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Jordy Nelson
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Despite his exceptional performance, Jordy Nelson has yet to secure a Pro Bowl nod. However, this fact does little to diminish his consistent presence among the league’s top receivers over the past several seasons, with his current season being no exception.

While accolades may have eluded him, Nelson’s peers possess a keen appreciation for his skill set, recognizing his prowess on the field. The sentiment is gaining traction within NFL media circles as well, as an increasing number of voices acknowledge that Nelson stands as one of the NFL’s most conspicuously underrated players.

In a comprehensive video analysis, former Packers linebacker Brady Poppinga delves into the intricate elements that contribute to Nelson’s greatness, taking his admiration a step further.

You can witness Poppinga’s insightful breakdown in the video linked below:

Jordy Nelson is the best wide receiver in the NFL

That statement may shock some.

Many people think that Jordy Nelson’s plays just a byproduct of playing with an elite quarterback in Aaron Rodgers.

But what makes Jordy Nelson so special is he does everything as a wide receiver exceptionally well.

For example, the way that Jordy Nelson works the sidelines is nothing less than spectacular.

You see, you get both his feet down as he’s falling out of bounds to secure a huge touchdown.

Secondly, his catch radius is impressive.

You’ll see him jump over the defensive back to make a big catch for that Green Bay Packers offense.

And then, when Aaron’s off just a little, which doesn’t happen too much, Jordy has the ability to adjust the ball again, expanding and demonstrating his catch radius as he has to stop and fall back to catch a ball that’s thrown behind him.

And then his route running is impressive.

You’ll see him run tight angles like this that ultimately do two things.

First, it enables him to wear, only he catches the ball.

Because of that tight angle, the defensive back has no chance on the ball.

And then secondly, it allows him to run after the catch.

And then, lastly, the one thing that many people don’t give Jordy Nelson much credit for is his unadulterated raw speed.

You’re going to see him burn not only the cornerback here but also you’re going to see him run past the middle of the field safety.

So what makes Jordy Nelson so special is he does everything as a wide receiver exceptionally well.

Not his wife.

Jordy Nelson is the best wide receiver in the game today.

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