Best Flag Football Set 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

Physical contact sports like football, rugby, basketball, and others requires strength and endurance. Due to this, individuals willing to engage in these sports, either male or female, young or old, etc. must be mentally and physically fit, strong, and agile. Especially for football, as this is a game of the intellect.

Healthily, proper football play complemented with a good diet helps to improve livelihood and prevent some life-threatening health conditions. Health conditions like obesity, diabetics, abnormal respiration, unfit body and many more can be averted with this sport. This is because, during the process, excessive calories in the body are been burnt off.

Upon the greater benefits embedded in this activity, nowadays, most players who are engaged in football play are now avoiding it. Citing the rise in risk from the sport due to reckless tackling from the opponents and poor sports kit. While some have diverted their attention on digital life to spend their leisure time, there are some who still remain in this sport. And because of them, we’re here to solve this long time challenge.

Flag football kit will help you avert most of the risks associated with traditional football sport, while you still enjoy the sport and maintain a professional status. This football kit not only gives you a professional look but also makes you feel comfortable aside an attractive look.  Plus, your safety is guaranteed as rugged tackling of player from the opponent is strictly prohibited.

So what are the types of flag football set?

Types of Flag Football Set

During the course of playing flag football, two things are paramount and always dominate the players’ mindset. The first being how the flag will remain affix to his belt throughout the play. While the second is how the flag would easily fall off from the ball carriers to expose the sin the defendant has committed.

In general, flag football is of different types but we will look into the most common types in this guide. These are the pull and pop flags.

Pull flags

This is the primary and the first flag football system that players used in flag footballing activities. It involves the highlighting of the flag using the stitched flagging system. Like Triple Threat, Velcro system plus nylon belts. Ideally, most flag football set comes with belts that have three flags while other belts have only two flags.

Pop flags

This is an outstanding flag football style that comes with a variety of colours. It is also known as Flag-a-Tag. This flag kit focuses on belt and flags and it produces a sonic boom sound signifying a player has been harshly tackled or bring down. It is an ideal of choice, especially in a crowded football environment. However, players are often privileged to purchase extra flags if they wish in this flag football.

Since flag football is no more new in the world of modern football, how do you now know the best flag football set for you? What are the factors needed to consider before getting your choice of flag football set?

To make things easier, we’ve selected 10 of the best flag football set available in the market, which are reviewed below.



1. SKLZ Flag Football – Best Overall

SKLZ Flag Football 10-Player Deluxe Set with Flags, Belts, and Cones, Multi, One Size

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The first and the best flag football set in our list of available flag set is the SKLZ football set. This flag set is suitable for rough games and strong grips and it’s available in dual colour (blue and yellow) and each belts is five in number. It also has a set of two Velcro attached flags which prevent it from falling during match.

This flag has 4 goal line cones, flag football rules, a, and a nylon mesh tote to enhance functions. And the bag presents the kit also ease storage and mobility.

The durability of this flag is as a result of an ultra-durable belt features designed with 2 detachable nylon flags. If you live in a family where your height is almost the same, feel free to buy this kit. This is as a result of its one size fit all.

  • It is a one size fit all.
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Other sets are easy to attach.
  • They are very small to use.

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2. Trained Flag Football Set – Best for All Ages

Trained Flag Football Set & eBook

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Made with durable material of nylon to prevent the frequent purchase of flag, the trained sports flag football set is an amazing kit specially designed for all ages. This flag set has proven to be useful as it champions every football activities on the field be it for entertainment or competition.

Remarkably, it’s a 46-piece set designed to help player outfit two full flag football teams. Each belt of this flag set holds 3 adjustable flags and players can also enjoy their sporting activities for a longer period without getting bored.

This is made possible due to the presence of the 5-on-5 play the football set is equipped with.

  • Features a guarantee period of 30 days.
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Made of quality thicker plastic to enhance durability.
  • Players especially adult with big waist may have a hard time with this set.

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3. Unlimited Potential Tag Belts – Best for Players Looking for Returning Policy

Unlimited Potential Flag Football Set,Premium Football Gear, Durable Flags - Set of 14 (7 Red / 7 Blue) + 6 Cones

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Unlike most flag sets, unlimited potential tag is durable nylon made material with metallic D-ring closures on the flag football belts. This flag football set  has sturdy grips that ensure the set resist hard play and last for a longer period.

Talking about the features that make this flag unique without mentioning its universally compatible design is incomplete. This is because its compatibility helps to fit people of age 7 years and above without stress.

To prove how reliable this product is, it comes with a money-back guarantee policy if a buyer is not fully satisfied.

  • Has an anti-tear webbing for extensive durability.
  • To enhance functionalities, this flag is attached by strong hook-and-loop fasteners.
  • Remains in its attached place unless it get snatched off by opponents.
  • Proper maintenance is needed to avoid a quick break off.

