The 10 Best Football Socks 2022– Buyer’s Guide

If you are a football player then finding the best football socks designed to offer you protection and utmost comfort during each game is crucial for your overall performance. Note that you need to prioritize your comfort and protection while on the field.

Without both, it would be impossible for you to give your all once you start playing the game. Fortunately, football socks are now available in various sizes and shapes. This means that selecting those that really work for you and your specific requirements is possible.

Your goal is to find a pair of socks that will never let you experience certain issues on the field that will hamper your performance, including ankle-related issues and injuries, issues affecting your leg, heel, and arch and some fitting issues. A high-quality pair of anti-blister football socks is also thick enough that it can prevent blisters.

Note that blisters are among the most irritating issues you may encounter during the field. It might cause a degradation in your performance considering the fact that it causes discomfort and pain. Wearing a good pair of football socks can also prevent your feet from accumulating too much sweat.

The problem is that you might find it overwhelming to pick the correct choice with the numerous football socks introduced to the public right now. The good news is that we decided to gather 10 of the top-rated socks designed for football at present so you can pick one that will let you play and perform comfortably without worrying about blisters. Here they are:

Best Football Sock Reviews 2019

1. TCK Pro Sports Performance Tube Socks

One of the football socks I will recommend is the Pro Sports Performance Tube Sock from TCK. I am impressed with it because it works as a high-performance athletic sock designed for a wide range of athletes. It has a versatile design that it works for all elite and team sports athletes.

Aside from working as a football sock, I find it effective as a softball or baseball sanitary sock, too, which can go under the user’s stirrups. It makes use of high-quality, trusted, and comfortable materials, namely polypropylene (around 96 percent) and Lycra spandex (around 4%).

The use of both these materials promote durability and comfort. Another major benefit of this football sock is that it comes in a wide range of sizes, letting you pick the most suitable fit for you. I am also pleased with the multiple colors available for it. It boasts of its ergonomic cushioning and blister control, too.

Furthermore, this pair of socks is designed in such a way that it is capable of controlling odor and moisture. With its odor and moisture-control feature, you do not need to worry too much about bacteria and bad odor thriving in your legs. The overall design of the socks can also make your legs, toe, and heel feel totally comfortable.

Some users find the material too thin, though, but it is not actually a huge problem as it still proves its durability.
  • High-performance with a versatile design
  • Made of trusted and comfortable materials
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and colors
  • Controls odor, moisture, and blisters
  • Provides an ergonomic cushion for utmost comfort
  • The material is a bit too thin for some users.

2. Under Armour Football Crew Socks

Another remarkable and impressive product is the Under Armour Football Crew Sock. It is a premium pair of socks constructed out of a combination of high-quality materials, namely nylon, cotton, spandex, and polyester. The use of the premium materials, in my opinion, is one of the reasons why this sock from Under Armour is totally durable.

I also realized that it is designed to guarantee comfortable wear to its users. I am also pleased that the materials and fabrics used in the socks are capable of absorbing sweat in a more efficient manner. That way, it works efficiently in keeping your legs and feet to stay dry and cool even if you are playing the game in a hot summer season.

Another positive benefit of this football sock is that it has a strategic cushion design in such a way that it minimizes bulk while promoting flexibility. Such cushion is also highly breathable. It is high in density, too, making it capable of absorbing impact and providing more responsive support.

I am also happy with the ergonomic contour technology used in this football sock as it promotes a more anatomical fit to your left and right foot. With such a fit, it is greatly possible for it to make you feel at ease. It also makes use of the HeatGear fabric, which is moisture-wicking.

It is also designed to prevent the growth and development of bacteria and odor when wearing the sock.

I noticed that it is a bit lacking in terms of ankle support, though.
  • Uses a combination of premium and comfortable materials
  • Sweat-absorbent and moisture-wicking fabric
  • Strategic cushion designed to lessen the bulk
  • Promotes an anatomical feet
  • Prevents bacteria and odor from developing
  • Lacks ankle support

3. MadSportsStuff Football Crew Socks

If what you are looking for are vibrant youth football socks then I highly recommend this product from MadSportsStuff. I am greatly impressed with the vibrant colors used in the sock. In fact, I can assure you that you will find a combination of black and orange football socks here.

