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Who Is Logan McPherson, Evan McPherson Brother? Age Gap

Logan McPherson, Evan McPherson brother, excelled in football at Louisiana Tech University, earning a full scholarship.

A mentor and role model, Logan shared his football expertise with his younger siblings, laying the foundation for their own success.

While Logan initially appeared destined for a bright football career, he embarked on a new professional path after completing his education.

Evan McPherson Proudly Dons His Brother Alex McPherson's Jersey At His Workplace
Evan McPherson Proudly Dons His Brother Alex McPherson’s Jersey At His Workplace (Source: Instagram)

Evan McPherson, born on July 21, 1999, is an American football placekicker playing for the Cincinnati Bengals in the National Football League (NFL).

He emerged as a standout player during his college football career at the University of Florida and made history by becoming the only kicker selected in the fifth round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

His remarkable talent and precision on the field are exemplified by his achievement of the Bengals franchise record for the longest field goal, a remarkable 59-yard kick accomplished in 2022.

Thanks to his extraordinary knack for clutch kicking, Evan McPherson has earned two fitting nicknames, “Shooter” and “Money Mac.”

Evan McPherson Brother: Who Is Logan McPherson?

Evan McPherson brother, Logan McPherson, who is more than 4 years older than him, currently serves as a Territory Manager at Boston Scientific – Neuromodulation, a role he assumed in October 2022.

He joined Boston Scientific as a Clinical Specialist in February 2022, and with over a year of dedicated service to the company, his contributions have been invaluable.

Before this, he gained valuable experience as a Territory Sales Representative at Shield Healthcare for over a year, starting in September 2020.

He also served as an Account Manager at Advantage Water Engineering for a year from June 2019.

A Graduation Snapshot: Evan McPherson Brother, Logan McPherson With His Now Wife Madison Doll McPherson
A Graduation Snapshot: Evan McPherson Brother, Logan McPherson, With His Now Wife, Madison Doll McPherson (Source: Instagram)

Earlier in his career, he held a significant position as a research assistant at Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON) for a year and a half, beginning in December 2017.

His dedication to research was evident during his three-month internship at the Roberts Lab of Ecosystem Ecology and Biogeochemistry.

Regarding his educational background, he attended Fort Payne High School, setting the foundation for his impressive journey.

Moreover, along with his studies, the proud alumnus of Louisiana Tech University distinguished himself as an NCAA Division I Student Athlete.

In his personal life, Logan, 29, is happily married to Madison Doll, and together, they have been blessed with a child named Brooks. They currently reside in Greenville, South Carolina.

Kicking Legacy: How Evan McPherson Brother Inspired a Family of Kickers

Evan McPherson brother, Logan McPherson made a name for himself as an all-state kicker during his time at Fort Payne High School.

His talent and dedication on the field paved the way for his younger siblings, Evan and Alex.

Following his high school graduation, Logan continued to showcase his kicking prowess at Louisiana Tech University.

Evan, inspired by his older brother’s success, felt the urge to venture into the world of football as a kicker as well.

The McPherson Brothers and Logan's Wife Captured in Slidell, Louisiana on June 17, 2019
The McPherson Brothers and Logan’s Wife, Madison Doll McPherson, Captured in Slidell, Louisiana, on June 17, 2019 (Source: Instagram)

Their mother, Amber, recalled the pivotal moment when Evan expressed interest in kicking, saying,

The moment he came home and showed some interest in kicking, Evan went out and put some poles on his soccer goal. PVC pipe. Two inch PVC pipe. And tied them to the goal so he could have a field goal. And I said, ‘are you going to be like your bother?’ He was like ‘no.’

Alex, 20, the youngest among all brothers, acknowledges the profound influence of his brothers on his kicking style, stating,

Logan, my oldest brother, he coached Evan. So he’s kind of like Logan, and Evan’s coached me from as long as I can remember so I’m definitely a lot like Evan in my kicking mechanics.

Their journey in the world of kicking is a testament to the profound influence of Logan, the pioneer who blazed the trail for his brothers.

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