The 10 Best Football Visors 2022– Top Picks

If you are a football player then you are probably aware of how important investing in the best football visor is in terms of boosting your performance in the sports while keeping you fully protected during the game. A football visor can actually be described as a piece of curved plastic, which is mainly attached to the mask of a football player.

It works by covering the eyes of the player. What is good about investing in the best visor designed for football is that it blocks the sunlight while also offering ultimate protection to the eyes. You can even find visors in prescription or tinted forms that work perfectly for those who suffer from vision problems.

The visor is actually built to protect football players from eye injuries. If you constantly play football then you are probably aware of how risky it is for your eyes because there is a great chance for the ball to strike your eyes. With the visor around, your eyes will have enough cover, thereby protecting them from possible poking and blows.

If you invest in a prescription football visor then you will also find it extremely useful in doing a great job in the sport even if your vision is less than perfect. It is because the visor lets you see properly even if you do not wear contact lenses, corrective lenses, or glasses. It also has a lower risk of falling off when dealing with a rough game.

With the many things that the best football helmet visors can do, it is just right to invest in a high-quality one. Make it a point to choose from any of the ten visors in this article as they are considered to be among the best in the industry in as far as quality and level of protection are concerned.

Best Football Visor Reviews 2019

1. EliteTek PRIZM Football and Lacrosse Eye-Shield Visor

One of the most highly rated football visors in the industry is the PRIZM football and lacrosse eye-shield visor from EliteTek and I think there are numerous for such great rating. For one, many users can benefit from its universal fit. I instantly noticed how compatible it is with different kinds of helmets – both for the youth and adults.

Another benefit I find remarkable in this visor is that it is quick and easy to attach and remove – that is mainly because it has a 2-clip system. I also think that this product works well for those who want to own a durable and clear visor.

It is because this option for the best clear football visor comes with a coating, which is not only clear but is also capable of resisting impact and scratches while also being anti-fog. Furthermore, it works efficiently in blocking the harmful UV rays and blue light. It is because it uses the optical polycarbonate material.

Another major benefit that you will surely enjoy from this football visor is that it is capable of getting rid of the annoying and distracting glare. It is even constructed in such a way that it can control the intensity of the light, promoting utmost convenience on the part of the user.

One issue, though, is that I find it a bit difficult to install in cascade helmets, although once installed, you will notice how it perfectly fits the mentioned helmets.
  • Boasts of a universal fit
  • Easy and quick to attach and remove
  • Impact and scratch-resistant
  • Can block UV rays and blue light
  • Capable of controlling the light’s intensity
  • Not that easy to install in cascade helmets

2. EliteTek Clear Football Visor Eyeshield Universal

If you are in search of a high-quality clear football visor then I will definitely suggest checking out this Clear Football Visor Eyeshield Universal offered by EliteTek. With the hundreds of satisfied users who have already tried this visor, I can say that it is indeed a valuable investment.

One major benefit I discovered in this clear football visor is that it is truly capable of giving your eyes full protection from all forms of danger when you are in the field like airborne particles and finger pokes. With its universal fit, there is also a guarantee that it perfectly suits helmets for kids, youth, and adults. Another advantage that it can offer is that it can boost your confidence when playing.

It can even improve your focus and concentration during your game while also minimizing the risk of incurring neck or head injuries that might be triggered by other players grabbing your facemask. The versatility of this visor is also unquestionable. In fact, it already gains the approval of all leagues.

It is approved for use in high school, youth, and college football games. It is also a well-made product with its impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, and anti-fog coating. 

It is a bit difficult to set up and put on your football helmet, though.
  • High-quality and protective shield
  • Features a universal fit
  • Improves your confidence when playing
  • Gains the approval for use on various leagues
  • Can resist impact, scratches, and fog
  • A bit challenging to install or set up

3. Oakley Football Shield

If you are searching for a good quality Oakley football visor then I am sure that this football shield from the brand will give you the utmost satisfaction. It has already captured the attention of many football players as it continuously gains excellent reviews and high ratings from its different users.

I find this football visor highly durable and protective considering the fact that it is constructed from the brand’s proprietary synthetic material known as plutonite. It is also a good football visor to choose because it has the capacity of eliminating the distortion, which is often a problem in some visors made of polycarbonate material.

