might be best to test out the unit before completely relying on it.

If you needed something affordable, this will certainly be one of the brands that can help you get value for your money. It is an affordable nifty piece of equipment that will make life easier for almost anyone with a mouthguard. We would recommend it for larger football mouth guards that do include the lip protector shield.

  • Universal size
  • Available in numerous colors
  • Offers great ventilation
  • Antibacterial design
  • Smaller mouth guards might fall through

12. Vettex Double Mouthguard with Lip Protection

Markwort Vettex Doubleguard Mouthguard for Football, Lacrosse, MMA, Boxing, Braces - Breathable Doubleguard with Lip Protection and Strap, Flesh, Adult (AC25-F)

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If you are like me and you can keep a mouth guard by your side for more than a couple of weeks, the Vettex Double Mouthguard with Lip Protection is the mouth guard that will forever be by your side and offer you some protection.

The guard has been made from durable materials that have been fitted for an ergonomic feeling. If you look at the mouthguard, you will notice that it seems small and does not have many things that will stuff or clot your mouth. This has been made to ensure a lot of ventilation can enter your mouth without the discomfort caused.

Additionally, it comes with a durable strap. The strap is a little different and not flexible, but will attach to most helmets. Once you have it locked into the helmet, you don’t need to fear the unit moving around or getting lost. It also allows you to protect your lips from your teeth with the small lip protector added.

Even though you can find it in different colors, it can be a little daunting to keep the unit clean. Unfortunately, you don’t have any specialized casing and this can have it exposed to bacteria. It is important to find a decent casing and use it to keep the unit protected from bacteria that are around your bag or helmet.

The unit has a few holes that will add even more ventilation when combined with the slim design and comfortable feeling it offers. It is not as expensive as some of the elite units and this should make life easier for beginners. If you want a decent mouthguard from a reputable brand, this will be one of the best you can choose.

  • Attaches to the helmet
  • Small design for added ventilation
  • Comfortable to wear and easy to fit
  • All the colors you can think of are available
  • Really affordable
  •  It is hard to find a case for it

13. Venum Challenger Mouthguard

Venum 'Challenger' Mouthguard, Red Devil

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The Venum Challenger Mouthguard is more of a basic mouth guard, but with the design, it can be used for a variety of different sports. The unit has a gel frame that is really easy and comfortable to bite into. You will only need some hot water and a little bit of time to make sure this unit will fit you comfortably in the field.

What I mean by saying it is more basic is that other sports don’t have a risk of getting hit in the face. The lip protector is a great initiative, but the lack of one here means it is more comfortable. While it includes ventilation holes, the lack of a lip protector can play in your favor and still offer you a lot of ventilation.

The rubber that has been used for the construction of the mouth guard will ensure that you have some shock absorption. Unfortunately, it might not protect your whole mouth like some of those with a lip protector. The upside is that the special case has been included to keep the mouth guard hygienic and clean.

It has been certified and accredited by the right people to make it perfect for fights and contact sports. However, this is one of the fairly expensive models that you will come across. Even with this price, the high-quality design and special features will definitely make it worth your while to buy and it is highly recommended.

  • Low profile design
  • One size fits all
  • Includes the special casing
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Quite expensive

14. SISU Mouth Guards Aero 1.6mm Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard 

SISU Mouth Guards Aero 1.6mm Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard for Youth/Adults, Snow White, Medium

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One of the best mouth guards that I have ever seen for players is the SISU Mouth Guards Aero 1.6mm Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard. It is made from durable rubber, but the unit has some great features that make it ideal for any player in any position.

One of these special features is a large number of ventilation holes that have been added. Not only will you be able to breathe more comfortably, but many players have reported that they can actually talk to their teammates when they use it. All of these mouthguards are custom fit and will easily slide into your mouth.

Diffusix Technology is something that has recently been experimented with and we can see the quality that is brought to the table with it. Once you take a shot, the technology will help to spread out the impact and reduce the force o0n the location of the shot. This can help you avoid many injuries that can happen.

You have a wide variety of special colors to choose from and many of them can even be customized with your own favorite graphics or sports team. However, this is the most expensive medical grade option you will find. I would recommend it to professional players that need some decent protection from impact.

