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Younghoe Koo Tattoo: Their Meaning And Design

Younghoe Koo Tattoo: Younghoe Koo bears a distinctive tattoo over the left side of his chest and extends down his left arm, each stroke of ink telling a story.

While the former is a testament to his journey, the latter embodies a more carefree spirit. For his next tattoo under his left arm, he selected a single word signifying a powerful aspiration.

Join us as we unravel the tale behind Koo’s tattoos, an intricate narrative carved into his skin.

Younghoe Koo Clicked Place Kicking During A Match At Atlanta, Georgia In March 2019
March 2019: Younghoe Koo Clicked After Place Kicking During A Match In Atlanta, Georgia (Source: Instagram)

The South Korea-born Younghoe Koo is a professional American football placekicker currently playing for the Atlanta Falcons in the National Football League (NFL).

His exceptional performance led to a Pro Bowl selection in 2020, a year in which he topped the league in scoring.

Notably, he is second in the NFL’s all-time field goal percentage list (minimum 100 attempts).

He is also renowned for his remarkable proficiency in executing onside kicks.

Younghoe Koo Tattoo

Younghoe Koo wears his story proudly on his skin. Adorning the left side of his chest and left arm are tributes to his roots, etched with meaning.

The tattoo on his chest, concealed beneath his jersey during games, carries its weight of meaning.

The inscription speaks volumes:

“Never forget where you came from; it might save you from where you could end up.”

This powerful reminder is a testament to Koo’s unwavering connection to his roots.

It’s a beacon that guides him, reminding him of the path that led him to where he stands today.

On his left arm, a Siberian tiger prowls, the national animal of South Korea, his birthplace.

When asked about its significance, Koo shared a candid insight into his choice:

“I didn’t have too deep of a meaning to get a tattoo. I started looking stuff up and then matched the one that kind of makes sense for my life, I like it, and then just go from there.”

This spontaneous approach revealed Koo’s penchant for letting life’s elements organically guide his decisions, resulting in an inked masterpiece that resonates with him.

Younghoe Koo's Chest & Arm Tattoos. Each stroke tells a story.
Younghoe Koo Tattoo: Younghoe Koo’s Chest & Arm Tattoos. Each stroke tells a story (Source: Instagram/Atlanta Falcons)

Yet, there’s more than meets the eye. Another tattoo graces beneath his arm, bearing the word “Patience.”

It’s not just a reminder; it’s a personal goal. Koo reflects,

“I have Patience on my arm. I always say I have it on me because I don’t have it in me. That’s something I want to be better at.”

It’s a poignant declaration, an acknowledgment of a trait he aspires to cultivate, etched into his very being.

Koo’s tattoos are not just ink on skin; they are a testament to the layers of his identity, a vivid narrative woven through art.

Each design and word carries a piece of his journey, a constant reminder of where he came from and where he aims to go.

Younghoe Koo Tattoo | His Early Life

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Younghoe Koo’s early years were marked by a passion for soccer, a talent that earned him victory in a regional kicking competition.

His life took a significant turn when he relocated to New Jersey to live with his mother, who had ventured to the United States two years before pursuing a nursing career.

Meanwhile, Koo’s father remained in Seoul, serving as a professor at Induk University.

Younghoe Koo Celebrating the pillars of his life on Father's Day and Mother's Day in 2020
Younghoe Koo Celebrates The Pillars Of His Life On Father’s Day And Mother’s Day In 2020 (Source: Instagram)

During his time at Ridgewood High School in New Jersey, Koo emerged as a standout on the football team.

His senior season saw him earn the coveted title of team MVP, showcasing his versatility on both special teams and defense, even amassing an impressive six interceptions.

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