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Who Is Renee Reese, Ike Reese Wife? Age & Wikipedia

Ike Reese wife, Renee Reese, is a remarkable individual with a diverse range of talents.

Not only is she an accomplished teacher, but she also boasts a background as a former fashion consultant.

Their marital relationship, which began in the early months of 2002, has flourished for over two decades, a testament to their enduring love and partnership.

Golden Jubilee Celebration! Ike Reese Rings On His 50th Birthday Surrounded By Loved Ones In October 2023
Golden Jubilee Celebration! Ike Reese Rings On His 50th Birthday Surrounded By Loved Ones In October 2023 (Source: Instagram)

Ike Reese is an American sports radio host and a former professional football player renowned for his prowess as a linebacker in the National Football League (NFL).

In 1998, he was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the fifth round of the NFL Draft.

He later contributed to the Atlanta Falcons from 2005 to 2006.

After two years, Reese transitioned into a career in radio, joining hands with the Philadelphia sports station 94.1 WIP.

Presently, he hosts WIP’s Afternoon Show, captivating audiences with his insights and engaging commentary.

Ike Reese Wife: Wikipedia

Born Renita Underwood on December 18, 1974, in Michigan, Mrs. Reese has built a successful career as an educator.

Her journey in education includes a role as a teacher at the Camden City School District, which began in 2017.

Before that, she dedicated four years as a substitute teacher at East Green, starting in 2013.

Her teaching journey initially took root as the resource room teacher at the City Of Vineland Board Of Education School District, where she served from August 2001 to June 2002.

Ike Reese Wife: Ike Celebrates Two Decades of Marriage with His Amazing Wife, Renee Reese, as They Share a Cherished Wedding Moment from February 16, 2002
Ike Reese Celebrates Two Decades of Marriage With His Amazing Wife, Renee Reese, As They Share A Cherished Wedding Moment From February 16, 2002 (Source: Instagram)

In addition to her teaching roles, Renee made her mark as a fashion consultant with an impressive eleven-year stint at Jada Renee Style.

She also briefly worked as a contract fashion stylist and model coordinator for G-III Apparel Group and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Her professional profile, as per LinkedIn, underscores her leadership skills and comfort in managing large groups.

She possesses a keen eye for detail and excels in coordinating and executing complex projects. With a wealth of experience, she has a demonstrated history in Integrated Brand Marketing and Event Management, making her a seasoned Project Manager.

In terms of education, Renee holds a BA degree in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy from Michigan State University, followed by a Master of Arts degree in Education at Pepperdine University.

Ike Reese Wife: Married Life With Children

Ike Reese and Renee Reese have been married since February 16, 2002. And 2023 marked the 20th marriage anniversary of the former American football player and his beloved wife.

Their love story began at Michigan State University, where they first crossed paths during college.

After kindling a romance in 1994, they cherished eight years of companionship before deciding to tie the knot.

Ike Reese Shares Picture Of His Children Elijah, Calvin, and Jada On June 2022
Ike Reese Shares Picture Of His Children Elijah, Calvin, and Jada On June 2022 (Source: Instagram)

This enduring union has two children: a son named Elijah Reese and a daughter named Jada Reese.

Elijah, their firstborn, came into the world on July 8, 2003, and recently marked his 20th birthday in 2023.

Their youngest child, Jada, was born on November 26, 2005. Much like her father, she is a genuine athlete who excels in gymnastics and enjoys playing volleyball, showcasing her passion and talents in the world of sports.

Interestingly, not many might not be aware that Elijah and Jada have an older brother named Calvin Chambers.

He is the first son of Ike, which he had in December 1991. According to his Instagram bio, Calvin is a skilled video creator and a talented cameraman.

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