I also specifically like the ability of this visor to block harmful blue lights, as well as UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. Furthermore, it is capable of retaining clarity regardless of the player’s angle of vision. Rest assured that it is clear whether you are looking on the sides or on any other angles.

It is mainly because Oakley makes use of injection molding in this visor as a means of shaping it with a distinctive contour or curvature. I am also impressed with the fact that this visor has an improved scratch-resistant and anti-fog function due to its AFR lens treatment coating.

The included installation instructions are not that clear, though which is the reason why some users spend more time than usual putting it on their helmets.
  • Highly durable and protective
  • Eliminates shield distortion
  • Blocks harmful blue lights and UVA, UVB, and UVC rays
  • Retains clarity in all angles
  • Better scratch-resistant and anti-fog function
  • Unclear installation instructions

4. Barnett Football Clear Eye-shield/Visor

Another tried and tested football visor, which continues to earn positive reviews and high ratings from the public is the Barnett Football Clear Eye-shield/visor. The fact that this visor is super clear as it does not have tint is actually a major plus as it also means that it instantly gains the approval of high school and youth football legs.

I love the universal fit in this football visor because it means that it is compatible with both adult and youth helmets. I also think that it can greatly benefit users because it is quick and easy to attach and take off because it is equipped with an easy to use the 2-clip system.

Another major advantage of the football visor is that it retains clarity and sturdiness in various conditions – that is all thanks to the applied coating known for resisting scratches and fogs. The fact that it is designed to block blue lights and the harmful UV rays is also a big advantage.

It is also designed in such a way that it is capable of controlling the intensity of the light. It is a great product to invest in as it is made to meet the expectations of all potential users. 

One minor problem, though, is there might be a need to do some adjustments from time to time to make it fit some helmets.
  • Super clear, gaining approval in youth and high school leagues
  • Compatible with almost all types of helmets
  • Effortless installation
  • Can maintain its clarity in all conditions
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog coating
  • Adjustments may be necessary to ensure that it fits some helmets

5. EliteTek Take Everything Leave Nothing Football Visor

I can also say that the high-quality football visor comes in the form of this specific product from EliteTek. Offered at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality, this EliteTek football visor is definitely a clear winner in the industry. Earning plenty of positive reviews from different types of users, I am sure that it is meant to satisfy the public.

One major plus of this football visor is that it is compatible with the majority of adult and youth helmets today. It is also completely clear without any hint of tint, which is the main reason why youth and high school leagues approve its use. It offers a maximum level of clarity as it is constructed from high-quality and solid materials.

It is not prone to scratch and fogs, too, as it is treated with a coating that can resist both. With its convenient and user-friendly 2-clip system, I am sure that you will also be instantly impressed with how easy and quick it is to remove and attach the visor. It is meant to be truly protective by ensuring that harmful blue and UV lights are blocked.

In addition, it can offer you the ultimate protection from possible neck or head injuries, airborne particles, and finger pokes during your game. It is prone to getting smudges and dirt, though. 

However, you can rest assured that you can also easily get it cleaned.
  • Compatible with most helmets for adults and the youth
  • Maximum clarity without tint
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog
  • Offers blue and UV light protection
  • Equipped with a 2-clip system for ease of installation and removal
  • Prone to acquiring smudges and dirt

6. Under Armour Clear Youth Football Helmet Visor

No products found.

Gaining the approval of the American Youth Football, I can also say that it is one of the most widely used and highly rated football visors for the youth. I find its universal fit to be a really major plus as it instantly means that it is compatible with various types of helmet.

It is also beneficial in the sense that it is effortless to use in almost all helmets without the need of any tool. It is because it already comes equipped with quick-release clips that you can use for the installation. I am also greatly satisfied with the fact that this visor is lightweight.

In fact, it is 10% lighter when compared to other visors so rest assured that it will never hamper your performance if you wear it while playing football. The lightness of this visor can be attributed to the fact that it makes use of strong and sturdy yet lightweight polycarbonate material.

In addition, it has anti-fog coatings that are also designed to resist scratches. You also have an assurance that it fits securely on a number of helmets and cages while staying in place during your game.