  • Excellent ventilation
  • Made by a special doctor
  • Custom-fit
  • Includes Diffusix Technology
  • Quite expensive to buy

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What to Look For When Buying a Football Mouthguard

With the many offers for mouthguards presently available in the market that aim to protect your teeth from concussions and injuries, you may face confusion during the selection process. Simplify the decision-making process with the aid of these key factors:

Level of protection

Ensure that the mouthguard is capable of offering you the level of protection you desperately need. Note that the best level of protection actually begins with a mouthguard, which has at least 4-mm material in the key impact zones, including the parts under your molars and in front of your teeth.

Also, you will know that it can give you a good amount of protection of it does not come with a bulky material in any part, which does not need protection. The ideal mouthguard, therefore, can offer enough protection by lowering your risk of injuries in the key zone while also ensuring that you don’t deal with discomfort while on the field.

In the case of football, make it a point that a shield or facemask guards the frontal impact, so it is possible to get a mouthguard with a thinner frontal profile while also offering more than enough protection beneath the molars. Aside from offering protection, it also promotes comfort and proper communication and breathing.


For you to gain full comfort and protection from wearing a mouthguard, it is crucial to ensure that it has the proper and right fit. Note that your mouth is different from that of the others. With that in mind, look for a mouthguard specifically designed for your mouth’s specific structure.

The mouthguard also needs to have a tight fit so it can stay firmly on the upper teeth while ensuring that it stays in place when in the lower jaw. In other words, there should be no clenching nor biting. A properly-fitting mouthguard can be expected to stay in place even when dealing with impact.

It will never dislodge, loosen, or float around your mouth. It is only possible to remove this football accessory if you use your fingers to pull it out.


Your choice of a football mouthguard may also be affected by your preference or desire to personalize it. Yes, it is actually possible for you to make it more personalized by showing off the logo and color of your team. You also have the chance to flash a bit of personality to this gear using a unique and cool design.

What’s good about mouthguards offered today is that they indeed give you the option to personalize them. With this, you have a higher chance of showcasing your unique identity with the help of the item.

It is possible for you to be as big, bold, and unique as you wish with the logo, number, and color. You can also choose to just apply minimalism by wearing a clear and simple mouthguard.


Another key factor in your search for the most suitable football mouthguard is the strap. Find out if you want that, which features straps or those that don’t have them. The strapped mouthguard is actually ideal for you if you are a football player constantly misplaces the equipment.

You can rest assured provided you do not forget to wear your helmet. The strap in the mouthguard can also show the football officials and coaches right away that you’re wearing one.

One problem with it, though, is that you may have to carry your helmet via the tether, which is not actually recommended as it might cause the mouthguard and the strap to wear down fast. As for the strapless mouthguard, you can also choose to wear it. However, take note that this type may not be permitted in some leagues.

Also, take note that even if your league allows you to wear a mouthguard without a strap, it can still increase its chances of missing quickly during the sport. However, there are still those who prefer it, especially those football players who find the tether in the strapped variety uncomfortable and annoying.


Your comfort should also be on top of your priorities, especially if you are looking for the best football mouthguard for braces. It should be noted that the majority of these accessories specifically designed for braces are rubbery and bulky while also inducing a gag.

That’s the main reason why some football players do not want to wear the mouthguard even if it means that it will give them ultimate protection. Such is especially true if the bulk causes discomfort when breathing and talking. If you are wearing braces, therefore, you have to look for a mouthguard, which makes you feel comfortable.

It should still let you breathe, talk, and drink easily while staying in your mouth during the whole practice or game. Also, ensure that your chosen accessory does not interfere with the movement of your teeth as your braces let them move slowly to produce a perfect smile.

It should not be too tight. Also, it should not press on the brackets to prevent the progress that the orthodontic treatment is supposed to fulfill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the mouthguard come with a strap?

It is actually dependent on the mouthguard you have chosen to buy. Note that there are those equipped with straps while the others are strapless. Many consider wearing the strapped variety totally beneficial, though, because of several reasons. One is that it lets coaches, trainers, and officials see that you comply with mandatory protective gear.

By wearing a mouthguard equipped with a strap attachment, they can easily and quickly see whether a football player is indeed wearing the required gear. The strap is also the key to ensuring that you do not lose or forget it frequently. It will always be attached to your helmet, thereby giving you protection in all your games.

