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Russell Wilson: No Edge, No Chance

Seattle secured a massive win in a Super Bowl rematch against the Denver Broncos.

Here at FBF, we extensively outlined the strategy necessary to play against Russell Wilson—essentially, if allowed to make plays outside the pocket, the game would be lost.

Denver had heavily invested in the edges of its defense, aside from the quarterback position.

As emphasized by my former coach, Bill Belichick, the mantra “No edge. No chance” was ingrained in our minds.

During the game, Denver was relatively successful in adhering to that overall strategy, aside from a few instances. One of those moments is captured in this picture…

However, everything went haywire as the Broncos and the Seahawks entered overtime.

This marks the proper distinction between talented rosters and championship teams. Champions execute the small details in crucial moments, mirroring their approach throughout the game.

From the time stamp on the following sequence of plays, it’s evident that Russell Wilson operated predominantly outside the pocket during the overtime period, more so in that single OT drive than he had throughout the entire game.

This narrative is most effectively conveyed through images… there’s little more I can add.

The last four slides were important as critical moments in the game (all in OT).

In each instance, there was an absence of an edge rusher outside of Russell Wilson, allowing him to operate outside the pocket where the challenges are amplified.

In essence, there are no rings without the attention to detail. Sunday served as a prime-time reminder of the necessary approach—for the Broncos and any team aiming to prevent Seattle from securing another championship.

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