The problem with this visor is that it is not that suitable for aggressive uses and conditions.
  • Approved by American Youth Football
  • Compatible with several types of helmet
  • No tool required for installing it because of its quick-release clips
  • Lighter compared to other visors
  • Comes with a scratch-resistant and anti-fog coating
  • Not that ideal for aggressive uses and situations

7. EliteTek Hard Hitting No Quitting Visor/Eye-shield

Another great product that is definitely worth your money is this visor/eye-shield from EliteTek with the phrase “Hard Hitting, No Quitting”. Most of its users, including me, give it a high rating for its awesome look and customizable phrase.

I am pleased to say that the phrase can be customized in various colors, including red, orange, green, yellow, white, and black, giving you the chance to pick one that perfectly meets your preferences. It is worth every penny as it is made of high-quality materials designed to maximize the visor’s clarity.

It is a clear visor, too. It does not have a tint, so it is a good buy if what you are looking for is a clear visor, which the youth and high school leagues will definitely approve. I am also pleased with its universal fit as it ensures that you can quickly and easily attach and fit it in both adult and youth helmets.

Maximum clarity and sturdiness can also be expected as the visor is treated using an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating. It is also a favorite choice as its injection-molded nature makes it resistant to impact.

There are instances when you need to make slight adjustments on the facemask during the installation, though.

However, once properly adjusted, I am pretty sure that its great look and fit will instantly leave a good impression.
  • Customizable printed phrase using different colors
  • Clear without any tint
  • Can resist impact
  • Treated with an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating
  • Guarantees a universal fit
  • Requires slight adjustment on the facemask

8. Unique Sports Clear Football Helmet Eye-shield

Another of the highly rated football visor that I can recommend is the Unique Sports Clear Football Helmet Eye-shield. It actually has plenty of positive feedback from a wide range of users who have already tested and tried it out so I am pretty sure that this eye-shield is also on its way towards satisfying its other potential users.

One remarkable benefit I am happy to highlight is that it is legal for use in high school and college football as it is a completely clear visor. It is equipped with clear polycarbonate lens with just the right amount of thickness (around 3 mm). I am also happy to say that such lens is devoid of any distortion.

In addition, both sides of the lens receive treatment to ensure that it is coated with an anti-fog and anti-scratch solution. I also find the wrapped lens truly a big advantage because such guarantee users of a more precise fit while also having the ability to get rid of glare and blinds spots.

It is a versatile visor, too in the sense that it is compatible with almost all helmets used in the field of football. Furthermore, it is made to be shatterproof. 

However, there is also a risk for it to incur a few minimal scuff marks after using it for several seasons. Rest assured, though, that these are not that serious that you can no longer use the visor.
  • Approved in high school and college football
  • Guaranteed to have clear leans
  • Distortion-free and shatterproof
  • Promotes a precise fit
  • Can get rid of glare and blind spots
  • Minimal scuff marks after seasons of use

9. SHOC Football Visor 2.0 Lightning

Another of the most highly recommended football visor for football players is the SHOC 2.0 Lightning. I consider it as the best choice to date because of its good ratings and positive reviews coming from its users. One thing I love the most about the football visor is that it is available in 15 colors.

Such colors are also known to be reflective, allowing them to change based on the source of light. You can pick the clear options of this visor, especially if you are planning to use it in low light conditions. You can also go for the smoke colors if you prefer a tinted visor, which you can use at daylight and features up to 40% light transmittance.

Another major advantage of this football visor is it is shatterproof. It can also resist scratches and fogs considering the fact that it is constructed from molded polycarbonate materials as well as hydrophobic coatings. I also like this product specifically because it produces a high-quality feel.

I also find it really easy to install and remove. In fact, you can install it in as little as 10 minutes. The robustness of this football visor is also a big advantage, making it one of the best visors you can own. 

The tint of the visor is prone to fading, though, but rest assured that it will fade only after you have used it for an extremely long period.

  • Comes in 15 reflective colors
  • Useful in low-light conditions as well as at daylight
  • Shatterproof and fog and scratch-resistant
  • Promotes a high-quality feel
  • Easy to install and remove
  • The tint is prone to fading

10. Barnett Football Eyeshield Visor, revo Blue, Eyes-Shield

Lastly, there is this football eye-shield/visor from Barnett, which, I think, is really worthwhile to check out. It is constantly on the list of the best football eye-shields/visors in many review sites because it continues to capture the attention of the public and satisfy its users.