I also noticed that it adds a fun, fresh, and exciting touch on traditional socks used in football. It has a crew or mid-calf length and available in numerous team color combinations. The quality of the materials used in this product is also top-notch.

In fact, it is constructed out of nylon, polypropylene, Lycra spandex, and elastic – all of which deliver a high level of performance for any football player. All the materials are also popular for their durability and ability to offer comfort. It has antimicrobial properties designed to regulate odor and bacteria.

It is also a moisture-wicking pair of socks, so rest assured that it is capable of controlling sweat and moisture during a tough game. Furthermore, it is designed to be lightweight while capable of controlling blisters.

It also boasts of its ankle and arch compression, which works in minimizing fatigue. 

Some users say that it is quite thin for its price, though.
  • Available in multiple vibrant colors
  • Great quality of materials used
  • Can regulate odor and bacteria with its antimicrobial properties
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Minimizes fatigue with its ankle and arch compression
  • A bit thin for its price

4. TCK Sports Elite Digital Camo Performance Socks

If you are searching for a beautiful pair of football socks, which has all the cushion and support you need, then I am pretty sure that you will never go wrong with the TCK Sports Elite Digital Camo Performance Socks. It is actually an over-the-calf performance sock, which is supportive and well-cushioned enough.

With that, I am one hundred percent sure that it works well even for long and tough games. I like its versatility, too. It is versatile that you will find it useful in several team sports. It has, however, several features and benefits that make it totally functional and useful when used in the football arena.

One positive benefit of this performance sock is that it is capable of controlling bacteria and moisture – both of which might cause your feet to develop an unwanted odor. This product solves that problem by adding several antimicrobial properties. It also works in controlling odor by ensuring that it is constructed out of breathable materials.

This results in cool and dry feet even when wearing it for a longer period. Another benefit that leaves a good impression on me is the ergonomic cushioning, as I noticed that it keeps my entire feet fully protected and covered.

It also works in controlling blisters while keeping you feel comfortable with its arch compression feature. 

However, there are inaccuracies in terms of sizing so you really have to properly find the right fit if you choose to buy this product.
  • Supportive and well-cushioned
  • Works not only in football but also in other team sports
  • Controls bacteria and moisture with its antimicrobial properties
  • Comes with an ergonomic cushion
  • Controls blisters
  • Some inaccuracies in sizing

5. Adidas Unisex Speed Mesh Football Team Crew Sock

I would also like to suggest checking out the Unisex Speed Mesh Football Team Crew Sock offered by Adidas. What I find so remarkable about this football sock is that it makes use of high-quality and comfortable materials, namely nylon, spandex, rubber, and polyester.

I am also greatly satisfied with the cushion used in this football sock. It has a superior cushion for the ankle and feet, which can help ensure that you are fully protected from impact. What is even more impressive about this sock is that it has traction areas designed for the Achilles and your foot.

Such areas are beneficial because they can boost stability and grip when you are wearing your footwear. I also like the ankle and arch compression used in this football sock as it guarantees a more secure fit. Such provides just the right amount of compression while ensuring that the tops are not excessively tight.

Another great benefit of the football sock is that it can maintain the coolness and dryness of your feet even during a tough game on a hot summer season. It is due to the fact that the sock comes with a Climalite moisture-wicking function. It also takes pride in its really comfortable footbed.

The socks feel a bit thin, though. However, it seems to be working enough in wicking moisture from your feet because of its breathability.
  • Superior cushion used for the ankle and feet
  • Offers protection from impact and blisters
  • Secure fit guaranteed by the ankle and arch compression
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Stable and provides adequate grip
  • Feels quite thin

6. TCK Sports Baseline 3.0 Multisport Performance Crew Sock

Another excellent choice is the TCK Sports Baseline 3.0 Multisport Performance Crew Sock. One positive thing that endears me about this product is that its overall construction composed of high-quality and comfy materials, namely spandex, elastic, nylon, and polypropylene.

Combining these materials, in my opinion, works in ensuring that the sock will stretch comfortably as a means of covering your legs – that is possible without losing its breathability. I am also satisfied with the high level of durability offered by this football sock.

Another great advantage worthy of highlighting is that this crew sock makes use of the antimicrobial technology designed to control moisture and odors while also preventing bacteria from thriving. It is long-lasting plus can give you superior protection through the arch compression and toe and heel reinforcement added to it.

