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Nick Folk Kids: Meet Son Davis, Gage & Ben & Daughter Annabelle

The American professional placekicker is a household name in the NFL, and with his popularity, Nick Folk kids have also gotten into the limelight.

Nick, who is married to his wife Julianne Folk, is blessed with four children: Davis, Gage, Ben, and Annabelle.

Nick and Julianne have been married for more than a decade now since tying the knot in 2012.

Nick Folk Kids & Wife: The Folk Family Explores the Big Bend-Santa Elena Canyon On A Memorable Hike In March 2022
Nick Folk Kids & Wife: The Folk Family Explores the Big Bend-Santa Elena Canyon On A Memorable Hike In March 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Nick Folk is an accomplished placekicker in the NFL, playing for the Tennessee Titans.

He started his football journey at the University of Arizona, where he garnered first-team All-Pacific-10 honors.

This remarkable feat culminated in his selection by the Dallas Cowboys in the 2007 NFL Draft (sixth round).

Folk’s debut season in the NFL was outstanding, earning him a spot in the 2008 Pro Bowl.

He later spent seven successful seasons with the New York Jets, becoming the team’s second-highest scorer.

Nick Folk Kids: A Tapestry of Joy, Laughter, and Love

Nick Folk and his wife, Julianne Folk, are devoted parents to their four wonderful children: twin sons, Davis and Gage, their cherished daughter, Annabelle, and the youngest, affectionately known as Hurricane Baby, Ben.

The couple’s parental journey began with the arrival of Davis and Gage on August 7, 2013, bringing double the joy into their lives.

The Folks Family Spends Time Together Exploring Spain In July 2023
Nick Folk Kids & Wife: The Folk Family Spends Time Together Exploring Spain In July 2023 (Source: Instagram)

Two years later, on May 5, 2015, their family expanded with the arrival of their precious daughter, Annabelle, adding even more love and laughter to their household.

Completing their family on September 2, 2017, Ben, their youngest, has been a source of boundless happiness and energy. The endearing nickname “Hurricane Baby” perfectly captures his lively spirit.

Evident from their heartwarming social media posts, Nick Folk kids enriched his and his wife’s lives with boundless joy and infectious laughter.

A Glimpse Into Their Children’s Education Journey

On August 10, 2023, Julianne Folk took to Instagram, sharing a heartwarming collage picture and offering insight into her children’s educational endeavors.

Her caption resonated with a heartfelt wish for a successful 23-24 school year for her beloved kids, brimming with expressions of her deep love for them.

Additionally, she didn’t forget to extend her hopes for witnessing their future accomplishments, alongside a special mention of her husband, Nick Folk.

Julianne Folk Provides A Peek Into Her Children's Education Pursuit In August 10, 2023
Nick Folk Kids: Julianne Folk Provides A Peek Into Her Children’s Education Pursuit On August 10, 2023 (Source: Instagram)

The dynamic duo, Gage and Davis, both 10 years old, are currently thriving in the middle school environment, excelling in their 5th-grade studies.

Meanwhile, Annabelle, 8 years old, is making strides in 3rd grade under the guidance of Mrs. Darnell.

And Ben, the youngest at 6 years old, is embarking on his educational journey in Kindergarten, led by the nurturing Mrs. Wood.

Halloween Traditions and Athletic Aspirations: The Folk Family’s Journey

Every October, the Folk children eagerly anticipate the arrival of Halloween, and without fail, they wholeheartedly embrace the festivities.

In sync with the festivities, Julianne ensures to capture these delightful moments, expertly memorializing her children in their carefully chosen costumes.

Her cherished snapshots find their way onto Instagram, where friends and family get to share in the joy.

Year after year, Julianne showcases her knack for dressing up her children, presenting a delightful series of photographs.

These include a captivating collage featuring all the siblings and individual portraits, each child radiating their unique Halloween charm.

A Glimpse Into the Folk Children's Festive Celebrations
Nick Folk Kids’ 2023 Halloween: A Glimpse Into the Folk Children’s Festive Celebrations (Source: Instagram)

As one peruses through their Halloween memories from years gone by, the Folk sons often sport the attire of soccer and baseball players.

This charming trend subtly suggests a shared athletic fervor, perhaps passed down from their accomplished father.

With such an intent from a young age, one can’t help but wonder: might the next decade reveal budding athletes in the Folk family’s midst?

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