In my opinion, one thing that makes this visor a really good buy is its sturdy and reliable build. It gains the approval for use on youth and high school leagues, so it is safe to say that it is compatible with numerous types of helmets. I also like its 2-clip system, which lets me use one clip per side so I can easily attach and detach it from my helmet.

It can also block the sun’s harmful UV rays with the help of its 10% tint. Aside from the tint, it also features an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating. It is designed to withstand tough use while ensuring that it does not cause discomfort to users by retaining its lightweight nature.

Another remarkable benefit that I am sure you will enjoy from this visor is that it is capable of stopping any fluctuations in light from negatively affecting your focus during the game. It is also built to perform its function for a long time.

It does not come with a guide on how to install the visor, though.
  • Built to be sturdy and reliable
  • Compatible with almost all kinds of helmets
  • Easy to attach and detach with its 2-clip system
  • Blocks harmful UV rays and light fluctuations
  • Lightweight
  • Installation instructions not included

What to Look For When Buying a Football Visor

Are you ready to visit various suppliers of football visors both online or offline so you can find which one will work appropriately for you? If your answer is yes then make it a point that your final buying decision is based on these key features and factors:

Intended purpose

One of the key factors you have to take into full consideration in your search for the most appropriate football visor for your needs is the specific purpose that you wish it to fulfill. Note that the visors can be used for several reasons. It could be to shield your eyes from the sun, making it easier for you to see the field clearly.

It could also be because you want to protect your eyes from debris or from the fingers of your opponents when tackling or running. Another possible reason could be because you want to have an easier time predicting the movement of your opponent since you can clearly see where he is looking.

Find out the exact purpose you would want your football visor to fulfill. That way, you can select one, which really fits its intended function.


Another key feature that you have to take into full consideration is the fit of the visor. Note that if it does not fit you well then you will not be able to use it, causing you to waste your money on an item that you can’t use.

To find the right fit, ensure that you consider your helmet’s model. You have to look for a visor, which is compatible with such a model. Also, before buying, find out whether your football league restricts specific kinds of the visor. That way, you will not end up buying a visor, which you are not actually allowed to use during your game.


It is also a must to gain an extensive understanding of the different types of football visors so you will get a clearer idea, which one fits your purpose the most. One popular type is the clear football visor, which has the main goal of protecting your eyes from injuries.

Some clear visors also work in correcting vision. High-quality ones also come with anti-fog or anti-glare material while also being shatter-resistant. Another common type that you can check out is the tinted football visor. This type aims to minimize sunlight with the aim of protecting your eyes from coming in direct contact with it.

It is also a big help in minimizing distractions while also preventing your opponents from reading your eyes during a game. If you want a football visor, which can block the sun’s glare, then you can also choose the polarized football visors. It works in providing you with a better field vision even if you are dealing with intense conditions, especially during the hot season.


It is also necessary to look check the lens of the football visor. What you have to assess is the level of visibility through the visor’s lens. In this case, you have to look directly through the lens so you can check and observe your peripherals. The goal here is to ensure that you can clearly look to your peripherals without rotating your head.

Ensure that the lens’ edges do not impair your side vision, too. Another thing you have to decide on regarding the lens is whether or not you want the tinted ones. Ensure that it is equipped with an anti-glare material, too. Furthermore, you have to find out which among the lenses used in visors perfectly fits your focus limit.

Ease of installation

You also need to assess how easy it is to install your chosen visor to your facemask. Note that there are instances when the whole process becomes difficult based on the kind of helmet you own. Go for one, which is easy to install.

Aside from ensuring its compatibility with your helmet, it should be equipped with screws and other essential tools that you can use to attach it to the helmet.


Consider the price of the visor, too and relate it to its overall quality before deciding to pay for it. You have to make sure that it can provide good value for the amount you are willing to spend. Find out if the price corresponds to its quality.

Ensure that it does not crack even if it is only the first time for it to get hit. It should come at a reasonable price without sacrificing its quality and durability.