Another plus that I greatly appreciate about this sock is its well-padded ankle area. With such a feature, it is possible for your ankle to receive a high level of protection. It can protect you from blisters while also making you feel extremely comfortable with its balanced and ergonomic cushioning.

The fact that it comes in various colors also lets you find one, which perfectly blends with your sports attire or uniform. You can even pick a combination of black and gold football socks here. 

Some users find the football sock too narrow, though.
  • High-quality and comfy materials used
  • Stretches comfortably without losing breathability
  • Controls moisture, odor, and blisters
  • Well-padded ankle area
  • Equipped with balanced and ergonomic cushioning
  • Too narrow for some users

7. VWU 6-pack Unisex Knee-high Athletic Football Tube Socks

If you want to get the best value for your money then I suggest checking out the VWU Unisex Knee-high Athletic Football Tube Socks as it comes in a pack with 6 pairs of socks that have different colors. It is made by combining different materials designed to offer you comfort namely rubber, spandex, polyester fiber, and combed cotton.

I am also glad that it comes in various sizes designed for both adults and kids as this means that this football tube sock is indeed for everyone. I think that the use of rubber also makes this football and athletic tube sock totally beneficial as it prevents it from sliding, thereby making you feel as comfortable as possible.

Another plus point of this product is its thickened sole. It guarantees your security by resisting possible slips. In addition, it works in sucking sweat while also being totally soft, breathable, and comfortable. Another reason why it can be considered as an excellent investment for football players is that it can control odor and bacteria.

It is also moisture-wicking in the sense that it will never cause your feet to accumulate too much sweat and moisture. In fact, it is possible for it to stay dry and cool all throughout your game. It is also designed to be elastic while promoting a comfortable fit regardless of your sport.

However, I noticed that the length of the sock does not seem to match the provided shoe size, causing some inaccuracies in their sizing.
  • Budget-friendly as it is available in a 6-pair pack
  • Sizes available for both kids and adults
  • Can resist slips, thanks to its thickened sole
  • Prevents the accumulation of sweat and moisture
  • Comes in different colors
  • Some sizing inaccuracies

8. 3street Unisex Knee-high Sports Football Socks

I also highly suggest that you check out the Unisex Knee-high Sports Football Socks from 3street if you are seriously looking for socks designed for all kinds of sports, not just football. What I find so remarkably impressive about the football sock is that it combines high-quality spandex fiber and cotton polyester.

It is also totally breathable, thanks to its air-circulating ventilation. It makes the material capable of drying faster when compared to cotton while letting your feet stay dry and comfy all throughout the game. I think that such a benefit can also be attributed to its use of moisture-wicking technology.

The flexibility of this knee-high sports sock is also unquestionable. In fact, it is flexible enough that all types of team sports designed for men, women, and the youth can greatly benefit from it. It is also made to look great with its 3-striped designed and knee-high length.

Another advantage that I am sure you will greatly love about this football sock is it’s ergonomic cushioning. Such cushioning guarantees a high level of comfort and breathability while also being elastic. It can also absorb shocks and impact from various sports, thereby helping you stay safe all throughout your game.

However, it is not as soft as what some potential users prefer but it is still enough to give any athlete the utmost comfort and convenience when playing a game.
  • Designed to work on all kinds of sport, not just football
  • Highly breathable with the aid of its air-circulating ventilation
  • Well-designed
  • Provides an ergonomic cushioning
  • Capable of absorbing shock and impact
  • Not as soft as preferred by some users

9. Nike 2.0 Elite Vapor Football Crew Socks

Another highly recommended product is the Nike 2.0 Elite Vapor Football Crew Sock for men. One benefit I instantly realized about this football sock is that it can provide comfort to the user’s feet regardless of how long your game is. The fabric and materials used are also impressive as these include nylon, spandex, cotton, and polyester.

I also want to highlight the close-fit rib system used in this football sock as it is truly beneficial in the sense that it provides a more contoured and snug fit throughout your ankle heel, and forefoot. Another great benefit provided by this product is its ability to enhance comfort when you are wearing cleats.

It is mainly because it has an advanced and zoned cushioning, which works in relieving pressure while also supplying additional protection where necessary. The zoned cushioned and strategically positioned padding also delivers the utmost protection from impact.