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4. Franklin Sports Flag Football Flags – Best for Younger Ones Who Intend to Learn Flag Football

Franklin Sports Flag and Ball Set - Flag Football Belts and Football for Kids - Full Youth Flag Football Set - Includes 2 Flag Sets of 5

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Just like some flag sets, franklin sport is a 5 colours 2 sets flag football specially designed for children. This football flag has a mini playbook which aids kids who are just learning the game as it contains route diagrams in it. Plus an easy to grip cover where they can easily learn how to pass and receive the ball as well.

However, apart from younger one’s, some women have also attested to the performance of this kit. That it works for them perfectly due to the quality materials which they are made from.

The flag is stylishly packed making it to be an ideal of choice for those who prefer stylish look. When talking of price tag, the price is also cheap and players can play extensively under all weathers without it getting ripped off.

  • Has an easy tear-away belt that is easy to put on and use.
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for teaching children.
  • No instructional booklet is included in the pack.

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5. Franklin Sports NFL Flag Football Sets – Best for High-income Earners

Franklin Sports NFL Flag Football Set, Team Specific, One Size

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Uncommonly, franklin sports NFL football flag sets is an amazing kit that uses Official NFL team sets to fly your team pride. These sets have an easy to adjust belt that’ll accommodate players with waists up to 36 in size.

To keep you safe throughout use,  it’s a tear away belts which your opponents only tug instead of harming you or bringing you down.

However, if you are a group of friends or family that is 8 in number looking for a perfect flag that’ll meet your need, worry no more has this flag is an ideal of choice. In turn of weight, the weight of this kit is favourable to be lifted by a healthy average even for a longer period.

  • Uses official NFL team sets.
  • Player’s team pride can be fly on this flag set.
  • Keep you safe when in use
  • The part which flag may attach if not firm, may fall off the belt band.

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6. Play Platoon Flag Football Set for Kids – Best for Kids

Play Platoon 14 Player Flag Football Set Youth & Adult - 14 Adjustable Belts, 42 Flag Football Flags, 12 Field and End Zone Cone Markers & 1 Mesh Carrying Bag, Red & Blue

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Play platoon is a brightly coloured red and blue complete flag football set that comes with 14 belts each with 3 flags. This belt quantity allows 14 players to play the game successfully at a time while the bright coloured allows the audience to easily differentiate teams.

Consequently, this flag features a 12 large highly visible disc cones that allow the player to clearly mark the goal lines, playing field, and sidelines. Similar to the most quality flag, this kit has an adjustable D-ring that makes it fit into most players.

  • Great choice of the flag set for parties, family, summer camps and many more.
  • Features a lifetime replacement warranty.
  • Perfect for kids
  • The belt always comes with creased that makes them fold in.

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7. Nerf N-Sports Flag Football – Most Light in Weight

Nerf N-Sports Flag Football Set

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Nerf is widely known in the world of flag football set due to the outstanding performance of their flag. This high-quality children’s toy of all ages is a complete flag set that has everything the player needs for a 3-on-3 game of flag football.

It’s a green and orange flag set that Includes 12 clip-on flags on its both side giving it a stylish look. It also has a weather Blitz football that allows players to play their best in all-weather types.

Although the only limitation of this flag set is that players may encounter some difficulties with the plastic on the ball. Aside from this, no other challenge has been directly linked to this flag set.

  • Suitable for backyard play.
  • Light in weight and easy to transport
  • Clip onto shirt edges or pants rather than on a traditional flag belt.
  • Not durable as the flag is made of plastic.

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8.Flag Football Set for 12 Players – Most Durable

Flag Football 12 Players 3 Flags Adult Kids Youth Set 55 Pieces with Football

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Built to last,  this model is designed for serious-minded player. As the name implies, it’s enough belts for 12 players of 3 flags per belt, conjoined with 4 field cones, 1 marking bean bag, plus a football, and lastly, a carrying backpack.

While the backpack aids storage, the combination of other features helps to produce a desirable results. Also, the durability of this kit is prolonged as a result of the cross weave present in it plus the belts that are made with D rings.

This enables the flag to remain tight on your waist without getting tore or ripped off for a while.

  • Made of soft rubber that allows easy throw and catches.
  • Last for a long time
  • Comes with a backpack that eases storage and guarantee kits.
  • The cones that come with this set are small which makes them easy to miss.

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9. Playmakers Flag Football Set – Most Expensive

Playmakers Flag Football Set: Call Plays Like the Pros – Includes 2 Teams of 5 Flags, 2 QB Wristbands, 6 Double-sided Play Inserts (18 Plays), 10 Field Marker Cones, Rulebook, & Yard Marker Bean Bag

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Another important football flag set is the playmaker’s flag football. This kit is equipped with 2 QB Wristbands and 6 double-sided playbooks. The QB wristbands help you to run crisp routes, execute scoring drives, and also gives you more control on the field.
The most remarkable feature of this flag football is the inserted 18 classic plays that are taken straight from coach’s playbook. This helps to serve as the coach and it’s a room for 10 player’s flag of two different colours.
The participating player either put on an orange or a black flag. However, the only drawback of this set is the price tag which may not be affordable for low budget earners.

