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Rocky’s IV – Four Things to Know for NFL Week 15

I.  Bengals will be fine without Dalton

A season that had been marked by serendipity encountered a moment of fracture (pun intended) on Sunday as the news broke that QB Andy Dalton had sustained a broken thumb in the clash against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Until that fateful point, Cincinnati had enjoyed relative immunity from injuries, holding a remarkable 10-2 record and firmly occupying the driver’s seat in the AFC.

However, the demise of the Bengals’ dream is far from certain. It’s important to recall that this team was constructed with the belief that it could triumph even in the absence of Dalton performing as a star quarterback.

The narrative they embraced at the outset of the season was clear: alleviate the pressure on Dalton, rely on the prowess of the playmakers, minimize Dalton’s errors, and avoid overexertion.

This approach had proven victorious in numerous games prior to Dalton’s emergence as a contender for the MVP title.

The mystery of how a quarterback in his fifth season could undergo such a substantial transformation remains unresolved.

Cincinnati finds itself in need of just one more triumph to secure dominance over the AFC North.

With upcoming matches against two struggling teams (San Francisco and Baltimore), as well as one formidable team experiencing a decline (Denver), the backup QB A.J. McCarron, supported by the depth of the Bengals’ roster, is primed to sustain this remarkable season.

In conclusion, despite the setback caused by Dalton’s injury, the Bengals’ season holds the potential for redemption.

Their adaptable strategy and talented roster make it plausible to envisage the continuation of this dream-like journey.

USATSI, Bengals QB Andy Dalton looks on from the sideline with his fractured thumb heavily wrapped
USATSI, Bengals QB Andy Dalton looks on from the sideline with his fractured thumb heavily wrapped

II. Remember December

As the season progresses, a natural sorting process begins to take place, separating the contenders from the pretenders.

In the realm of the NFL, a common refrain asserts that October and November belong to the pretenders, while December is reserved for the contenders.

This adage found validation this past Sunday when several esteemed franchises, which had grappled with challenges throughout the season, showcased their mettle.

The resurgence was unmistakable: Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers roared back to form with a resounding victory over Dallas; Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks delivered a commanding performance against Baltimore; Big Ben and the Pittsburgh Steelers operated with precision, dismantling Cincinnati; and Tom Brady and the New England Patriots exhibited signs of their customary excellence.

In contrast, the initial darlings of the season – Atlanta and Buffalo – are beginning to wane. The oft-discussed notion of parity in the NFL notwithstanding, it’s worth noting that the playoffs frequently feature familiar teams and elite quarterbacks at the helm, reaffirming their prominence.

In summation, the ongoing season showcases a natural stratification of teams, with the cream rising to the top.

The distinction between contenders and pretenders becomes more pronounced as the calendar turns, and the consistent presence of well-established teams and accomplished quarterbacks in the playoff picture attests to the enduring allure of their prowess.

USATSI Packers QB Aaron Rodgers scrambles vs the Cowboys
USATSI Packers QB Aaron Rodgers scrambles vs the Cowboys

III.  Panther perfect (or healthy)?

The undefeated Carolina Panthers, with an impressive 13-0 record, narrowly escaped a potential setback when their key offensive weapon, Greg Olsen, suffered what initially seemed like a knee injury.

Encouragingly, recent developments suggest that Olsen’s injury might not be as serious as feared, raising hopes of his availability for the upcoming game.

As the Panthers find themselves in the midst of a dream season, boasting a commanding lead in the standings and embodying a physical style that resonates throughout the roster, their strategic decisions moving forward take on a heightened level of intrigue.

The quandary lies in how to navigate this juncture. The desire for a perfect regular season undoubtedly resonates among the players, yet the Panthers must carefully consider their approach, particularly in managing star quarterback Cam Newton.

The upcoming choices in this respect promise to be captivating.

One plausible scenario involves a more tempered approach, with Cam Newton taking the field but being advised to curtail his rushing, prioritizing safety by stepping out of bounds when feasible and avoiding unnecessary hits.

However, the challenge arises from Newton’s inherent ultra-competitive nature, which propels him to engage physically and unconventionally.

Sidestepping contact and altering his style fundamentally contradict his innate instincts – a facet of his character that defines his playing style.

Thus, the assumption that Newton will easily adapt to circumstantial changes might prove unfounded. Carolina’s coaching staff faces a pivotal decision.

They could either wholeheartedly pursue an undefeated regular season, embracing the risks that come with it (an option that holds hope), or opt for a more cautious approach, resting key players to preserve their health for the impending playoffs.

In essence, the Panthers confront a pivotal crossroads. The allure of perfection must be weighed against the pragmatism of safeguarding player well-being.

The unfolding narrative will undoubtedly shape the Panthers’ legacy this season.

USATSI Panthers QB Cam Newton looks in on downed TE Greg Olsen, who avoided serious injury
USATSI Panthers QB Cam Newton looks in on downed TE Greg Olsen, who avoided serious injury

IV.  Players and politics

Amid the political fervor of the season, even NFL players find themselves inadvertently drawn into the all-encompassing web of politics.

Tom Brady, a figure of prominence both on and off the field, has found himself in the crosshairs of this swirling vortex due to his association with Donald Trump.

Though Brady seeks to sidestep the political circus and maintains that his voting choices remain private, the persistent queries about his friendship with and support of Trump continue to linger.

Brady’s predicament is complex.

While he strives to distance himself from the political arena and its divisive soundbites, he grapples with his relationship with Trump—a friend who offered early support during Brady’s ascent to fame and remains a golfing companion and confidant.

The cacophony of the soundbite-driven world yearns for Brady to divulge his political inclinations or align himself with particular positions, particularly on contentious matters.

As a leader within his locker room, he aims to tread above the political fray while maintaining a rapport with Trump without overtly voicing “support” or admiration.

The straightforward and unadorned communication style of Trump resonates with many football players accustomed to directness and candor on the field.

However, the challenge emerges when Trump’s specific stances diverge from the convictions of various players. This potential powder keg, if ignited, could transform the locker room—a realm unified by sport—into a realm of discord and distraction.

Locker rooms inherently house a mosaic of opinions, underscoring Tom Brady’s commitment to preserving unity and harmony within that space.

Yet, his elevated position entails juggling relationships with an array of high-profile supporters and business associates, each harboring their own spectrum of beliefs. This necessitates a delicate balancing act.

Brady, though unlikely to be the harbinger of the first politically charged soundbite, remains susceptible to the media’s ceaseless pursuit of provocative statements.

As the political landscape intensifies, the media’s quest to unearth the first individual willing to seize the bait persists—an occurrence that cyclically transpires every few years.

In summary, Tom Brady’s attempt to navigate the maelstrom of politics while upholding the integrity of his locker room and his own relationships embodies the intricacies of a public figure’s role during politically charged times.

Pranaya Poudel
Pranaya Poudel
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