Aside from the key factors already discusses, it is also a must to find out which among the visors you are planning to buy can provide you with several features designed to offer protection. Some of the useful features that make a football visor really worth investing in are fog resistance, shatter-proofing, scratch-resistant coatings, and UV light blocking.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will a football visor fit Schutt, Riddell, and Xenith football helmets?

It should be noted that the mentioned brands of football helmets also have their corresponding visors of the same brand. That said, the answer to the question of whether a football visor fits the mentioned brands of helmets is actually a yes.

Just make sure that before you make your final purchase, you spend time checking out the information provided by the supplier regarding fitting and compatibility.

Will I be able to wear grey visor in high school football?

No. It is because high school football rules allow wearing a football visor, it has been mandated to go for clear ones without tint. High school football players need to make sure that their visors or eye shields are constructed from clear and rigid materials.

They are not allowed to wear tinted ones. If a high school football player requires tinted eye protection for medical reasons then he needs to wear tinted athletic goggles or eyeglasses instead.

What are football visors and the actual reasons for wearing them?

A football visor actually refers to that item you see is attached to the helmet’s facemask portion. While football associations do not require players to wear this visor, it still serves as a great addition to the overall attire of the players. It is because it serves several purposes.

Most football players choose to wear the visor because it is known to be a big help in preventing injuries that might affect the eyes, such as when your eyes get hit by a ball unprotected or in case the fingers or feet of another player accidentally hit your eyes. Some players also wear a visor to help in their vision.

There are also football players who decide to wear the visor as a way to express themselves. It is mainly because the visor is available in different patterns and colors that are visible externally. Some players choose a color or pattern that sets them apart from the other players wearing the same uniform.

How much do football visors cost?

The cost of football visors actually depends on the brand and the type you have chosen. On average, though, you can get a simple visor at a price range of $10-$50. Higher-quality ones with more prominent styles and patterns can go higher than the mentioned price range, though.

Can the football visor fit lacrosse helmet?

What is good about football visors is that they can fit lacrosse helmets as well as Cascade adult helmets, like Cascade R, Cascade S, and Cascade CPX-R. However, you have to make sure that the visor you use for your lacrosse helmet is non-rigid and clear and molded. It is because it is not actually allowed to wear tinted visors for lacrosse helmets.

Does the visor have clips that come with it?

It actually depends on the brand. There are brands of football visors that offer some of their products with clips already. What is good about deciding to invest in clip-on visors or visors that already come with the clip is that you can quickly install or remove them without the need for any tool.

Does it offer 100% UV protection?

If you choose to buy a visor mainly designed to protect your eyes from UV rays then the answer is yes. Such type of visor is indeed constructed with 100% UV protection feature. With this feature, you have an assurance that you will be fully protected from the harsh effects of the sun. Some visors even have anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings for better protection.

How do I clean the visor?

Cleaning a football visor is not actually that hard to do. What you have to do is to mix a dish soap with water in a bucket. There is no need for you to add too much soap. It should be just enough that there will be bubbles in the water. Mix the soap with water to produce a cleaning solution.

Wet one non-abrasive cloth in the solution then use it in cleaning the visor. Ensure that you make use of a non-abrasive cloth to prevent the visor from getting scratched accidentally. Once done, wipe the visor dry using another non-abrasive cloth. Make sure that it is completely dry prior to attaching it back to your helmet.

How do I attach a visor to a football helmet?

Attaching a visor in your football helmet is also a process that you can do on your own. The first thing you have to do is to use a screwdriver as a means of taking off the facemask from your helmet. Ensure that you store the removed screws close to you to avoid losing them.

Also, make sure that you observe how the facemask is attached to the helmet before removing it so you will know exactly how to put it back there again once you put the visor. Once you removed the facemask from the helmet, get your football visor and attach it nicely and snugly onto the mask.

The next step is screwing the facemask with the visor back to the helmet. Ensure that the topmost part of the football visor sticks out of your helmet. Once done, you should put on the helmet. Find out if the fit is right. If not then make the necessary adjustments.


As a football player, it is crucial for you to invest in things that will guarantee your protection. Fortunately, it is now easy to do that with the help of the best football visor. It ensures that your eyes will be protected from various elements while you are playing the game. In addition, it works as a way to express your style and set you apart from other football players.

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