  • Suitable flag sets for all age types.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • The materials used to make them are of superior qualities.
  • Expensive.

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10. Crown Sporting Goods – Most Affordable

Crown Sporting Goods 12-Pack Flag Football Team Set - 12 Belts with 24 Flags Touch Game Practice Training - 6 Blue, 6 Yellow

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The last in number but not the least in function in our guide is Crown Sporting goods. The features which this extremely cheap price football set have are unprecedented.These includes the 12 flag belts number which is more than sufficient to accommodate two teams of 6 players each and two holds flags on each belt featuring two loops that makes it easy to pull off and put on after each play.

Additionally, it has a hook and loop fasteners that keep flags attached to their belt and avoid unwanted stoppage in play from loose flags. Also, the nylon which is used to make these kits helps to elongate its lifespan.

While the appealing weight makes it remain sturdy even if used on regular and longer bases.

  • Relatively cheap.
  • Feature several accessories
  • Helps to avoid most accidents associated with flag footballing.
  • Higher-income earners may not subscribe to its services.

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Factors to consider when choosing the best flag football set

Although, there are more than thousands of flag football products available at your disposal each endorsing its product as the best. To avoid landing in choosing the wrong choice, there are some factors needed to be considered. These factors if strictly adhered to, will not only give you a nice experience but also, it will give you a desirable result.

Factors like price tag, belt Velcro material, number of contents you intend to buy, fitness, durability, and many more are among the few factors to consider before settling for one.

Now that we have listed a few of the factors needed to consider before buying your choice, let’s discuss them.

What is the price?

Since the main reason for buying the best flag football aside the risk factor is to minimize cost while still retaining the original function of the products. We can say the first factor needed to consider before buying a football flag is the price tag.

Either you’re a tight budget earner or buoyant budget one, you’ll be able to afford any of the products available in our guide as their prices are affordable and worthy. In fact, if you’re a very low budget type, we are happy to tell you that it is possible for you to buy the constituents components of this element according to the one you can afford at a time.

What of Velcro material?

The Velcro materials help to keep your flag firmly in the best position as you engage in footballing. This is made possible because most flag football possesses a small Velcro strip that sticks with Velcro materials found on flag belt. Apart from this, they also help to extend your flag life span simply by preventing it from getting teared off by your opponents.

How many contents of the flag did you intend to buy?

Also, among the things to consider before settling for your choice of flag football set is the number of content you intend to buy. Buying more than sufficient flag is highly recommended and should not be counted as a waste of money, but the application of sense. This is because mistakenly or knowingly, some players may break your flag belt due to the little knowledge they have about this sport.

In case you experience this, this will not halt your game as you have prepared for this unforeseen event by having an extra flag. Otherwise, this will bring your sporting activities into an end in unplanned time.

Does it really fit into your body?

Being trying to look professional or avoiding football risk doesn’t mean you should use an unfit flag. Fitted flag if wear properly even go beyond making you look attractive and unique, but also, it advertises the products that you wear. And that’s why all our available football flags are the fitted type. They are specially designed for men, children and others who intend to participate in this sport.

What of durability?

Talking about factors needed to secure the best football flag without considering the durability of the kit is incomplete. Generally, you’ll notice most flags aren’t designed for heavy-duty tasks. This is because of the low quality materials used in manufacturing them.

However, all the available belts in our guide are durable. Not only do they fit your waistline but also, they can resist heavy duties without compromising their functionalities. This is because they are made with high-quality materials.

Benefits of flag football

Flag football is beneficial in a lot of ways and we have compiled some in this article. They include:

  • Get rid of unwanted calorie present in the body due to the demanding nature of the game.
  • Reduce the risk of injury in football.
  • Differentiate teams partaking in sports activities
  • The outfit which the flag is attached makes the player look professional and unique


Is it true that flag football totally prevents players against risks associated with footballing?

Yes! Contrary to the traditional football where players tackle each other by direct contact, flag football doesn’t involve such. Instead, the defendant only pulls off the belt from the carrier. Otherwise, the defensive player risks penalty shootout.

Can the player wear flag football only to play?

No, they can’t. Flag football is meant to be wear or attach to your normal jersey. Except if you intend not to wear any jersey.

Is there any standard for the flag football kit?

Yes, there is a standard for every flag football. However, there are some kits that go beyond the standard measurement. These type of flags are specially designed to meet the players need without posing no danger or compromise its functionalities.


We’ve come to the end of this guide and we hope you find it useful. In this guide, we have revealed to you that flag football is now bringing people who feel football isn’t safe to the game again. Simply due to the safety that’s bestowed upon it. Apart from being safe to use, the flag football kit also make players look professional and unique.

They complement your outfit look as they come in different colours and help in differentiating opposition teams. To fully satisfy the players, some of the available kits in our guide exceed the standard but poses no hazard to players.

In general, all our available Flag football aren’t only affordable, but also worth every penny spend on them. Our best flag football set is SKLZ Flag Football because of its outstanding features and honest user reviews.

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