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Is Cam Little Related To Steve Little? Are They Brothers

Is Cam Little related to Steve Little?” This query resonates through football history, intertwining the stories of two kickers associated with the Arkansas Razorbacks.

However, Cam Little and Steve Little are not related, despite their shared surname, positions as Arkansas Razorbacks kickers, and some parallels in their achievements.

Cam Little, an exceptional kicker for the Arkansas Razorbacks, has gained recognition for his remarkable skills and achievements.

Cam Little Is A Standout Kicker For The Arkansas Razorbacks.
Cam Little Is A Standout Kicker For The Arkansas Razorbacks (Source: Instagram)

During his freshman year, Cam earned multiple awards and recognitions, including Freshman All-America honors and SEC Freshman of the Week distinctions.

His accuracy in PATs and field goals, including a career-long 51-yard kick against Mississippi State, showed his skills as a freshman kicker.

Before his collegiate career, Cam excelled in placekicking and punting during his time at Southmoore High School.

His remarkable achievements and skills drew attention from various college programs before he ultimately chose Arkansas to continue his athletic and academic journey.

Born to Ronda and Todd Little in August 2003, Cam’s dedication extends beyond athletics, evident in his community service contributions and stellar performance.

Beyond the field, Cam actively engages with the Down Syndrome Connection of Northwest Arkansas, exemplifying a commitment to community service that even earned recognition from national platforms like Good Morning America.

Is Cam Little Related To Steve Little?

According to Sportskeeda, despite their shared surname and both playing as kickers for the Arkansas Razorbacks, there is no confirmed relation between Cam Little and the late Steve Little.

While Cam admires Steve’s 67-yard record-setting kick, there’s no familial connection between the two despite the uncanny parallels in their careers.

Is Cam Little Related To Steve Little?
Is Cam Little Related To Steve Little? (Source: Instagram)

Steve, a renowned All-American kicker in the late 1970s, notably set the 67-yard record against Texas that remains unmatched.

Cam, a more recent addition to the Razorbacks, has been making waves with his kicking skills, displaying skills reminiscent of some of Steve’s achievements, but there is no established familial tie between the two players.

Who Is Steve Little?

Steve Little was a prominent American football kicker and punter in the National Football League (NFL), notably playing for the St. Louis Cardinals.

His legacy includes being drafted as the third-highest kicker in NFL history, surpassing the draft positions of the NFL legends like Ozzie Newsome and Todd Christensen.

During his years at the University of Arkansas, Little made a significant impact as an All-American placekicker and punter.

Steve Little Was A Prominent American Football Kicker And Punter In The National Football League (NFL)
Steve Little Was A Prominent American Football Kicker And Punter In The National Football League (NFL) (Source: stltoday)

Hailing from Shawnee Mission South High School in Kansas, Little’s talents initially led him to be recruited to play quarterback for the University of Arkansas.

However, his extraordinary kicking skills caught the attention of legendary coach Frank Broyles, who strategically utilized him in that position.

Little’s tenure at Arkansas was marked by memorable victories and achievements, including a remarkable Orange Bowl upset over Oklahoma.

In the professional realm, despite high expectations based on his college performance, Little’s NFL career was fraught with challenges.

While serving as both punter and placekicker for the St. Louis Cardinals, his professional performance fell short, characterized by a disappointing field goal percentage and off-field issues that led to his release from the team.

Unfortunately, his time in the NFL was cut short, ending after a brief 33-game stint due to both performance and personal challenges.

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