Does the mouthguard come with a case?

Buying a mouthguard with a case will sometimes be dependent on the brand. While there are those that offer a case for it for free, there are also others without it, so you may have to buy the case separately. Investing in the case along with the mouthguard is crucial because it can protect the item.

Frequently, the case is constructed out of a heavy-duty material and comes with a metal carabiner clip, which you can use to attach the mouthguard within your backpack or sports duffel bag. An antimicrobial coating is also often included to ensure that the mouthguard continues to have a fresh smell.

Can I buy a replacement strap that I can attach to a face guard?

Yes, in case the strap included in your strapped mouthguard is already damaged or unusable because of any reason, you can always buy a replacement strap for it. You can attach it to your face guard or helmet.

In most cases, these replacement straps are easy to attach and compatible with all sports with a helmet, including football, lacrosse, and hockey. They also usually come with a safety release feature for your convenience.

Can I use a mouthguard even I have top and bottom braces?

Yes, even if you are wearing braces at the top and bottom teeth, you can still wear a mouthguard. Just make sure that you look for the most comfortable mouthguard designed for those with braces. It should fit your mouth properly and still let you talk and drink with ease while also preventing the risk of gagging.

If possible, seek the help of your orthodontist when finding the right fit. Your orthodontist will be able to use the right barrier between your brackets and the mouthguard, thereby ensuring that the material does not bond while still retaining its pliability.

How can I open my mouth to talk while still ensuring that the mouthguard stays intact?

It is actually possible for you to open your mouth to talk even with the mouthguard on. You have an assurance that it stays intact even when wearing the item by ensuring that go for the right fit.

Look for a mouthguard, which fits the size and structure of your mouth correctly and you will never have problems letting it stay in place even when you are talking.

Is this a suitable protection for boxing?

If you are planning to use the mouthguard for boxing then it would be best to look for one specifically designed for this sport. Go for a combat mouthguard as much as possible when boxing as it will prevent you from dealing with head trauma and teeth fracture.

Do mouthguards prevent concussions?

Concussions might be prevented by wearing a mouthguard. It is because of the ability of this gear to absorb shock, limit movements triggered by a direct hit to your jaw, and stabilize your neck and head. The thickness of the mouthguard also contributes to the kind and level of protection offered by it.

Is it BPA-free?

Most mouthguards are constructed from materials that are BPA-free. It is mainly because most of the manufacturers of this equipment are already aware of the harm and danger posed by BPA to those who are exposed to it. If you want to be sure then you can always go for a mouthguard, which specifically states that it is BPA-free in its label.

How to choose the right size of mouthguard?

For a basic mouthguard, one way to size it is to put the gear in your mouth then close it as you normally would. Focus on the back part of your mouth, particularly the area close to your molars. In case the gear presses against the jaw hinge or causes a gag reflex, take it out and trip it at its two open ends.

Do the same steps of putting it in your mouth and checking for comfort. This will give you an idea of how the gear fills your mouth. Once you get the right fit, drop the mouthguard in a glass bowl containing a cup of water and heated in a microwave on high for at least 2 minutes.

Remove it from the bowl then shake it to get rid of any excess water. Bite down firmly. Remove the mouthguard from your mouth again then put it in ice water for around two minutes. Such is helpful in setting the new fit of the mouthguard permanently, thereby matching your teeth and mouth.

How do I clean the mouthguard?

One popular way to clean a football mouthguard is by using a toothpaste and toothbrush. All it takes is to brush the mouthguard just how you normally do with your teeth. However, take note that you also have to be extremely cautious when using a toothpaste and toothbrush as it might scratch the plastic material of the gear.

Ensure that they are mild and gentle to avoid scratches. It is also possible to clean the mouthguard with soap and warm water. The good thing about using mild soap for cleaning is that it kills germs while maintaining the sanitary nature of the gear. Do it on a daily basis for proper hygiene.


The best football mouthguard is always a vital component of your overall football equipment. It can protect your teeth while also preventing concussions. Wearing the right one is crucial in preventing your risk of spending too much on emergency dental care.

Note that you might spend a fortune if that happens, especially if you are dealing with an injury. To avoid that, it is necessary to look for a high-quality football mouthguard, which is not only comfortable and protective but also allows you to breathe with ease.

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