This product also takes pride in its ability to deliver lightweight impact protection through its Achilles padding and low-profile ankle. Another benefit that it can provide is that it offers a more supportive fit in the areas surrounding your foot – that’s made possible with its dynamic arch compression.

Furthermore, it utilizes a Dri-FIT fabric designed to get rid of sweat, thereby ensuring that you stay comfy and cool all throughout the game. 

However, just like some of the products already reviewed here, you might also deal with issues on sizing so you need to be one hundred percent sure that you get one that fits you.
  • Guarantees a contoured and snug fit
  • Enhances your comfort when wearing cleats
  • Provides protection from impact
  • Offers a more supportive fit
  • Can relieve cleat pressure
  • Sizing issues

10. BABIBEAN Athletic Mid-calf Team Number Sports Sock

Lastly, I want to suggest checking out the BABIBEAN Athletic Mid-calf Team Number Sports Sock if you wish to invest in a high-quality pair of socks that you can use in various sports, like football. It is constructed to be a high-performance pair of athletic socks designed for all kinds of athletes and sports.

What I like about this sock is that it looks great without losing its ability to deliver comfort and durability. It also has a great combination of advanced function, style, and comfort. It makes use of a performance knit fabric, which is soft to ensure that you won’t experience discomfort while also maintaining its strength.

The fabric is also known for drying faster when compared to cotton. It is also mainly designed to help you stay cool and dry all throughout your game with the aid of its air-circulating ventilation as well as its moisture-wicking technology.

Available in a variety of colors, I am sure that you can also make your selection based on what fits your preferences the most. Apart from being super comfortable, it also works in absorbing shocks and impact.

It is suitable not only for football but also for other team sports, like volleyball, baseball, and basketball. 

However, it runs slightly smaller than its indicated size, which is something you have to take note of before choosing your size.
  • Designed to be a high-performance and durable sock
  • Provides utmost comfort while retaining its strength
  • Uses a kind of fabric, which dries faster than cotton
  • Available in different colors
  • Works in absorbing impact and shock
  • Runs a bit smaller than the indicated size

What to Look For When Buying a Football Sock

A lot of people think that the ideal sock for football is that which is extremely thick. However, take note that such is not the case all the time. Also, take note that extremely thick socks are totally expensive while also being difficult to fit into your shoes.

Your goal should be to find one with just the right amount of thickness. You also have a bigger chance of picking the best choice with the aid of these key factors:


One crucial factor that should play a crucial role in your final buying decision is the size of the football sock. What you have to look for is a pair of socks that fit you perfectly. Note that a pair, which is either too small or too large has the tendency of bunching up and sagging.

An incorrect size or fit is also incapable of providing you with the kind of cushioning you need. You know that you are getting the right fit and size if it does not irritate your skin. It should not also leave a significant imprint on different areas of your feet, especially your ankles or calves.

Stay away from socks that tend to slip your shoes and bunch up. Note that each time something rubs against your skin, it increases your risk of developing painful and uncomfortable blisters. That said, you need to look for a pair of socks that fit perfectly, especially around your heel and below your arch.

Make sure that it does not slide around, too. Ensure that sock’s heel portion lands perfectly on your heel. It should do that without stretching.

The extent of padding

Another important factor that you have to check is the extent of padding. Ensure that the padding is enhanced at the heel and ball as this indicates that the sock will be capable of providing a higher level of cushioning as well as maximum protection.

Just make sure that the padding does not cause the football socks to become too tight. The right amount of padding can also be expected to work effectively as a shock absorber. This holds true, especially if you are playing on rough terrains and surfaces.

Blister protection

Blisters are among the most common enemies of football players as these can really have a negative impact on the way they perform and play on the field. With that in mind, you really have to find the best football socks to prevent blisters.

If possible, look for one, which is a bit thicker as it can protect your feet from blisters. However, it should not also be overly thick that you will already experience discomfort during your game and when you are running or walking. The thickness should be just enough to prevent the development of blisters.

Ability to wick moisture

The best socks designed for football players are also those that are effective in wicking away moisture. That said, you really need to check whether the sock you are planning to invest in has a moisture-wicking function. Note that football shoes are often enclosed, causing the possible buildup of excessive sweat.

