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Golden Rules of the NFL Draft

10 Things to Bank On in Every NFL Draft

  1. You might be disappointed in your team for not selecting a player who becomes a bust.
  2. Someone unfamiliar to you will emerge as a standout player.
  3. Somebody who may have watched a highlight video of that player a couple of times will confidently claim they saw it coming all along.
  4. When [blank] rises to stardom, someone will pen an article showcasing all the teams that passed on him, subtly implying that they would have made the right choice.
  5. The school a drafted player attends will likely have little effect on their success in the NFL. Nonetheless, many will form their initial opinions of the pick mainly based on the player’s alma mater.
  6. The decision to draft a player isn’t simply a matter of “need” versus “best available.” It’s typically a blend of both.
  7. Your team’s list of perceived needs might not align with their actual requirements, and there’s a reason behind that.
  8. People may assert that a player either does or doesn’t “fit a scheme.” However, the likelihood that the person making this claim comprehends the scheme is relatively low.
  9. Becoming a true draft expert is a monumental task, and there just aren’t enough hours in a day, week, month, or year to master it. It’s all about first impressions.
  10. Only a moo-ron would declare draft “winners” or “losers” before the players even take the field. Don’t be a moo-ron.
Aditya Rana
Aditya Rana
Aditya is a student currently pursuing his Bachelors degree in Business Studies. He is a writing enthusiast who enjoys creating unique contents, especially about the sports industry.


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