If not properly dealt with, the buildup of sweat can cause skin irritation. It will also cause moisture to build up, resulting in extreme discomfort during your game. You can prevent all those issues if you choose to buy a sock made of moisture-wicking fabrics. The moisture-wicking function can also prevent the development of foul odors.

Aside from being moisture-wicking, it would also be best if the materials used in the sock are anti-microbial. Note that your feet are prone to experiencing the growth and development of bacteria.

By ensuring that your socks come with antimicrobial properties, you can keep your feet germ-free, thereby minimizing the risk of developing bacterial infections.

Resistance to abrasion

Another important feature that you have to look for when searching for the best socks for football is resistance to abrasion. Note that football game, while exciting and fun, can also be tough. You will also need to wear tough footwear.

If your shoes do not come with abrasion-resistant liners then it would be best to choose socks that can resist abrasion. This feature is extremely important, especially if you are still on the stage of breaking in your new football shoes.


It is also advisable to check how elastic the football sock is. Keep in mind that a stretchable or elastic sock is more comfortable when compared to a plain sock made of cotton. It is because such elasticity can improve its ability to guarantee a comfortable fit.

If possible, go for one made of Spandex. Aside from being chosen by top brands of football socks, this material can also deliver a seamless and perfect fit for the heel and your toes.

Arch reinforcement

This is a vital factor you have to consider, especially if you have a high arch. Note that the lack of arch reinforcement might cause you to experience certain issues, like plantar fasciitis and arch pain.  Make sure that your chosen socks provide sufficient arch reinforcement to guarantee your safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pairs of football socks come in a pack?

It actually depends on the brand you have chosen to buy and the total price of the package. In most cases, though, top brands provide a pack containing around 3 to 6 packs of football socks. The exact number of pairs you will get will then be dependent on which pack you chose to purchase.

How to choose the right size of football socks?

When shopping for football socks, getting the right socks is crucial. It is because getting a big or small one might cause you to suffer, especially if you are already performing in the field. The perfect size, on the other hand, can make playing football as fun and comfortable as you expected.

To find the right size, you can always refer to your chosen brand’s sizing chart. In most cases, suppliers of this product provide a sizing chart for the convenience of users. You can always refer to it to ensure that you won’t end up getting the wrong fit.

Are football socks thin enough to wear for baseball during a hot summer day?

Yes. In fact, you can find thin and light football socks that can make you feel comfortable during the hot summer season. If you choose to go for the thin and light socks that are still designed to offer protection then rest assured that you will also be able to use them on other sports, like baseball, during a hot day.

Should I wear two socks when playing football?

It actually depends on whether or not this will let you experience utmost comfort when playing the sport. If you choose to wear two socks, though, it is crucial to ensure that you utilize proper layers. The first or innermost layer should be completely breathable and thin.

The outer layer, which is the second pair of socks, on the other hand, should be both fluffy and breathable. That’s the key to ensure that you will never experience extreme discomfort when wearing two socks. The good thing about layering is that it can also help you avoid blisters.

Can I put football socks in the washer and dryer?

Yes, but you have to keep in mind some tips to ensure that you won’t damage the overall condition of the football socks. The first thing you have to do is to give your football socks a good shake prior to washing them in your washer. Your goal is to remove the soil and dirt by giving them a good shake.

Also, ensure that you only put completely unrolled football socks in your washer. Do not overfill the machine, too. Use the pre-wash setting in your washer to start. This is essential if you want to remove soil and dirt from the items prior to setting the machine to the main cycle.

Another tip is to add baking soda and laundry softener to break down mud and soil. Prior to the rinse cycle, stop the machine then pour a bit of vinegar. Doing this will help in getting rid of any detergent residues that might cause the socks to harden. When drying, use your tumble drier and use a softener sheet.

Thick or thin socks? Which one is the best for me?

The answer to this question is actually dependent on which between the thick or thin football socks can give you utmost comfort and ensure great performance on the field. If you are prone to blisters, though, then it is advisable to go for a thicker pair of sock. It is because a thicker material can lessen your risk of suffering from blisters.


Investing in the best football socks is really crucial if you are a football player. With the help of these socks, you will feel more at ease since you are sure that your legs will be protected from unexpected harm and injuries during your game. You can also expect them to make each of your games as comfortable as possible.

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